Friday, 31 October 2014

Powerless (Say what you want) - Nelly Furtado

Lyric:- 'Cuz this life is too short' - Furtado, Mclaren, Eaton, Horn & Dudley

Song Choice:- I don't know what's happened to Nelly but I loved this song when it came out back in 2003. Reminds me of my Lisbon Run for Euro 2004.

It's been my motto this week and one that I keep foremost in my mind. There's a millions quotes to support the notion including the ones about 'early birds' and 'better to regretting' but it all comes down to the same thought that we are not here for very long and best is to make the most of what we've got or opportunities that arise.

The week I've just had underlines that completely and I have a well earned weekend off to recharge my batteries, before not missing out on life or opportunities next week.

More then...

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Faith No More - The Real Thing

Lyric:- 'Just grit your teeth, make no sound, take a step away and look around, just clench your fist and close your eyes' - Amos & Frank.

Song Choice:- Great album opener from FNM on their Greatest Hits Album and there are lots of angry lines I could choose to single out on this song as for me it sums up the 'Toughen up Buttercup' solution to a lot of things we encounter that seem to be insurmountable at the time but in hindsight and just tiny bumps in the 'Life's Road'.

I love that quote 'Those at the top of the mountain didn't fall there'. It's a bloody brilliant line and one that rings so true with me as I continue into another busy month of coaching folk for next April's Marathon des Sables. Everyone I meet is a high attainer. They've invested huge amounts of time, energy and sacrifice to climb their mountains...I'm very fortunate to get a glimpse into their 'World's'.

There's been no lucky four leafed clover for these folk, there's been no 'instant win'...just blood,sweat and tears. Yes they've been fortunate. Fortunate in knowing what and where their mountain is and how high to climb.

Do you have and Everest of your own...know what it is...or where to find it?

I'd be really interested to know...

Mine? Well if you know me you'll know what it is.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

At that time of the night (The Short Straw) - Marillion

Lyric:- 'I'll show you salvation'

Song Choice:- 'Always the poor man's Genesis were Marillion but this track from lead singer Fish's last album (Clutching at Straws) with the band is actually well worth a listen.

Writing Chapter 5 of the 'Coleman Chronicles' today seemed to reflect quite nicely the story reflected in this Concept Album's theme of life of being 29 years of age and in a total mess...Certainly been there and got the T-Shirt on that one. Makes me shudder just thinking about those days...reliving them has been very challenging, however going on to write about my first years of running has been most amusing. 

Anyway, 'Salvation' as we'll call it has brought me to the Lake District for more Coaching and the opportunity to run into a far more inclement climatic zone than Caerdydd, (if that's possible). It doesn't matter though as my legs are now DOMS Free and are feeling back to normalish.

Is there a 'concept album' or song that matches your life-history as I'd be really interested to know...

More tomorrow...

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Destination Vertical - Masha Qrella

Lyric:- My knees are trembling I feel weak - Qrella

Song Choice:- This song cropped up towards the end of Season Two of Grey's Anatomy with Meredith and Derek falling in or was it out of love again (either not the first or last time). Anyway, I simply had to download it and start to play it to death especially after yesterday's Beachy Head Marathon.

It was my 11th Beachy/Seven Sisters (as it used to be called) and 867th Lifetime Marathon. I just love this race and it has everything a Colemeister could ever want. Mud, Hills, Views and lots of people to race against or overtake as that really fires me up nowadays. There are less than ten places where you are best to walk fast and the rest can be jogged up, run along or run fast down.

Some years ago I couldn't break five hours on this one yet I knocked just over a minute off my course PB and clocked in a 4:35:04 which I was pleased with as it was my fourth marathon in eight days.

Today's hurty quads are the only damage I can feel and I could run another if I had to so I'm feeling very happy about my autumn/winter training right now. And it only goes to show that if you work had, you get results.

Have a great week ahead folks and run hard so your knees tremble - mine did yesterday for some hours afterwards!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pendulum - Watercolour

The Blue Rigi, Lake of Lucerne, Sunrise
Joseph William Mallord Turner
Lyric:- Feed the Fire, Break your Vision - Thompson

Song Choice:- The Pendulum Boys Music grabs you by the balls and tells you straight what you need to hear - a bit like me I suppose and that's why I just love 'em.

