Thursday, 27 April 2017

Senses working overtime - XTC

A Bit of Turner...
Lyrics:- 'And I can see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and I've got one, two, three, four, five' - Partridge

Song Choice:- Wow, it's ages since I heard an XTC song, but this 1982 Top-Ten hit came to mind earlier on as my senses went into overtime following my breakfast talk at FDU this morning in London. Presenting always gets my pulse going and afterwards I thought I'd unwind with a couple of hours at The National Gallery to clear my thoughts and play on my won for while as I did when I was a child.

The frightening thing was, it only charged my heightened 'State of Mental Alert' and even the '19th Century Gallery' with Turner's 'Fighting Temeraire' and Wright's 'Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump' couldn't defib my brain and get me processing at a 'White Bikini State' level.

A stroll past Big Ben and across Westminster Bridge did that for me and my own state of vunerablity finally hit home and normal heart rate restored. I'm hope lightning would never strike twice there but it was amazing how folk looked far more aware of the people around them and their movements - it's not surprising though is it?

I'm looking forward to travelling back to Cardiff tonight and I'm going to take some well earned time out to reflect on what's happened over the last three days and consider where my path is going next...

These are exciting times for us all and having a 'Time Out' often helps to clear the mind.

When was the last time you had a 'Time Out'?

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Come talk to Me - Peter Gabriel

Lyrics: 'We can unlock this misery, come on, come talk to me' - Gabriel

Song Choice - I never need an excuse to choose a Gabriel track for my blog and 'Come to talk to Me' provides an excellent accompaniment for the next two days of my speaking to audiences at Clydesdale Banks new banking platform 'Studio B', in Kensington High Street, London.

Shaping a new banking revolution using only a digital platform doesn't sound like an easy task to me, but this approach really works, and being part of it's launch using my 'Process of Change' ideals and talks to engage with folk, is proving to be a very positive experience.

Sure, having any platform to showcase my credentials is most welcome but I believe I can be part of the thinking process too and add value to what .B' are endeavouring to change in existing and new clients hearts and minds.

Watching the next generation of banking unfold is really interesting - folk are so busy nowadays and checking how much cash you've got daily and how you are spending it seems to be the next obvious advance - doing in an App only more relevant.

It's still in it's early stages and changing people's banking habits overnight that have existed for ten's of years takes time. But then any change in habit does. It's something I encounter everyday of my working life - the thing is though, once the benefits of any change are explained and experienced, folk engage immediately and the path back disappears.

Let's face it, any personal update, even how we use our cash can only be a good thing.

And if you are in London today you can experience Studio B for yourself or 'Come talk to Me' at 6pm-8pm in my 'Studio B Workshop' as I'd love to help you manage your change, whatever that might be...

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What do you want from Life - The Tubes

Lyrics:- How can you tell you are doing all right, does your bank account swell while you’re dreaming at night? – Spooner & Evans

Song Choice:- If you were sixteen in 1978, and into ‘Live Albums’ as much as I was back then, your choice of vinyl was probably ‘What do you want from Live’ by The Tubes. They were an American Quasi-Pornographic-Rock-Band, and this 72-minute satirical comment on media, consumerism and politics delivered by larger than life scantily-clad characters that Mary Whitehouse would hate, was everything I could ever desire in an album. It still sounds ‘Alive’ today and although I didn’t see this actual performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, I was lucky enough to see them the following year and enjoy their full-frontal expose - which included their ‘Remote Control’ material too. What’s left of them are playing in Bristol in November so I might just relive the experience then, you never know.

Anyway, it’s always been a good question – ‘What do you want from Life?’.

I once knew someone that reached 100 years of age. A real feat of endurance for anyone I’m sure you’ll agree. He’d lived a full and meaningful life of moderation but was happy to meet his maker soon after the feat of being 100 years of age. You see all the important people he’d lived his life with were already gone and the folk he engaged with in his later life were at least 20-30 years’ his junior and didn’t know what it was like growing up in the 1910’s and 20’s just as folk born in the 21st Century wouldn’t know what the world in the 60’s and 70’s, especially 1978 for me, and what the ‘World of The Tubes’ was all about.

Modern day history is well documented but if you didn’t live it, you will never know what it was really like and folk that lived life when you did, are a vital part of getting one’s past in order.

Getting to 100 is a good place to sign off as ‘Life’s Complete’ by then perhaps but deciding to get the most out of one’s years provides a larger than life challenge for many. Just consider the members of the ‘27 Club’ – you know the unusually high numbers of musicians like, Hendrix, Cobain and Winehouse that ‘Clocked Out’ with just 27% of their lifetime accomplished. It does make you wonder if they wasted their opportunity, or whether living it all in 27 years is better than sticking it out to become a Centurion and ‘Have a Good Innings’.

With 45% left on my ‘Life indicator’, I try and turn off as many battery-sapping ‘Apps’ as I can, so I can make the most of whatever ‘Life’ is left in me. And in answering The Tubes question, I know for sure that ‘Swelling your Bank Account’ doesn’t really cut the mustard (which is ironic as I’m speaking in London for the next three days about the ‘Process of Change’) but that ‘Someone to love and somebody that you can trust’ is what we are all really searching for, including ourselves. Sure, money is important and how manage and use it to enrich our lives is key to what we can afford to experience but not having folk to experience it with, is a fatal flaw IMO.

