Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Show me a Reason - The Tubes

With my mind still thinking 1978, here’s another long forgotten band with some great tunes. The Tubes. I saw them at the peak of the 'Punk Rock Era' one night at the Hammersmith Odeon being supported by Squeeze of all bands. Anyway if you get a chance have a listen to their double live album 'What do you want from Live' and re-live part of my youth with me. The lyrics of the above track 'Show me a Reason' feel quite apt today as I continue with my mission of helping folk re-discover their love for life.

There was a time, there was a place
When all the good things in life disappeared, without a trace.

As they do – just as things are looking peachy too. Every time – for everyone as you will never live without life-challenges not only to your bank balance but to your health too.

You got yourself a deal, beg, borrow, or steal
Baby, heart and soul, I don't want to get old

And grab it with both hands as life-changing offers don’t come every day of the week. They could actually be a once-in-a-lifetime offer. One that you’d be mad to refuse or miss out on. One that doesn’t even need a reason or explanation – A complete ‘No-Brainer’.

I got a shot, I got a chance, to make it real to real this time.

So take it… while there’s still a chance – It’s a Totally Non-Risk Item.

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Monday, 16 September 2019

Love too good - Jefferson Starship

Spread your wings, you've been too long in the cage.
Today’s song is the first track from the 1978 album ‘Earth’ by Jefferson Starship. Not very well known and long forgotten, but it came to mind on seeing a parent wearing a Jefferson Airplane T-shirt on the school run last week. Took me right back to seeing them play at Knebworth, minus Grace Slick who was reported to be too drunk to take the stage , I hasten to add back in 1978.
Okay they sound a bit Fleetwood Mac but this opening track is totally wonderful especially as Slick’s vocals blend into the intro perfectly at perfect pitch. Quite simply spine-tingling.
The lyrics speak louder to me now, some forty years on than they ever could to a sixteen year old boy and the submission by Slick in the song makes me feel quite helpless as the song progresses. You see, things are never that really that bad - they just feel that way sometimes.
I've opened the door, I've set you free.

And that freedom is perhaps what we are all searching for. Freedom of choice and freedom of what you do, where you live and who you are. Too many people now-a-days are victims of their own well-meaning choices. Hopefully it won’t take forty years for an old rock album to speak volumes for you today and maybe it's time to set yourself free.

Time to tune in...and listen  Here

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Tell me why? - Genesis

Don’t get me wrong - we all have to do things we don’t want to do or take one for the team but when it comes to our own free choice, why do we do things that we don’t enjoy?

If you are a runner, swimmer, musician whatever, if it cheeses you off, why do it? Why lower your mood when what you are doing is meant to be enjoyable and rewarding.

As children, we are exposed to a variety of extra-curricular activities to see if we have the enthusiasm and aptitude to succeed. As adults we seem to lose this as a concept and slog on when our hearts are no longer in things - unable to admit failure, learn and move on.

A fresh diet, a time of sobriety, a new career, new partner even in some cases might be what you need to find the life you’ve been looking to enjoy all of your adult life.

As an experiment, try looking at yourself through the eyes of a child. Are you really going to continue as you are for ever or are you going to start making the changes you know you need to do but are avoiding...Why don't you do what you really want to do?

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

School - Supertramp

Yesterday, I wrote that I’ve definitely had value for money from life so far and scrolling back through the years, I’ve certainly lived a full life. I haven’t filled up my time with things that I’m not good at or are not interested in. And if we wind my clock back to March 1976, I have only happy thoughts of that time and being 14 at school. Indeed, I wrote in my book ‘A Rebel and a Runner’ - 'My overwhelming memory of school life is one of happiness and fulfilment'. Only on reading my school report of that term, my teachers observations were quite different. In fact, in my last school report at 18, the headmaster’s comment was ‘He has never developed a serious attitude to his work’. Nice soundbite for seven years in one of the top Grammar Schools in the UK - and not one that reflects my current work ethic.

