Sunday, 18 February 2018

X-Press 2 Ft. David Byrne - Lazy

I'm Lazy when I'm loving, I'm Lazy when I play… Listen Here

‘Lazy’ is such a bad word. Being ‘Lazy’ is such a bad personality trait, and I spend a lot of my time trying to eradicate it, like someone trying to a relieve the world of a deadly disease or virus. I see it as a modern day plague. The dictionary definition is ‘Unwilling to work or use energy’ – Ouch, what a ‘killer’ definition. Personally, if I was ever described as being ‘Lazy’ I’d be mortified yet in recent years, it’s become a national pastime. There’s even a clothing brand called ‘Plain Lazy’ which has umpteen designs and logos based around doing erm - ‘Nothing’. How does anyone have the balls to wear that gear?

I'm lazy when I'm speakin’, I'm lazy when I walk…

But they do as it has a whole ‘tribe’ of ‘Plain Lazy’ followers. As part of my quest I engage with the more ‘Lazy’ of folk, (that’s a complete spectrum of ‘Laziness’ btw - from the bone-idle to athletes that could become ‘world-class’ if they could only shrug their ‘Laziness’ off), so I can become the catalyst of a personal revolution that converts lethargy to energy.
I'm lazy when I'm dancing, I'm lazy when I talk…

It works too… It should do as it’s my job and the results speak for themselves. It’s amazing how ‘transformed’ people become as soon as they are ‘Accountable’. The disappointing part for me, is that after the ‘Accountability’ period runs out, the ‘Laziness’ in some cases manages to work its way back in. It’s said that ‘water will find its way through anything’ and ‘Laziness’ seeps back into folks lives corroding every fitness landmark and achievement in its way reverting to type those that don’t close the heavy watertight doors of energy to keep their lethargy days well and truly behind them. If only there way of guaranteeing continued success for everyone.

Now, Imagine what it feels like, Imagine how it sounds, Imagine life is perfect and everything works out…

For those that make it to the ‘other side’ and I class myself amongst the best of them, I can only say that there’s a whole world of magic and opportunity - if only folk get off their couches and start heading for the horizon. It’s an old cliché that ‘after travelling for five miles towards the horizon, the horizon is still five miles away’ but the five miles travelled is the part that interests me. And that’s the part that ‘Lazy’ folk simply don’t get… Imagination!

Imagine there's a girlfriend, Imagine there's a job, Imagine there's an answer, Imagine there's a God…

Yep all you need is some imagination and NO excuses.

Hard men, Hard Lives, Hard keepin’ it all inside, good times, good God...

So this week, look around at folk that aren't 'Lazy', draw some inspiration from the Winter Olympics, make some plans, take in a deep breath and make it happen. Stop being ‘Lazy’ – ‘Lazy’ at anything and live life a whole lot better, for a whole lot longer.


Lyrics:- Lazy - Beedle, House, Rock & Byrne

Rory Coleman - - 24 Years' Alcohol Free - Never 'Lazy'
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Monday, 5 February 2018

Watercolour - Pendulum

Throw your fists up, come on with me…
I simply love ‘Watercolour’ and have ‘Thrown my fists up’ many times listening to this Pendulum track, when I’ve been out there pounding out the miles - it’s no wonder it’s in my ‘Top 25 Played’ playlist on ‘i-Tunes.

Music’s played such a huge part in providing the drive I’ve needed to take on some of the world’s toughest challenges and races over the years – and I say that because I’ve used tracks such as ‘Watercolour’ to reach the ‘Out-of-body-state’ needed to achieve those goals.

You see, I’m often asked where that ‘Motivation’ comes from. Well, sadly it’s something you can’t buy or order online and I believe it comes from within. We all have ’Motivation’, you just have to find the right PIN number or Key to access it – and you have to have the ‘Desire’ to go and find it AND be prepared to go ‘Looking’.

I spend my life, helping people ‘Look’.

When I'm falling down, will you pick me up again?

When you’ve found it, remembering your ‘Motivation’ PIN number and not losing the ‘Motivation’ Key is the hardest part. How many times on social media do you see posts of people ‘Falling Down’ asking for their ‘Friends’ to help ‘Pick them up again’. There’s never a shortage of people posting superficial re-inflating messages of support, but I believe real 100% ‘Motivation’ is a far deeper emotion and something that can be super-powerful if used correctly.