I’ll be considering these thoughts as I speak to folk over the next 72 hours and hopefully help them see the world as if they were sixteen again with a whopping 84% of ‘Life-Battery’ left and help them reflect on what they’ve used up so far and get the most out of their latest ‘App'.

It's free to download, anytime and it's called ‘Life’…

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Song - Howard Jones

Lyrics:- Don't crack up, bend your brain, see both sides, throw off your mental chains - Jones

Song Choice:- I don't know if you remember 1983 too well, but I bet you remember 'New Song’ the debut single by musician Howard Jones. It peaked at #3 in the UK Singles Chart, so nearly making Jones the #1 artist he so richly deserves IMO and this crazy video is well worth another look, if nothing else but to see his back-combed dyed hair which I thought was super cool at the time.

Anyway, I've always thought the lyrics of this song underlined how I feel about life and how to lead it.

It certainly doesn't make you popular - not wanting to be 'hip and cool' or wanting to 'play by the rules' but I've never been driven by wanting to win a popularity contest - that's something I'd never accomplish and I'd be the worst ever politician.

It also lays you ‘under the thumb of the cynical few’ and attacked ‘by the doom crew’ but that’s only to be expected as there are there are people out there in the faceless world of social media only too ready to chip away at any crack they can find in your armour. To them, I would recommend that they break their own ‘mental chains’ and then the ‘Kryptonite’ that is eats away at the very heart of their world will stop their vitriolic chants at those that have been or are the people they are clearly so jealous of wanting to be.

You see, I’ve never wanted to be anyone else. I’ve never wanted what other folks have. I’m happy with whom I am, as I’ve bent my brain, seen both sides and thrown off my mental chains. 

Have you?

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Love is like Oxygen - The Sweet

Lyrics:- 'You get too much you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die' - Scott & Griffin

Song Choice:- The O2 tanks had nearly run out for The Sweet by 1978 and sadly this was their last UK 'Top-Ten' hit. I loved this self-penned track and thought it was a great progression from their 1973 'Blockbuster' chart-topper written for them by famous 70's song-writers Chinn and Chapman. Getting pigeon-holed as a ‘Glam-Rock Bubblegum Band’ didn't help much either and meant they'd never have the album success of 'Queen' or 'Boston' whom used the same high-pitched multi-tracked vocals. Have a listen for yourself here, relive 1978, and witness the dying breaths of 'The Sweet'.

Anyway, it's Oxygen that I'm interested in blogging about today and I wonder what your O2 saturation level is right now. Hopefully it's 100% or as near as, (mine was frighteningly low at 88% when I was ill this time last year with Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome  but what I'm really wondering is just how much you are breathing in and how much you are actually using  metaphorically. In some of the folk I meet, I often find they are using a lot of other folks Oxygen around them hoping to find love, friendship and happiness only to find that the COthey are breathing out is suffocating their efforts.

Being Oblind can be fatal and Oxygen is a dangerous substance. 'The Sweet' were quite right in their line saying 'You get too much you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die' as after five to ten minutes of not breathing, you are likely to develop serious and possibly irreversible brain damage to you and to those around you if you are not careful.

All you have to do is keep things to a simple 12-20 breaths a minute and the rest of life's a breeze - one full of good clean fresh-air.

How drunk on life are you? And how full are your O2 tanks? Do you in need of resuscitation?

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Steppin' Stone - The Monkees

Lyrics:- 'You're trying to make your mark in society' - Hart & Boyce

Song Choice:- For those of you under 50, 'The Monkees', were a manufactured American pop group of the late 60's created by Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider for a TV series of the same name. The musical acting quartet was composed of Americans Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, along with British born actor and singer Davy Jones, the cute one and everyone's favourite.

As a seven-year-old boy, I thought they were simply the best thing ever and loved their whacky show. Dolenz described them as being 'a TV show about an imaginary band, that wanted to be just like The Beatles. Ironically, the actor-musicians became one of the most successful acts of 60s, and sold more than 75 million records worldwide, peaking in 1967 where they went on to outsell The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined. See what you missed and take a trip back (literally) to the 'Summer of Love' right here .

It's a tenuous link but the 'Steppin' Stones' I'm interested in for today's blog are the 'Stepping Stones of Success' we use to reinforce a positive progression through life. You know, all the stuff we like to tell folk. The thing is, I'm not sure whether the 'Stepping Stones of Success' are a strong enough platform to take the full weight of the mental and physical payload their users demand. The constant overload of 'Personal Neediness' and 'Self Failure' makes a somewhat simple crossing into an impossible 'Wipeout' Course for most I find.

Why is that? And why is there such a need to over-complicate what should be a very simple path through life.

If you are struggling, surrounding oneself with the right people is a good first step. Here's a simple test to find out who is and who isn't worth it. Excluding your family - you find yourself in the shit and in need of help but only two people you know are allowed - whom are your two?

Cherish them, as they matter - no-one else does you'll find as the rest are 'Failure Enablers', 'Energy Vampires' or just people you know now but might not in the future. 

Believe me? Do the test and let me know what you think as eventually you'll find that most folk you think are great right now are only trying to make their mark in your society.

More tomorrow...

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