I was never highlighted as a child with a complete mental-block when processing written language(s) but on scanning a few of my reports – it’s clear where I was failing. Don’t get me wrong as this was the 70’s and the education process was more about exam preparation and university entrance than providing pastoral care. Learning how to find a route through the confusion of education, probably taught me more if I’m being honest and has given me a way of dealing with a complexity of adult life.
Told you it wasn't great...
Okay, I’m not the most literary of people as you’ll know if you are one of my regular blog readers’, but I do believe that the life-experience that I now broadcast has an in-built message that delivers both achievement and fulfilment.

Possibly my school years' taught me to be more pragmatic than anything else – putting my energies into knowing what I was good and where I could achieve - making a platform to bookmark my success perhaps. No wonder my marathon running and Guinness World Records etc. have been so fundamental in marking my success and investment into what I believe has been an important part of me becoming the present-day me.

I’m sure if I went back, I would invest more of my time and energy into my education and pass far more of my A and O Levels but what would it really achieve? Absolutely nothing. The 'School of Experience' offers much higher qualifications and I've achieved way beyond where predicted some 40-odd years on.

For this reports, I’m going to continue with my serious attitude to my work (that I’ve always had) and continue believing that I'm happy and fulfilled.

Are you happy and fulfilled too?

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Choose Life - Underworld

Life is a matter of degrees. You see whenever I speak to a new client that is looking for an abstinence from alcohol, I always say that I’ve worked with folk that drink as much as four bottles of wine a day and are now living a life of sobriety. The reply is always, ‘Well I’m not that bad, it’s only drink one bottle!’ It’s the same for my dieters – as their being 100kgs is just as bad as 125kgs in my book.

I mean – just how bad is bad? Where is the point of no return - that person ‘Failsafe’ where nothing, and I mean nothing can save you from yourself.

We have a strange eating and drinking culture in the UK where 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath will make you a drunk driver but 34 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath means you are ‘technically’ sober. Only you’re not – you are simply 1 microgram less drunk. Food is seen as a leisure pursuit, a reward or even as TV entertainment (do you know how much I hate ‘Bake Off’). Anyway food - along with drinking it’s so much time wasted IMO that’s reflected by the size of your waistline.

There are so many other things that you can do that are far more rewarding, if you give them the time you currently choose not to give them.

What are you wasting your time on today?

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Monday, 9 September 2019

Vera - The Pink Floyd

‘Where the hell are you Simon?’
It’s a line that features right at the start of the 1979 Pink Floyd track ‘Vera’ but in fact comes from the 1969 film ‘The Battle of Britain’ – One of the truly great British War Films IMO. Anyway, it’s a lyric that always gets me thinking - especially when times are tough or if I’m feeling a bit out of sorts like I have been lately.

You see, part of my recent dilemma has been whether fatigue is good old-fashioned wear and tear, old age or remnants of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome that makes some of my days grind to a dead halt. It’s crazy as some days it feels like I’m flying and back to the old Rory days, pre-body anaesthesia. And if I’m honest, yes it does cheese me off, but how much I can blame that feeling on to my ‘outside influences’ is debateable and actually irrelevant as I can only now work with what I’ve got and I accepted that, if with somewhat gritted teeth.

I reached my ‘acceptance’ in 2016.

Can’t say it’s been easy but looking back I’ve had to accept many things over the years. At an early age I ‘accepted’ I’d never be a professional footballer, a brain-surgeon or a cross-channel swimmer. My mother said she’d found my old school reports that made poor reading. Shucks eh? But in my favour, I have one big advantage - I know what I’m good at, what I really like doing and give things 100%. 
What has become of you?
And that’s been my ‘Modus Operandi’. It’s not always a good thing as it means that sometimes it’s hard to find the brakes when things are proceeding headlong in the wrong direction, but on the whole, it’s brought me a more than satisfying level of success. I can hardly look back and say I haven’t had value for money, can I? And from what I have done, I can easily say that I know exactly where and who I am.

The fascinating thing is that many people I meet haven’t got the same level of location or proprioception. They are lost. Maybe the Global Positioning System could crack people’s psychological predicament as well as their location – what an invention but imagine that, being told how you feel – I mean, how would you feel about that?

