Sunday, 30 November 2014

Inner Smile - Texas

Lyric:- One, Two, Three, Four - Spitiri et Al.

Song Choice:- Ages since I dug deep into Spitiri's Greatest Hits Album dressed up as Texas but it's SO well crafted and lyrically superb that is worthy of many a play, which I intend to do.

The 'Inner Smile' is a great reference and it's one I often do myself as I laugh at my own short comings. Sometimes it's far too easy to jump on the bandwagon and join in the kicking when some folks thru their lack of judgement get things wrong.

We all need kindness especially when we are down and when our 'Inner Smile' ain't smiling too brightly.

Stick out from the crowd and throw a friendly arm around those in need of break from the kicking. If that's you, you know where I am...

It's time to Smile :-)

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Set me on Fire - Pendulum

Lyric:- Rank and Thirsty and Blind - Thompson

Song Choice:- My elderly neighbour Pauline just loves Pendulum and this track must make her ornaments bounce around her lounge as my Sub produces frequencies only Dogs can hear.

It's a great way of relieving ones pent up frustrations as is a fast run up Leckwith Hill. After watching 50 minutes of the Rugby today (beating RSA btw was ace result) with our Gas Boiler Repairman...don't ask as it's a long story. Leckwith was the only answer. It didn't disappoint either and I got my little legs going ten to the dozen accompanied by a large dose of Pendulum.

You just can beat it and I'm going to do the same tomorrow ;-)

Sometimes actions speak volumes...

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

Lyric:- it's going to be allright when times get rough - Gabriel

Song Choice:- I'm seeing Sir Peter of Gabriel on Monday so in homage of him coupled with one of my all time favourite artists Kate Bush, this song seemed perfect for today's blog.

I've seen so much chatter on-line this week with folk being injured or failing over and over again I felt it's only right to give my take on how the crazies of this running world might perform better. Then again it's not just running that makes us crazy it's life in general that f*cks us all up.

On 'Black Friday', an imported idea as annoying as 'Trick or Treating', like sheep we are enticed to go to Tesco and fight to spend money we don't possess on credit we then pay over the odds on paying off. Baaa, Baaa, Baaa you sheep you!

It's the same with running, fail in a 24hr race, do another one straight away seems to be the mentality. That'll do it - hmm I don't think so. It's a good 24 month path of mileage build, taper, speed, actual event, recovery, mourning before taking in a deep breath and then starting over again to run 100 miles+ properly, not one every week! 

Anyway, sometimes it's best to give up bashing away at an issue. Not forever but just for a while to take stock, see the bigger picture, get the desire back and then start back fresh and with a clear direction knowing exactly what you want and when you want to achieve it.

Is that you? I bet it is...I think we need to give up sometimes.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

60 miles an hour - New Order

Lyric:- 'Can't you see that I can't relax' - Hook, Gilbert, Sumner & Morris

Song Choice:- I'd forgotten just how good this song really is and it always amuses me that 60 miles an hour is considered fast or maybe cruising speed in this songs case as life certainly doesn't go that slow does it?

When did it all speed up? The next person who says they are 'really busy' might just get a bash as we are ALL busy...but are we? Really?

That and as for being 'stressed'...well, I'm not sure if true 'stress' is something that's perfectly understood. Don't get me wrong as I would say I'm 'BUSIER' now than I've ever been but maybe like everyone else I've jumped on the 'Busy Band Wagon of Life'.

Maybe the internet has filled the 'Breathing Spaces' that are the gaps between the more intense periods of activities which are actually the important parts of our lives that we really ought to be concentrating on.

When and where will it all stop? I'm making more time in my life for the important things that really matter, are you?

More tomorrow and thanks to Tom Pike today for a very relaxed #875th marathon - just my kinda run.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Gold Rush - Danny Byrd

Lyric:- 'I know where I was going'.

Song Choice:- This is a great track to lift the spirit and get ones legs going in a faster tempo. Also when I'm up takes me even higher.

Well another day and another marathon in the can. I know I could do another one easily tomorrow too as my fitness and mental attitude are spot on right now.

It's amazing what you can do when your mind in gear and know what you want.

Is your mind in gear?

More tomorrow...

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Friday, 21 November 2014

These are the days of our lives - Queen

Lyric:- You can't turn back the clock - Queen (Taylor really).

Song Choice:- My #1 Queen Song and the song speaks volumes to me.

It rang true today too as I took one of my clients on a three-month celebration marathon in the torrential Cardiff rain.

I feel a very proud Coach tonight having been let into her world and assist in making theses days of her life mean something positive in her future.

There's a few more miles and lots more setbacks to negotiate along the way for her but hey who cares, as that's tomorrow.

Today's for living and I wonder if you want to live too?

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Do you believe me now - ELO

Lyric:- So do you believe me now - Lynne

Song Choice:- As they were recently wheeled out at Hyde Park, it seemed only fair to give them a further airing on my blog. An apt lyric is what really swung it really if I'm being honest.

Anyway, self belief has been the main part of my teaching ethos this week and let's face it, if you don't think you are good enough then no-one else will.

I'm always straight talking with my clients and comment on the good as well as the not so good (that's bad really) aspects of their lives/running.