It's been one of those weeks really and like Pendulum I felt more ballsy as times gone on. Sometimes we try to ignore the 'Elephant in the Room' and go easy on each other in case we hurt each other's feelings. It's far better to be straight, honest and open as I am when my clients come and see me for coaching.

We need answers as human beings and we are all naturally in inquisitive and can question everything if we are not careful so much so that there's no time for action.

Good job I've finished my week of intense MdS Coaching with folk and am off to London for a Press and PR meeting as after two days carbo-loading and lack of running I'm ready for a marathon, where for once I can kick my own butt, feed my fire and break my vision.

More tomorrow after a long lie down in a darkened room...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Sensual World - Kate Bush

Lyric:- You don't need words...Bush

Song Choice:- I've chosen this song many times now as it's just perfect in so many ways. Lyrics like rich cream and musically sensual in every way. It's pure songwriting genius.

Perfect for where I am right now about to start writing chapter four of my memoirs. I love the idea of not needing words where the reader could just dive into my world and see the things and experience life the way I have so far. 18,000 words in and I'm not sure if I understand myself at times and retrospectively can now see where I've taken the wrong path or have given too much or too little at any one time.

Mostly, I've been over enthusiastic perhaps and failed to maintain the early pace of youth.

These last few years of Coaching have taught me so much about how I'm perceived by other people. Today I was described yet again as a 'Marmite Person' (you know you either love Marmite or hate it) by someone I've known professionally for years. I'm more inclined to think that it's more whether people get me or they don't.

I'm just not satisfied being ordinary...well that's what my Brother and Sister say about me and they've known me all my life.

Do the people you know get you? Or are you a mystery, my book's helping me rediscover my path to today. Scary in places and jubilant in others.

But that's life eh? Actions speak louder than words :-)

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Welcome to my Nightmare - Alice Cooper

Lyric:- 'We sweat and laugh and scream here, cause life is just a dream here' - Wanger & Cooper

Song Choice:- Always been a fan of Alice and listened to this album lots in the late 70's. The Vincent Price voice-over is just priceless on the track called 'Steven'...with some of the songs sounding a lot better than their titles such as 'Only Women Bleed'...hmm, well I was very young and impressionable!

Anyway, I introduced another MdS Wannabe, a great athlete btw, today to the running nightmare - SAND! Yep, the old ball breaker of The Big Dipper sand dune at Merthyr Mawr, near Bridgend. As usual on such occasions half-way up achieved the 'head in a plastic bag' effect and his 'Blooding' was complete.

It's a great leveller for those used to clocking out 6 minute miles on pancake flat marathon courses to come and get 'broken' in a mere twelve minutes on a couple of laps of the sand.

Good news for my client is that he has 167 days to up his game and get used to the nightmare ahead. Even better than that is that he will as he's dead fit and totally committed to a top 25 finish...or else!

If you are still day-dreaming and need a good glimpse of what's in store, make sure you come and see I can make all your nightmare's go away...

More tomorrow...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Patience - Take That

Lyric:- Any minute all the pain will stop - Barlow et al.

Song Choice:- I love a bit of Barry Garlow as I call him and he sings like a bird on this fantastic #1 from 2006.

I love coaching folk for the MdS and yet another one came to see me in Cardiff today for my insight into the race and a 26.2 mile jaunt around God's Country.

Thinking about it, I've met some of the most interesting people on such days.

What struck me today out on the run is that a lot of time we only see the upside of training and completely overlook the School of Hardknocks one has to encounter along the way. I've had more than my share of such knocks along my 52 year old path in life and it's how you overcome such mountains and situations that maketh the man in my case.

I have overflowing patience and can wait and work for as long as it takes to reach any goal I set my desire to.

Yep, it ain't easy if you are not that way inclined but it's something one has to learn to realise and then overcome. The end result is often more satisfying when this happens and there are lots of things in my production line of life that are going at 90mph and some just ticking along waiting for the next hit of adrenalin.

Master your own expectations, be honest with yourself and you've mastered life. Make sure you have some downtime to rest, take a breath and reassess...

I'm doing that right now as after 3 x 26.2 milers in as many days it's a well earned day off tomorrow.

Have you got Patience?

