Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Voice - John Farnham

Lyrics:- 'We have the chance to turn the pages over' - Reid et Al

Song Choice:- Hmm, it's a yet another bad day in the UK as we wake up to more atrocity following the Manchester Bombing of last night. The modern world is hard enough without innocent parents and children getting caught up in someone else's war.

Cynically, I know this isn't the last of such happenings and we as a nation will have to rely on our Government, Police and Intelligence Agencies to try and make such happenings as few as possible so that we and our loved ones can continue to live as safely as possible in this fantastic country we are so privileged to inhabit.

What can I do to help? Well I'm not too sure, I understand why it happens and I can be alert in my surroundings living in a Capital city and I can also have 'Hope'. 

'Hope we can find a solution'.

As without that, we're doomed...

We live in an energised world, with some amazingly clever people. These are the folk that we need to get together and become 'The Voice of Reason' somehow. Everyone is so busy out there fighting their own battles each day where these bad happenings soon get forgotten, until the next time it happens and the vicious circle begins again.

I'm not a politician and I'm not a political activist, I just love life and living in the peace.

I do hope that whomever gets elected can make a difference to our world and make it a safer place for us and our children to live in as I'm sure that's what we all want today. 

You see, the beauty is 'We have the chance to turn the pages over' and start again.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Underdog - Kasabian

Nothing better than seeing an Underdog win...
Lyrics:- 'You've got the money and the power' - Pizzorno

Song Choice:- I'm not the biggest of Kasabian fan's and they live in my hit-and-miss category along with Primal Scream and the Charlatans. 'Underdog' was a hit with me, yet only got to #32 in the UK Charts in 2009 - talk about living up to your name eh?

Anyway, its the 'Underdog' connection I'm interested in for today's blog as we all love a 'David' beating a 'Goliath' it seems. Kasabian were extremely vocal in heralding Leicester City's Premier League success of last year, coming from Leicester themselves - not to mention Mr. Linekar's gloating - (Oh dear, I just did). And they were amazing, yet it doesn't necessarily guarantee continued success as 12 months on, Leicester City are back mid-table and Claudio Ranieri, the Manager that took them to that 'Underdog' success, has been successfully sacked.

I makes me wonder why the 'Underdog's Victory' is so short lived?

Is it that so much more energy is needed to make a successful follow-up album?

It's not that we don't want them to. I mean, we still call such victors 'Giant-Killers' well over 3,000 years on from David hurling that well aimed stone and a year on from Leicester's Premier League win. It must be that we get tired of the same folk winning all the time. Personally I really dislike the mismatched contest of a F1 Race parade - Just how dull is a Lewis Hamilton win nowadays? And wouldn't it be good if they swapped the cars around so someone else might win for once or they started the grid with the places back to front. Luckily, 'Every Dog has it's day' and that dominance won't last forever.

And whether you are on the 'Up' or 'Down' - there's one thing for sure - it won't last forever as you don't have to be your own 'Underdog', but don't think you can buy success - You have to earn it and 'Slow and steady wins the day' - it's one of my mottoes. 'Make a plan, keep it simple' is another and a dead cert to continued 'Topdog' success.

Rory Coleman - 990 Marathons - 244 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8,537 Days' Alcohol Free - 386 Days' post GBS
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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Once upon a Time - Simple Minds

Apollo 17 - 1972
Lyrics:- 'And hope, long live hope' - Burchill, Kerr & MacNeil

Song Choice:- It took me ages to find a suitable anthem for today's blog but this Simple Minds track, from the 1985 album of the same title, is one that I normally skip over to get to my favourite of theirs 'Don't you forget about me'. 

The good thong but hearing it again was it really got me thinking.

You see, I can remember at primary school being given 'Once upon a Time', as the first line of a story which we could continue on and write ourselves, literally about anything we wanted. Maybe it was a test to see what fired our imaginations rather than being a literary masterpiece - and don't ask me what I wrote about, as I can't remember but here's the rub.

I wonder how the 10-year-old's screen play for the next 45 years would have said. I'm sure it would be a fascinating read as I would imagine it to be rather vague. I mean, what idea can a young boy have about his future back in the analogue days of 1972, incidentally the year of the last lunar landings and four years before Concorde's first commercial flight whose 'supersonic' travel in that time has come and gone, like a lot if things it seems.

It's funny how ideas, fashions and folk can change with age. I've obviously changed a lot and grown up marginally but one thing that has remained the same is 'Hope' and I love the above line form the song.

Let's hope it continues to 'Live' on as without it, we're all a bit buggered...

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Undertow - Genesis

Don't look so sad Guys - you've got 40 years ahead of you...
Lyrics:- 'If this were the last day of your life, my friend
Tell me, what do you think you would do then?

Stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you
Make the most of all you still have coming to you.
Lay down on the ground and let the tears run from you
Crying to the grass and trees and heaven finally on your knees' - Banks

Song Choice:- This track is taken from the 1978 album 'And then there were three' and is my good friend Kevin Webber's favourite song. If you were watching BBC2 last night he was featured on the TV show 'A Time to Live' as he has terminal Prostate Cancer and it showed his amazing outlook on life and him running at the Marathon des Sables.