When I'm too far gone, dead in the eyes of my friends...

Are you ‘Dead’? What would your ‘Friends’ say? I mean, just who are your real ‘Friends’ anyway? Do you really have any? Or a ‘Best Friend’? Or are YOU, your own ‘Best Friend’? Or Worst Enemy? Are you someone that has equal amounts of Krypton and Kryptonite in your psyche that neutralise your ambition?

Will you take me out of here when I'm staring down the barrel
When I'm blinded by the lights, when I cannot see your face?

It’s so easy to become ‘Blind’ or ‘Blinkered’ without even recognising the becalming effect of everyday life. Escape actually comes down to ‘Desire’, ‘Dedication’ and pure ‘Hard Work’.

Take me out of here…

Fighting your way out can be a very frightening thing to do. Folk tell me it is, all the time. Handing over their remote control to someone else after a lifetime of choosing their own path can be most unnerving.

All I believe, and all I've known, are being taken from me, can't get home…

And there’s the worry. I mean, what happens if then it all goes wrong? Well in truth, it rarely does – success is almost guaranteed. If it doesn’t go to plan, so what?

When worlds collide, let their fear collapse, bring no surprise…

And if you haven’t tried yet, isn’t it time you started. Lots of people ask me what ‘Freewheeling’ means during our Average2Awesome Programme lectures when being asked to choose negative words that might describe them and their colleagues from a list. The funny thing is, it’s often chosen to describe others yet hardly ever for themselves.

Maybe it’s time for a ‘Personal Revolution’ – Time to Paint a fresh image – a time to break-free from the chains of mediocracy and…

Feed the fire, break your vision
Throw your fists up, come on with me…

What do you think?

Rory Coleman - - 24 Years' Alcohol Free
1,009 Marathons - 245 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Just how heavy are your Heavyweights?

Look Familiar?
If you are a business leader, it's a question you should be asking yourself as you look around your workplace this morning. I’m sure you realise that your people are your biggest asset, yet they don’t have to be your largest asset. So, what are you doing to look after their health and well-being, as well as their long-term future?

Over the past five years, it's a question that Coleman Coaching has been developing an answer to by providing a solution with our 'Average2Awesome' Programme. We’ve worked closely with business leaders and their teams and, in addition to satisfying 'Corporate and Social Responsibilities', we’ve transformed staff physically, mentally and professionally. It has, however, highlighted some major areas of concern.

You see, 85% of the business people we coach are 'overweight' when we first meet. It's a bleak statistic isn't it? Okay, it could be said that we attract more 'overweight' people with our ‘promise of well-being’ but even so, it’s a very high percentage.

I’m not being judgemental, this is fact based on the initial weigh-ins of participants, classing anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) in excess of 25.0 as ‘overweight’. Even though the BMI calculation is seen by some as archaic and flawed, it still highlights the increased levels of obesity in the professional people that we encounter on a daily basis (the current average BMI of participants is, in fact, 30.7). I’m sure it wouldn’t have been that high 20 years ago – today life is unbelievably complicated and being ‘connected’ has only speeded up the process of immobility in the workplace and exacerbated poor diets. Everyone we encounter wants to be fitter and live longer, it seems they just don’t have the time, energy or knowhow to go about it.

Things are changing and Sugar is the new 'Hot-Topic'. It's a media story that as a nation we are slowly becoming more aware of. In the seventies it was Cigarettes and later on in that decade Salt was highlighted as being detrimental to everyday health. In that era we were, however, much slimmer as a nation. Back then we cooked more from fresh, ate real food and were far more active.

When, in this day and age, is there any time for activity in a very busy business person's life?

The Public Health England recommendation for health and well-being is to walk 10,000 steps-a-day. That's about 5 miles or 75 minutes of walking - it has amazing health and well-being benefits but is sadly seen as being time-inefficient and boring.