And yet, where are you today? Drowning in data, unsure of what to do for the best? Scared of making the wrong decision. Scared of making the right decision. It’s a complete minefield. Knowing what to ‘like’, ‘unlike’, ‘friend’, ‘unfriend’, ‘trust’ a lottery one you feel you can never win.

But you already have the winning ticket, if you find ‘acceptance’. It’s an instant win – 90% complete with just 10% needed to conquer anything you put your mind to. 

I do hope you understand where I’m coming from today. As even if today’s rubbish, it doesn’t matter as tomorrow will be slightly better and the day after hopefully better still – just give it a go and build on whatever solid foundation you can find however rocky it might feel as that’s what I’m doing… ’Does anybody else here feel the way I do?’

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Monday, 19 August 2019

If things were perfect - Moby

Who are you kidding?
Give me Summer…
I’d go for it being Summer everyday wouldn’t you? Nothing’s better than long hot Summer days with their light evenings and being out there footloose and fancy free running through cornfields and along dry mountain trails. Only life’s not really like that is it? Well it can be but not for long in my experience, yet it’s what I dream of on those dark Winter Days when the World’s hibernating and it feels like and there’s an eternity ahead until the clocks go forward once more.

Come clean, there's no sun yet…
If only things were perfect eh? But as we know they’re far from it aren’t they? We all know it yet Social Media projects a false and perfect world where everyone it would appear is achieving goal after goal and generally having a much better time of it than you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty as the next person of projecting this perfect person/perfect world existence, as I never broadcast the inner negativity that exists in my world. Because it does exist and you’d be a fool not to realise that - only we’re fooled by the vast amount of propaganda that’s posted by one and all. After a while it just glosses over me if I’m being honest, is it like that for you too?

I can't speak, I can't hear, but I know I'm real…

So, maybe there’s a better way of living your life and becoming your own success story. One that’s SO good, you don’t want to share it with anyone. A true delight that only you can enjoy. One where you are your own superstar and that you don’t need ‘liking’ or any congratulatory ‘comments’ about. One so good you could delete your FB page forever and one where you could wallow in a sea of self-satisfaction without the need for anyone else to acknowledge. Is it really possible?

The darkest lights before the dawn…

I meet folk all the time that would benefit from a simple ‘time out’ from appearing to be ‘Perfect’. Life’s not Sunshine every day is it? But even in the middle of Winter, there are days when you can feel the warm rays of sun on your skin that give you hope and promise that the Summer will come again - and it always does. It always will if you let it in. Some of my best times have followed some pretty dark periods in my life, and there’s always hope and always light at the end of the tunnel if you are prepared to be patient and be honest with yourself. Why not surprise yourself and set a few very private challenges or goals that you and only you will ever know about - you know the ones that have been weighing on your mind for a long time now?

The ones that if life were perfect, wouldn’t exist…and the ones you certainly would broadcast on Social Media. I mean just how perfect are you? I’m certainly not.

If you want to feel better about yourself, I'm here to help you find the real you...not create you.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Change your Mind - The Horrors

'Mindset' is a concept that's been around since the early 1900's, according to Wiki. It's a word that's become part of my daily vocabulary when speaking with clients and I thought I'd investigate the philosophy behind the terms 'Fixed' and 'Growth' Mindsets, as I try and evaluate my own 'Mindset' traits.

However, I'm a bit confused to which 'Mindset' set I belong to. You see, I believe I'm in the intersecting part of a 'Venn Diagram of ‘Fixed’ and Growth Mindset' where the two circles intersect, if that makes sense.

To help clarify things, I looked to the expert in the 'Mindset' field - Professor Carol Dweck. Her primary research is in motivation, personality and development and speaks volumes - if I had the right 'Growth' Mindset, I could read all about it in her 2006 book 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success' but as a ‘Fixed’ Mindset non-reader, I was a bit at a loss but luckily Wiki helped again...

Dweck states that there are two categories (Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset) that can group individuals based on their behaviour, specifically their reaction to failure. Those with a 'Fixed Mindset' believe that abilities are mostly innate and interpret failure as the lack of necessary basic abilities, while those with a ‘Growth Mindset’ believe that they can acquire any given ability provided they invest effort or study. Dweck argues that the ‘Growth Mindset’ will allow a person to live a less stressful and more successful life'.