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Something got me started - Simply Red

Lyric:- Something got me started - Hucknall & McIntyre

Song Choice:- Now I'm not the biggest Hucknall fan in the world but boy this song has balls. It's just a total groove and one that makes me want to get my up on the dance floor and make some of my old moves and shapes that I used to way back then.

It would make a complete change to bashing out 26.2 miles in perfect line and energy economy as I did again today.

The middle run of my triptych of MdS Training Days saw me take Gynaecologist Oli Chappatte through his paces and refresh my mind on all things childbirth. Some of the tales made what's left of my hair curl. What a job eh?

Anyway, he's a truly lovely guy and if you are looking for a friendly, relaxed and most useful tent mate, then he could well be you man.

Another warm bath is now relaxing my legs post run before another 26.2 miles tomorrow. I've probably got the best job in the world.

Thinking about it - I have and I'm glad that something got me started...

More from ColemanWorld tomorrow...

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Play the Game - Queen

Lyric:- Open up your mind and let me step inside - Mercury

Song Choice:- One of my all time Queen Songs from 1980, this and Another One Bites the Dust making a big impression on an impressionable eighteen year old young Coleman...

It's an interesting notion though to be able to step inside someone else's mind - think their thoughts, see the world from their point of view and truly understand what makes them tick.

Some folk are an open book, wear their heart on their sleeve - some don't even know where their own mind is let alone being able to open it up to let you wander around.

I'm lucky that folk give me the privilege of seeing into some of their darkest corners allowing me some light into why they are whom they are. It's been fascinating and heartwarming to have been in such places over the years .

I'm going to let you into mine in my book, Chapter 3 in the bag, and then you can see what makes me tick. Some of it's not pretty but it's gotten me to 52 in one piece and I'm happy that I can still bash out 26.2 miles like a good'un.

My book will reveal why. How are your darkest corners looking, time to shed some light on them?

Do you the world of good...

More tomorrow from 'ColemanWorld'.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Lyric:- 'Anyway the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me' - Mercury

Song Choice:- This was number 1 for 9 weeks at Christmas 1975 and well into the new year. Freddie has always been one of my all-time heroes and more than I thought after writing my books first couple of chapters. I could have chosen loads of lines from the best single ever made.

It's the end of another busy week of training and I've still got three consecutive MdS Training Days which include 3 x 26.2 milers to do on Saturday through Monday to keep me busy.

Freddie's carefree love for life comes through so strong in Bohemian Rhapsody and listening to it today renewed my love affair with all things Queen.

It's that or it's the Aloe Vera tonic I'm currently road-testing that's got me into such a good mood.

When was the last time you Scaramouched, Scaramouched, and did the Fandango?

More tomorrow...

Thursday, 16 October 2014

You get what you give - The New Radicals

Lyric:- 4am we ran a miracle mile - Alexander & Nowels

Song Choice:- Before writing 'Life is a Rollercoaster' for Ronan Keating penning this one was pure genius. I listened to this at 4am running a mile in the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge, how apt!

Anyway I've got clients whom are up and out on the road dead early getting their training in before the heavy commitments that WE ALL have.

These people really will get what they give as they are there on the money living the dream. Personally I really admire folk with commitment and get up and go.

It's the best and only way if I'm honest to make your dream a reality. If that's you - a big well done - if it's not and your school report used to 'say could try harder' then take a leaf, stop procrastinating and get on the case.

It's amazing what you can achieve if you work hard and are honest with yourself...

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I Feel Free - Cream

Lyric:- 'Though the pavements are one huge crowd' - Bruce & Brown
Song Choice:- This iconic song hit my eardrums today on my iPod and for the aficionados this hit the charts in 1966 and got to #11 and lasts only 2 mins 49 secs. Crazy that such a great song didn't do better...

Anyway, I was reliving my first London Marathon in 1995 earlier today when I was reviewing the second chapter of my book. And as I remember the pavements were my crowd on that  fateful day in the capital all those years ago, I loved the feeling of freedom that the marathon gave me that day and I wonder how many of you looking in on this blog, actually feel free. I jogged a very easy 3:54 btw. 

I still feel free when I'm out on the road pounding the pavements twenty years on, living in the now and in my own world 'cos when I do...I feel free.

More tomorrow... 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Breathe - The Prodigy

Lyric:- 'Breathe with me, breathe the pressure'.