‘It's proven that taking at least 1 brisk 10 minute walk a day has been shown to reduce the risk of early death by 15%. A 10 minute walk can contribute to meeting the CMO’s physical activity guidance of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week. This can lead to health benefits including a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes (by 40%), cardiovascular disease (by 35%), dementia (by 30%) and some cancers (by 20%). The severity of the current physical inactivity epidemic amongst adults contributes to 1 in 6 deaths in the UK and is costing the NHS over £0.9 billion per year.’ [Source: Public Health England]

Boring – it’s downright frightening…

In the seventies, we didn’t have the Microwaves and Convenience Food that we all find SO convenient nowadays. Picking up a cheap bottle of wine and some chocolate to brighten up the residual mood of a tough day driving a desk is becoming second nature to many. Every major railway station has a major supermarket store cashing in on frazzled commuters looking for some evening respite by using calorie consumption to combat the stress of being… BUSY.

What’s it like in your workplace? Does the above sound familiar and what are you doing to prevent obesity from weighing down and burning out your Heavyweights?

During the past five years we’ve helped to create countless success stories as we’ve facilitated change in people’s attitudes towards a simple ‘Work-Life Balance’. The results from people using our ‘Ultradiet’ as an extreme weight-loss programme are proving that mind-set and accountability work wonders in losing life-changing amounts of excess bodyweight. The ‘Ultradiet’ also injects a fresh dimension and momentum into people’s desire to achieve. What you are doing to protect your Heavyweights from themselves? 

Rory Coleman - - 24 Years' Alcohol Free
1,007 Marathons - 245 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Shakin' the Tree - Peter Gabriel

Everyone knows a Swiss Toni...
For those of you new to ‘Coleman Coaching’ and the way I see I the world around me, I found over the years that my blog’s a good way of communicating my thoughts to a much wider audience. Sometimes you’ll think they were written especially for you (and they might well have been) and at other times you’ll wonder what hallucinogen I was on at the time of writing – looking back over the last 14 years of blogging, I often think that myself.

Anyway, for the record, today - We are shakin' the tree...

Yep, we’ll be using the lyrics of my all-time hero, Sir Peter of Gabriel as a theme. There’s a great live clip of this song here, so take a listen and you’ll see where I’m coming from perhaps - especially if you’ve never heard the song before. FYI, the show featured was filmed in 1992 - one of the toughest years of my life and the one which saved me as you’ll know if you’ve read my book – ‘A Rebel and a Runner’.

Waiting your time, dreaming of a better life…

Yikes, I must have blogged a thousand times on the ‘Life’ subject but for most of this week, I’ve been more struck with the ‘Belief Principle’. Well that’s what I’ve christened it and my question today is all about what we ‘Believe’. Personally, I ‘Believe’ in a lot of things. I ‘Believe’ if I drink again, the old RC will return and I wouldn’t want that and I ‘Believe’ that if I take vitamin B12 and drink Aloe Vera my GBS won’t return either. We all have such ‘Belief Principles’. However, I don’t necessarily ‘Believe’ what I’m being told from time-to-time. In Sales (And I’ve quoted it many times over) it’s said that ‘If People buy the Person, they’ll buy the Product’ – 

It's true. So, here’s a question for you would You, buy from You? Or in fact do you buy you? I didn’t buy me all those years ago… I didn’t ‘Believe’ in me.

Do you ‘Believe’ in yourself? When you say you are going to do something, or be somewhere or take on a challenge – do you deliver? Every time?

Turning the tide, you are on the incoming wave 
Turning the tide, you know you are nobody's slave…

Self-analysation over, it’s amazing just how many people are slaves to self-imposed behavioural processes that limit them from being the person they want to be. That’s why - We are shakin' the tree… right now.

Find your Sisters and Brothers, who can hear all the truth in what you say 
They can support you when you're on your way…

Well those Sisters and Brothers are there in our FB Groups and where some other FB groups breed only more negativity, yours is an arena to help each other reach out and achieve. The real winner here is YOU – if you ‘Believe’ you can be the person you want to be. Our ‘Life-Laundry’ philosophy based on my own journey only breeds future success and happiness. Sure, it’s not all roses but starting over with a blank sheet of paper, pruning back the old you and shaping the new one can be totally liberating. We see it time and time again.

Make the decision that you can be who you can be, you can be tasting the fruit come to the Liberty Tree
Changing your ways, changing those surrounding you, changing your ways, more than any man can do…

I changed everything during my own transformation but I’m an all-or-nothing kinda guy. I’m not suggesting that you are as extreme as I was but it’s a great opportunity to shake things up in your own world. Time for a ‘Time-Out to Reconsider’ perhaps and if you are starting your journey with us, let the games begin. If you are thinking that you want to change please contact me.