Now, as soon as I see 'Failure', I immediately identify with the ‘Fixed Mindset” character trait as the 'F' word (Failure not ****) is like Kryptonite to my inner soul. Yet my ‘Mindset’ isn’t so myopic that I don’t believe that investing effort and study won’t bring results – well apart from swimming or triathlon as my mindset has been ‘Fixed’ by having the same buoyancy qualities as a house-brick. But then again, I’m pretty much stress-free and have had enjoyed many successes over the years which swings me back into the ‘Growth Mindset’ group.

So you can see why I’m confused. Or perhaps it’s how we like to label people nowadays and maybe I’m just someone that you can’t label. Or group, or even want to group. And maybe you are the same? No-one needs to be anything really – you just need to know who you are, where you are going and what’s needed to get you there.

And that’s all that matters…

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

I Surrender - Rainbow

Giving in is really not part of my DNA. Instilled at an early age, I’ve always thought that it’s a weakness. A weakness of mind. A weakness of personality. Pure Coleman-Kryptonite. Having been this way for 57 years’, and having lived life pretty close to the limit of human endurance with some personal and mental challenges that would have had most reaching for the white flag, I thought long and hard as I struggled for the first 20km of day two of Race to the Stones, last Sunday.

You see, post Guillian-Barre Syndrome, my legs are pretty much destroyed for a week following a fast Parkrun or Marathon as my leg muscles just aren’t strong enough anymore – it feels like I’ve already run the race-distance before I’ve even started you see. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not after sympathy or making excuses as I loved both days of Race to the Stones and that first 20km taught me once more that nothing of worth is ever given, and that if you want something enough, you have to work super-hard to achieve it.

I’ll admit I did question my sanity but after three hours of battling the GBS legacy, my legs finally started behaving and downhill it felt like they wouldn’t go from under me, which is what really plays with your mind at the time. The hardest and most frightening part for me – as it is for everyone that has to relearn how to stand and walk again. A sobering thought.

Sure, what I’m doing nowadays isn’t pretty and the times isn’t great but hey I’m out there still recovering. This year I’m a good two plus hours quicker over the 100kms and finished feeling like I’d given it my best – Well the best I can now give, if that makes sense.

Those days of learning to stand and walk seem a long time ago right now and maybe these days of weakened legs will also pass as my recovery continues. What I do know, is that I’m stronger mentally than ever and I’m going to push my recovery as far as possible. What form that takes, well watch this space as it’s just like when I started running. It’s a self-build-and-design-project that only people who’ve have had GBS and have gone on to run a further 66 marathons will understand.

You control your destiny – You design your future – No one does it for you – Fight – With everything you’ve got.

1,042 Marathons - 254 Ultras - 9 Guinness World Records - 15 Marathon des Sables

Monday, 8 July 2019

Go - Public Service Broadcasting

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go...
On Saturday I was lucky enough to see the excellent Public Service Broadcasting play at Caerphilly Castle. I’m not sure what Gilbert de Clare, the 7th Earl of Gloucester would have thought about his 13th Century Castle creation being used for such purpose but hopefully he would have marvelled at the songs and videos featuring the story of the Titanic, the Race for Space and the rise and fall of coalmining in South Wales.

I came away with my mind working in overdrive. A lot of the songs and footage captured events that have happened in my lifetime. A fifty-year span where Man land on the Moon, industry changed forever and the world went digital.

Has it all been worth it and are we any happier as a result?

Has the immediacy of the modern world enhanced our lives or made it as even tougher place to exist? I believe the world has changed more in the last ten years than the previous forty. I mean, when did you last play a Cassette, CD, DVD or take a photo using a camera? The notes in my wallet have been there for weeks as I simply don’t use much paper money these days. Banks, Shops, Cars, Life...there's a massive revolution taking place. One that when we look back in a further ten years wish we'd been part of as I believe that people are missing out not only on their future but also on their present.