Song Choice:- Still fresh 18 years on and the lyrics are most apt as sometimes one needs to stop, take stock and then carry-on sometimes.

Took a few deep breaths today on my 26.2 miles of a Marathon des Sables Training Day with Steve Darby who'd come all the way from Equatorial Guinea. Yep, I wasn't to sure where it was either until I asked 'Google'.

It was a great day out and it took exactly the same time as Sunday's Expo Marathon. The training must be working as neither Sunday or Today's Marathon was too taxing which today's 108 average heart rate reflects.

I'm going to get back in the gym tomorrow and smash my upper body and 'Breathe the Pressure' tomorrow.

Are you feeling 'Psycho-somatic addict-insane?'...

Monday, 13 October 2014

Afterglow - Genesis

Lyric:- 'Like the dust that settles all around me' - Banks

Song choice:- I've always loved this track off the 1976 'Wind and Wuthering' Album and they played it at Knebworth when I saw them in '78...ah those were the days eh?

There was a feeling of Afterglow post MdS Expo Weekend today as the three days of intense activity certainly took it out on the old Coleman mind and body.

Add to that a deep and husky voice from all that talking and you'll get the picture.

It was fab though to meet so many of the MdS#15 people and great to find out that so many of them have already started to make a dent into the training needed to get the coveted medal.

Today was a good opportunity therefore to put up my feet and sign off the first chapter of my book.

How much more Afterglow can a man take! Well a bit more tomorrow when Steve Darby joins me for an MdS Training Day all the way from Equatorial Guinea.

More tomorrow...

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Message in a Bottle - The Police

Lyric:- 'I hope that someone gets my Message in a bottle' - Sumner

Song Choice:- I'm not sure what happened with The Police but they simply disappeared from sight in 1986. I do remember this being on Green Vinyl at the time and loving see the band on Top of the Pops.

There was only one bottle washed up for those at the Marathon des Sables Expo today in London and that was it's time for then to get off their backsides and get their acts together for the remaining 177 days leading up to the race.

Mine too of course as I need to make my mark on the race again and do it to the best of my ability.

It's wonderful to speak to packed audiences and full rooms of such enthusiastic people and it will be interesting to see how many come out to play for 26.2 miles along the Capital Ring tomorrow.

More then...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Come in my head - Kimbra

Lyric:- What it's like to be in my dimension, you wanna know what I really think, you wanna know what I really believe - Mason, Kimbra & Ciancia

Song Choice:- Second Kimbra song in as many days and this reminds me of a Kate Bush at her peak. So sassy, so fresh and says it does like it is for me.

That's what people will find out this weekend as I hit London for a weekend of realisation and revelation. It won't be for the feint-hearted but people will know where they stand and get an honest and frank opinion of where they are right now with their appraoch to the next few months leading up to April.

Yes, you guessed it, it's the MdS Expo weekend and I'm going to be coming at you loud and proud. Profeet tomorrow, Expo Saturday and Marathon Sunday. What could be better, it's a weekend I've really been looking forward to.

Hopefully I'll be seeing you there...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Good Intent - Kimbra

Lyric:- 'You're slipping through the fingers of your good intent' - Johnson

Song Choice:- Kimbra Johnson is totally new to me and so fresh. Hearing this song on my internet radio's ambient setting, it reminded me of some of the conversations I had with clients this past few days. Have a listen.

When we start out on a new journey, especially something like the MdS, we have lots of enthusiasm, meet like minded folk and go at it like a maniac only to find out that your interest and commitment quickly fades and you lose the clear direction you once had. That's why 12 week training schedules work so well as three months is a useful period of time to train towards something, master it and then look for the next Everest.

With 180 days to go for the MdS Wannabes, Everest is looming...

My own Everest is gathering pace and I'm still dead keen on a quick marathon early next year as well as a new mega-day marathon challenge tbc.

What's your Everest and how's your Good Intent?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Read all about it - Professor Green Ft. Emeli Sande

Lyric:- I ain't censoring myself for nobody - Green

Song Choice:- This fabulous offering from this duo far surpasses all that followed I believe and this song has some brilliant lyrics and a great hook which I love. Emeli's final lines are simply back-of-the-next-hair-raisingly awesome.