Take a listen to the song and Shake it all around…

Rory Coleman - - 24 Years' Alcohol Free
1,007 Marathons - 245 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
8,779 Post Life-Laundry

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Close to the Edge - Yes

The Solid Time of Change….
A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace
And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace…

I’ve had a busy week working on our Average2Awesome Programmes and helping ULTRAdiet clients’ work hard on their weight-loss challenges. For most it’s a chance to improve and start over, yet for some, it’s very much a ‘last-chance-hotel’ and emotions have been running high to say the least.

I listened to the ‘Yes’ Prog-rock classic on one of my long car journeys home. Returning from an A2A seminar the lyrics grabbed me as most of the people I meet, find ‘life’ high pressure. Everyday hard-working decent, intelligent people are living ‘Close to the Edge’ just to keep their heads above water - and that got me thinking…

I wonder just how many people in the whole of the UK are living ‘Close to the Edge’ right now? I bet it’s more than you and I think. For instance, the stats say 2.5 million children are living with 500,000 alcoholic parents and 300,000 people living on our rough on our streets tonight. I hardly need to mention the 1:12 people using illicit drugs or the 1:4 with mental health issues that swell the numbers.

The frightening thing is that the people I meet and train are part of those stats in one way or another. For that matter, I am and have been part of them too.

So why is ‘Life’ and for that matter ‘Living’ so bloody tough?

It really hit home driving back over the Old Severn Bridge into Cymru. There were police cars galore as well as an ambulance lying in wait as a man held on for dear life from the bridge threatening to jump… Let’s hope his cry for help was heard and he’s now found a way out of his perilous life-threatening situation. Cynically, I wonder how many people felt inconvenienced? I felt sad for him…

And take away the plain in which we move
And choose the course you're running…

It’s hitting home everywhere I look and go right now. As far as I can see, the world is in a kind of ‘out-of-control-free-fall’ with some people holding on for dear life, whilst others are burning the path of no return as they walk headlong down the plank before jumping into personal disaster.

Down at the edge, round by the corner
Close to the edge, down by a river…

To be honest, I’m not sure where I’m heading with this blog as I don’t have the answers. Only observations and experience of ‘being’ Close to the Edge’ myself and saving a lot of other people from - well – themselves over the years. Being in a life-threatening tight spot doesn’t have to be as dramatic and luckily as rare as hanging precariously from a bridge. Just look around, turn up the sensitivity on your radar and you’ll find you’re surrounded by a nation of people at breaking point.

Getting over all the Time I had to Worry
Leaving all the changes far from far behind…

Ah the ‘T’ and ‘W’ words. They’re the bane of modern day life IMO as Time is far too scarce and ‘Worrying’ isn’t far off being an Olympic Sport.

Being ‘Close to the Edge’ back in 1972, when this song was written, lacked the intensity that we are ALL feeling in the 21st Century. Let’s face it, the ‘Pace of Life’ has moved on so fast that most of us aren’t keeping up with it and our inability to constantly upgrade our personal operating systems is only breeding doubt and hatred into our minds.

The eyes of honesty can achieve
How many millions do we deceive each day?

And so, we bumble on through ‘life’. Conning ourselves and each other that everything’s alright and that we are super-strong and super-tough living in a perfect online world, sharing our lives with anyone that will tune in and listen.

The truth is written all along the page
How old will I be before I come of age for you?

Hey, it’s not written on this page, it’s written all over your face and in how you look as that’s the pictorial evidence of how you’ve lived your life so far.

Over the years, I’ve become tuned into folk that are ‘Close to the Edge’.
It’s amazing how people burst into tears as soon as they start to tell me their story.

Close to the Edge
Now that you find, now that you're whole...

Finding the ‘Edge’, however brings relief and a path out of the depths of despair. I know - I’ve been right on the very finest ‘Edge’ there is but I’ve chosen my course and I’m running. It ain’t perfect and I’m not perfect but it’s working.

I get up, I get down…

Probably 90% Up/10% Down if I’m being honest – how ‘Close to the Edge’ are you?

Rory Coleman - - 24 Years' Alcohol Free
1,007 Marathons - 245 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
8,775 Days from the Edge