You see, I went to the gig, sober, stayed sober and then drove home. However around me, some folk were completely legless, whilst others smoked endless joints throughout. And hey, it's a free-world and people are there for a good time but there's a whole world out there to create, enjoy and feel part of - and not to miss out on.

The grainy 60's footage of the Apollo Missions highlighted just how long it was since I was a seven-year old boy looking skywards in wonder at the heavens - what I've achieved so far and what I have yet to achieve with my time left on this amazing planet of ours. 

Take some time and think about whatever it is that you are doing today. If you are not doing it very well, do it better and if it's not good for you, don’t do it at all.


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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Who are YOU? - The Who

Today’s blog title is taken from the 1978 Who Classic album of the same title ‘Who are you’, the last album released by the group before Keith Moon's death in September 1978 - which feels a very, very long time ago.

Anyway, on listening very closely to the song, it got me thinking, ‘Who do we really think we really are’, ‘How do we project ourselves?’ and ‘How are we perceived by others?’. It’s something that became more and more apparent to me as I spoke to a fresh batch of clients this week. On hearing their stories, I learned how they fitted into their worlds. How they were perceived by their family, friends and colleagues – how unhappy they are. 

You see, it’s amazing how we come over to others, what it means and how limiting that can be on our progress for instance within the corporate world. Some people will hold out for years in a job ever hopeful for promotion or even a redundancy package only never to reach their goal because they just don’t ‘look’ the part or have a ‘perceived’ value – or don’t fit in.

The lyrics go, ‘I felt a little like a dying clown’. I’ve seen it many times as I’ve coached people that will joke and laugh their way through their day when inside they are literally ‘dying’ inside – crying later alone at their predicament.

They continue, ‘I know there's a place, where love falls from the trees’– and it’s such a sweet place. Feeling you’ve got there is one thing, getting there a whole different story as for many that journey is literally limited by their outlook and by what they project.

The person that knows it and feels it the most is you. And when you know it, the doubt sets in as the sing continues,‘How can I measure up to anyone now’. It sounds like a modern-day social media message reaching out, looking for reassurance and love from anyone that can be bothered to reply. For the record, self-worth doesn’t come in the form of a Facebook reply – it comes from within. 

From setting goals, sending out the right signals and cleaning up one’s act. And when you do that – you’ll find out who you really are – and you’ll find out it’s not as bad as you think and everyone else (well the majority anyway) will think you are okay too.

Have a think: ‘Who are You?’

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Good Morning Beautiful - The The

I do love a dark song to start the day, and the 1989 classic ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ from The The, always searches deeply into my inner soul as I prepare for my day ahead. The amazing thing is, that you can never truly plan for what the day has in store. One moment you are sat relaxing on a sofa enjoying a fresh cup of breakfast tea - the next you are chatting to Richard Dreyfuss (him of American Graffiti, Jaws and Close Encounters to name-drop a few) as I waited to be interviewed by Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show (he said name-dropping again).

An out of body experience if ever there was one and my fluent gibberish was in full flow. For the record both Chris and Richard are amazing, and it made me realise just how lucky I am as I’m constantly amazed by where my exploits have taken me and by who I meet along the way.

Maybe the song was telling me something - You see I first heard it when I was in the darkest period of my life, out of control in what felt like a ‘Living Hell’. The lyrics say that ‘The only path to heaven is via hell’ and maybe that’s the truth. If you’ve been there, you’ll know.

What does tomorrow have in store, well I’ve a good idea but no doubt there will be a few ‘Close Encounters’ along the way.

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Monday, 24 June 2019

For what it’s worth - Buffalo Springfield

It looked a bit like this...
I’m glad I came up with the following ‘Quotebox’ earlier today, ‘Success comes at a price - Failure is free’… as it got me speaking with my old friend Andy McMenemy. He’s a pretty cool and inspirational guy and apart from the usual banter, we’ve decided that we ought to podcast ourselves out to the masses. Who will breathe-in first or name-drop the most - well, we’ll have to find out, but it is interesting speaking with someone else, whom is super-motivated and paying the price for their own success?

Let’s face it, nothing’s free - even life’s basics Air and Water for the car are £1 at the local filling station and no doubt somewhere sunlight comes at a ‘Cost’.