Anyway in the world of my autobiog/training manual writing. I'm part way into typing it up and correcting the 'Rory-Grammar', overuse of the word 'just' and 'really' as well as checking out my apostrophe's or is that apostrophes which makes it a very slow process indeed.

It's an honest account of what happened twenty-odd years ago and reliving the moments I can now see that I was shouting at the top of my voice in a language only I could understand. If you've been in this situation you'll know where I'm coming from and if you are there right now then I trust you have a friendly shoulder to cry on and you can extract yourself in an expedite manner as it's whom you are on the other side of the tunnel that you are going to live with for the rest of your days.

I know I'm very lucky to be here and have grown in strength and courage over the years. It's taken me twenty years to get in the right frame of mind write it down and relive the nightmare dreams of the long gone person, I used to be and never want to be again.

When it's published you'll see its raw but from the heart and totally uncensored so you can read ALL about it...

Got to go, Spielberg is on the phone making an offer for the screenplay :-)

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Monday, 6 October 2014

All the Answers - Jesus Jones

Lyric:- And in the light of this new day dawning - Edwards

Song Choice:- I saw Jesus Jones twice in 1991 and they were awesome both at Wembley and at Rock City in Nottingham. Answers always one of their best songs too...

If only we had all the answers, life would be a lot easier. Sometimes we don't have the answers and those around us don't have them either. In this 'Google Age' we find ourselves in the midst of, we can find out everything about anything - only it can't tell us how we feel.

Feel Great, Run Great - Feel Bad and we know the rest. Funnily enough a New Day brings a fresh outlook and things don't seem so bad.

If that's you and your weekend's run wasn't its best and the outlook is cloudy. Take a deep breath and tomorrow's another day :-)

Run Well...

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lyric:- 'Cos there's too many places to see'

Song Choice:- A 'Knebworth Classic' I sadly missed in the mid 70's but a glorious song to listen to on my 300 mile drive today. The 70's weren't all that bad and if you were there you will know what I mean.

Anyway, I did get lots of good news today and I had four clients post new marathon PBs today so I'm dead chuffed for them. And makes all my coaching feel worthwhile.

I might just celebrate with some more Freebird...I love the lyrics and where would you go?

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Location:Pembroke Road,Cardiff,United Kingdom

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Red Shoes - Kate Bush - Part 2

Lyric:- 'Put them on and your dream'll come true' - Bush

Song Choice:- Well I had to choose Kate's Red Shoes again as I just love it so much. And if you really listen to the song here, you'll see what I'm banging on about. She's awesome and very inspirational...I would imagine her to be a real perfectionist to work with and I admire perfection and attention to detail.

Anyway, following a couple of days off following a long run out on Thursday I'm back running long this week a couple of times and getting back into my training rhythm post holiday.

Unfortunately, I don't have Kate's red shoes to get me back to peak fitness and even if I did there's no substitute to the hard work you'll have to invest along the way and the feeling of accomplishment you'll feel will only be greater.

As you know by now I love my music and the music business is a great reflection of the 'Red Shoes Theory' and there's no such thing as an overnight success great artists are made over many, many years and this is why so many of the X-Factor winners are never heard of after they win...I haven't chosen too many James Arthur songs this you remember him? Who was second? - Hey who cares!


'Dream's come true if you are true to yourself'...Then again it all depends what your dreaming. Just remember this curve, is your smile and this cross, is your heart and this line, is your path...if you do, it will all come true.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Open up your heart - M People

Lyric:- 'And I've got more to give' - Pickering & Heard.

Song choice:- I spent a long time in the car driving today and this M People song popped up from the past. It's totally brilliant and I'd forgotten all about how well put together and how luscious Heather Small's voice matches the music perfectly.

I love the lyrics and the line of having more to give really hit home as it's easy to get used to the normality of day-to-day living and even day-to-day running. In writing down the start of my running career all those years ago it's certainly rekindled some deep down feelings of love for my salvation and sanity maintainer.

I'm going to cherish all of my running, just like I did yesterday running 26.2 with MdS Wannabes, David Clark. I feel fit too and that's also cool if you want to perform and you still have a lot to give.

Opening your heart sometimes really helps and there's a certain honesty that accompanies distance running that's very refreshing.

Do you need to open your heart and are you fresh?

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