I think know Kevin pretty well as I've shared two MdS tents with him and had many conversations over the past couple of years about a multitude of different subjects, including his impending death. 

They haven't been doom and gloom jobs either, which is most interesting and definitely heart-warming.

You see, I've been critically ill but not dying and Kevin doesn't look ill at all but has a limited amount of time left before he's critically ill - how ironic is that! Life's so fucking cruel sometimes.

Listening to him last night on TV was actually a good kick up my tired legs backside and I ran hard today listening to 'Undertow' thinking that if this was going to be the last run of my life, then I may as well give it everything I'd got.

OMG it worked too as it got me an extra 1.3 miles on an hours out-and-back and only strengthened my foundations against the 'Undertow' that life can erode away at a lot of the time.

I dearly hope Kevin makes his third MdS as he looked so 'Alive' at the race this year - then again, it would be a good place to clock out, if it was the last day of your life my friend... wouldn't it.

Rory Coleman - 990 Marathons - 244 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Head Full of Dreams - Coldplay

Lyrics:- 'Oh, I think I've landed where there are miracles at work' - Berryman, Buckland, Champion & Martin

Song Choice:- I'm not the greatest of Coldplay fans, as you well know if you are a regular blog reader - as all of Martin's 'Woah-Woahing' gets on my nerves after a while and I've found and their albums tend to grind on a bit following a promising start, with only a couple of stand out tracks a piece. I reckon I could put together a 10-song 'Greatest Hits' album with 'A Head Full of Dreams' as the opening track as it's become one of my favourite Coldplay anthems since it's release in December 2015.

It's got great lyrics too and 'You can see the change you wanted' is the one that rings true with me for today's blog. As it's the 'Seeing' part that folks struggle with most I've found.

Visualising your goals, is a difficult thing if you're not creative or can see things in your head three dimensionally. For instance, if you are buying a new car now-a-days, you can build it online, choose the finish, add extras and even do a virtual test drive (How boring) - yet when I bought my BMW 328i M-Sport in 1997, I knew it was Boston Green had Black Leather Seats and would go like stink - and it lived up to all my dreams and more, I knew it because I could see it in my head.

Technology I believe is taking the creativity and spontaneity out of our lives IMO.

I bought a Michelin Road Atlas to get me to Portugal in 2004 as the 3G network and Google didn't provide a route back then and still got there and I enjoyed the minute-by-minute surprises along the way.

It didn't stop me dreaming though as my head is full of them. And now-a-days I spend a lot of my time thinking, creating and visualising my next life challenge. Sometimes it's even better than doing the real thing I've found, and wouldn't it be disappointing to have already lived our dreams out in a virtual reality world. You know, the one where football is interesting and Man City finally buy a championship - Dream on...

Happy Slumbers...

Rory Coleman - 990 Marathons - 244 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8,533 Days' Alcohol Free - 382 Days' post GBS
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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Peace of Mind - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston

Abs are shaping though...
Lyrics:- 'If you've ever lost every part of yourself, if you've left your heart on a lonely avenue, it will be only a matter of time before your life comes through for you' - Grant, McGuinness, Siljamaeki, Bayer & Johnston

Song Choice:- Above & Beyond are quite a new band to me and this is a great track with the wonderful line in it about 'losing every part of yourself'. I know only too well myself as it's something I encountered last year and it's dead easy to lose your purpose and end up treading water in life if you are not careful.

Has that ever happened to you? Or maybe you feel you've lost yourself right now? I do - Well bits of me still anyway...

I remember feeling very lost the first time I came back from the Marathon des Sables in 1999. You see no-one back home had experienced what I'd been through, social media didn't exist to share my highs and lows and no-one understood my 'Post Traumatic Race Disorder'. I do remember having a few dicey moments after the race that year and ended up feeling very isolated with the only option I found being in changing everything around me so I could start again, afresh.

It took sometime to regain a 'Piece of Mind' I can tell you but it worked. 

When the world around me changed last year, rather than do it alone, I looked for help rebuilding my life post GBS and used social media to connect with other folk who'd had  similar GBS experiences. I went looking for solutions as I'm a fixer - I didn't go looking for sympathy or to whinge on about tingly hands, feet and feeling tired as that doesn't help you get mobile and is negative and counter productive IMO. I didn't find the answers - I had to work them out for myself.

What I've found to be vital in a good GBS recovery is: - 
  • Knowing what drugs to take - for the shortest time possible 
  • Knowing what Physiotherapy will give you the best outcome
  • Only listen to very experienced people - then make up your own mind
  • Family support is extremely important as they tell you straight
  • And do everything at your 100% best as no-one will do it for you.
Do that and you'll walk or run away hopefully knowing you've given it your best shot. Don't get me wrong, I've still got a long way to go as I ran 4.5 miles hard yesterday and was on top of the world and ran two miles today with the world on my shoulders. But who cares as 'Life is coming through for me, and nothings going to stop me. 

Is it coming though for you? Be honest...

Rory Coleman - 990 Marathons - 244 Ultras - 14 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8,532 Days' Alcohol Free - 381 Days' post GBS
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Location:- Boscastle, Cornwall