Anyway, 3-2-1 and back in the room and the point of today’s blog is all about ‘Value’ as that’s a whole lot different to how much things ‘Cost’.  How much something ‘Costs’ is what someone else is prepared to pay for it. ‘Value’ well that’s a completely different subject. I remember being shown one of the most valuable vintage Porsche cars ever built, one with a £1M+ price tag. I must say it did nothing for me. The average Top Gear addict would probably be salivating just to be next to it, but for me it had no ‘Value’. It was both ‘Priceless’ and ‘Price-less’ as it wasn’t worth anything in my world.

You certainly wouldn’t fit a family of four, armed with car seats, double buggy and half a ton of luggage in that posh ‘People’s Car’. My boys’ sticky fingers on the paintwork and leather upholstery would give the owner a mild heart attack for sure. The same goes for David Gilmour’s guitars that were recently auctioned for $21.5M. For that you get the guitar but sadly not the man - so again nice, but of no ‘Value’ to me. The ‘Value’ towards global warming - well hopefully more.

So - ‘Why we put such a high price on things but not ourselves?’. ‘Why do we think we are worthless?’. Why is a car or a guitar worth so much yet, we won’t invest in ourselves or our own future?’

Great questions I believe, and I still have to fathom out why, people just don’t understand their own ‘Value’. Everyone’s worth something, right? Anything you believe in is worth the investment? As it’s not about money.

It’s about paying the price for success, something that Andy and I both understand all too well.

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Overnight Success - The Pointer Sisters

Success really doesn’t come in pill form. 

One of my clients (We’ll call him John Evers) suggested that I should join a few weight-loss Facebook Groups and surreptitiously spread the gospel of ULTRAdiet to the dieting masses. On being accepted into one such group with 844,000 members (Promising I thought) I was instantly informed that posts promoting my services or products would instantly be removed and blocked but to my amazement, most of the posts were just that - even though they were ‘approved’ first by the group admin advertised weight-loss pills and guava leave products that could not only help with weight-loss but could cure any ailment from diarrhoea to bowel cancer were all over it.

Other posts were mainly from women looking for fast ways of losing weight, for an upcoming event, or the simple desire for a flatter stomach. None I saw mentioned how they actually ‘felt’ about being overweight and how they were mentally going to change. Sure, there were folk showing amazing weight-loss transformations but in reality, these most were attempts ‘under the radar’ to promote instant weight-loss and more guava products. There were very few 'Lifestyle Makeovers' like the ones I help create.

Sure there were a few tougher ‘Coleman’ type messages saying, ‘Eat less and exercise more’ but these were less prominent against those demanding ‘Instant Fixes’. 

Before leaving the group, I did post some encouraging words that would hopefully help people see a brighter future rather than just another quick fix and left wiser but sadly no richer.

If only I could bottle ULTRAdiet John, and sell it in pill form...

1,039 Marathons - 25 Years' of Sobriety - 3 Years post Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


How many times a day are we told to ‘Live it like it was our last’? Now, I’m not knocking such well-intended messages - I’m probably one of the biggest broadcasters of such posts on social-media and the like, but let’s face it, in reality most people don’t believe they are anywhere near living-out their final day. 

Most folk believe they have a long and healthy life ahead of them, which is a great attitude, (possibly a little na├»ve) as we all know all good things come to an end but chose to ignore them. On listening to ‘Undertow’ from the 1978 Genesis Album, ‘And then there were three’ some of the Tony Banks lyrics struck a chord. And Okay, they are a bit cheesy but he’s right when he questions it being that last day…

Tell me, what do you think you would do then?

I mean, just what do YOU do? Look back and have regrets? Say a few if only’s or sift through the ups and downs of life and be satisfied that you'd made the most of it and had experienced and achieved all the things that really mattered – not those that you could have bought. Let's face it, there's not a lot of looking forward - Banks continues…

Let me live again, let life come find me wanting...

A bucket of hindsight goes a long way and I believe folk would do half of the things they did second time around, twice as well, if they could. Without the distraction, consider just how different your life could have been. 

In ten years time, imagine what you’ll be saying about the 3,652 days that lie ahead of you. What will you be saying then as these days turn into years and, still no tomorrow appears?

Change today and start living as we never know when it's our last but we do know tomorrow never comes...

1,039 Marathons - 25 Years' of Sobriety - 3 Years post Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Marathon Man runs to RunFestRun

Press Release - 29th May 2019
RunFestRun is the nation’s newest and biggest running party, hosted by Chris Evans and Vassos Alexander at Wiltshire’s beautiful Bowood House and Gardens. When Marathon Man, Rory Coleman, was asked to take part, he knew there was only one thing to do… run there!
Having completed over 1,000 marathons and 250 ULTRA-marathons, Rory is well-known amongst the running community for his extreme running exploits. He will be one of the inspirational speakers taking part at the event alongside Paula Radcliffe, Steve Cram and Jo Pavey. 
He aims to inspire people new to running and healthier living and show them what’s possible by putting on a pair of trainers and going for a run.Back in 1994, Rory did just that and has never looked back having used running as a therapy and a framework for life. Over the last 25 years, he’s experienced some amazing adventures and coached many celebrities to do the same. He now uses that knowledge and experience to help others enjoy and achieve their goals and dreams through running and fitness.
Rather than driving to the festival, Rory will be running the 100km (62.1 miles) from his home in Cardiff to the RunFestRun venue where he plans to inspire a new generation of runners. This is a particularly impressive feat given the fact that Rory was paralysed from the neck down only three years ago following the contraction of Guillian-Barre Syndrome (‘GBS’), a rare and debilitating neurological disorder that affects 600 people/year in the UK.
‘I’m really looking forward to my run to RunFestRun,’ said Rory, ‘it’s something I could only have dreamed about three years ago when I was recovering from GBS and I hope my run will inspire lots of people to get into running and come to the Festival’.
Tickets can still be purchased online and Rory is speaking at 3pm on Saturday 1stJune in the Inspiration Tent.
Call Rory Coleman for comment on 07866 477051 or email rory@rorycoleman.co.uk
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Friday, 24 May 2019

Live and Dangerous

Life’s kinda ‘Dangerous - incredibly Dangerous in fact and I find some of the things people do in searching for their ‘Ultimate High’, quite stupefying at times. A bit ‘Rich’ coming from someone like me you say. And yes, if I think back over the past 57 year’s there are some things that if I saw my children doing them, I’d go ballistic – but maybe what we don’t know doesn’t hurt eh? 

I mean, the 57-year-old Rory Coleman would never walk 60ft above the River Avon atop Stannells Railway Bridge in Stratford-upon-Avon, or ride down the Bordon Hill (1:10) flat out – (both bridge and bike no-handed) as he might have in 1976 - but then that’s what we used to do for fun before we ‘Grew-Up’. Maybe it’s why we spend so much time in nowadays acting like children. It’s all about ‘Escape’ nowadays. Pressure – Stress…

They say that the world has changed more in the last ten years’ than the previous seventy. Sounds about right to me. And that old-age doesn’t begin until you are at least 74 (there’s hope for me yet), but what are we doing to insure that we get there? Standing atop Stannells Bridge or a skyscraper in Dubai if you’re flash without a safety harness, or extreme paragliding, climbing Everest, walking to the South Pole or melting in the heat of the Sahara Desert or ALL of the above – can’t be the best recipe of a long life.

Anyway, my point is that we insure against things happening to our possessions and dare I say ‘Cars’, yet we don’t see to place much importance of getting more of a lifetime out of our mind and body. Okay, when or if you reach 90 and beyond, I’m not sure how much Paragliding in the Sahara you’ll be wanting to do – however you might want to consider the option and enjoy your latter years as much as the earlier ones - only more sensibly.

It comes down to ‘Resilience’ – a great term for drive, determination and direction all rolled into one and good old ‘Common Sense’. How’s your ‘Resilience’ and ‘Common Sense’ Insurance holding up? Sadly, there’s no on-line checker for the cheapest option here but you can speak toyour broker, you’ll find them if you take a long hard look in the mirror in the cold light of day.

See if you can make a new deal for yourself…

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