It always amazes me when people question me whether or not I'm telling them the truth. I do understand that confidence is something that has to be built and can be destroyed very easily but as a coach it's something I believe I can positively work with my clients on and make them be the person I know they can be.

If you need a confidence boost and a reality check please let me know and I'll tell you the truth about how I see you.

You might find out your a lot better than you think you are...

Is that what's holding you back?

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Eminem - Lose Yourself

Lyric:- 'Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment, would you capture it or just let it slip? - Mathers, Resto & Bass

Song Choice:- I'm not the biggest rap fan ever but this track stands proud of them all and really captures the moment of choice, you know the 'Sliding Doors Movie Moment' where one plunges in headlong or whether one stays firmly rooted to the 'Diving Board of Life'.

Now I've jumped more times than I care to remember but now that I'm allowed into my clients world and their scenarios my advice is far more conservative. Of course, I believe the best decisions are made with careful consideration but gut feeling has a certain knack of coming true in my experience and it's better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.

My best advice though is to go with your instinct, and take Eminem's lyrics on-board - 'You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime'.

I reckon he's right - there's a big world out there and are you missing an opportunity?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Knowing when to walk away - Jay Clifford

Lyric:- Your silence is murder - Clifford

Song Choice:- This artist is new to me and there are softer parts to the lyrics but the song is just brilliant and I'm looking forward to hearing more from Mr Clifford's repertoire anon.

There's no real cheesy link into the blog today except that I've just enjoyed walking away from my running for just over a week to get a break from the non-stop Run-Rory-Run of the past few weeks.

It's done me the world of good too as today's MdS Training Day with the lovely Per Hedberg was both easy on the legs and on the ears. The 26 miles just zipped by and any post Druids fatigue didn't rear it's ugly head at all.

Good job too as I'm doing another 26.2 Clifford goes onto sing...'Advertise the bruises and the lows, cause you know it never shows' more my style.

The stiff Coleman Upper Lip has a lot to answer for!

More after tomorrow's outing as my deafening week-long silence has been broken...

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Awaken - Yes

Lyric:- Strong, Dreams, Reign, Here - Anderson & Howe

Song Choice:- This song reflects my feelings right now as I awaken from a weeklong exile from all things running post the Druids Triple of last weekend. A brilliant offering from a 1977 Classic Yes Album which has some extraordinary guitar and keyboard sections.

Sometimes mind and body just need some time out and I have my biggest ever week of MdS Coaching including filming with the BBC tomorrow to use and abuse my rested energy on.

I'm only too aware of my limitations nowadays and the old bones were in need of a rest as we hurtle headlong towards 2015.

A day out hill walking in the Black Mountains was an ideal proving ground and I'm being sponsored by Lemsip this week to combat my ManFlu, as well you know if untreated can be fatal!

More tomorrow...

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

F.E.A.R - Ortopilot

Lyric:- 'Forget everything and remember, for everything a reason' - Brown

Song Choice:- I just love the way that Brown's lyrics us F then E, A & R as the first letters of the words in each line of the song. I heard the Ortopilot version before Brown's and feel it makes a much more rounded sound to the song. See what you think...

Today's been a good day as I've had a day off! First one in ages and one where I could catch up on my normal life (whatever that is) and get a few odd-jobs done. It's amazing how the day just drips away especially with the nights really drawing in now.

The weekend's 3 marathon Druid Challenge has left the old Colemeister eyelids rather heavy...maybe my Fallen empires are ruling...
More tomorrow...

Monday, 10 November 2014

Parallels -Yes

The Ace of Bass
Lyric:- 'Parallel our sights. And we will find, that we, we need, to be, where we, belong. Parallel our heights' - Squire

Song Choice:- This is one of my all time 'Yes Songs' written by the master of bass - Chris Squire, although I could have chosen 'Going for the One' as well from the same album for today's blog entry as I listened to both during day three of Druid Challenge yesterday.

It certainly helped my progress in the later stages of the race as by 18 miles I was tired of ploughing thru the endless mud that the torrential rain on Saturday along with a few hundred trainers had created.

The best part of the weekend however as watching how well my clients did whom are training for the MdS. They were the easy ones to spot over the weekend as they looked lean mean fighting machines.

I have an appointment with the sauna and steam room now!

Happy Days...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Exposure - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- Out in the Open - Sir Peter of Gabriel.

Song Choice:- One of Gabriel's best offerings off his second solo album and a very apt choice for today's marathon.

I wish I could say it was awesome, fun and exhilarating but it wasn't. It was bloody cold and on the top of The Ridgeway it just threw it down relentlessly. And if you know me well, you know that isn't quite my cup of tea.

At 10 miles I did question my sanity but as the miles passed things improved and I managed to keep The Coleman Spirit alive just long enough to get to the finish. It did take a couple defibrillator shocks though to kick start me in places.

My talk is tonight (subject Six Steps to Marathon Success) and only another marathon tomorrow to go...

More from the finish then...

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Ain't that nothing - Television

Lyric:- Travel fulfils you but the distance it kills you - Verlaine

Song Choice:- I bought this back in 1978 in my American Arthouse Days when I was just sixteen. It's a great track and well worth a listen.

It played on my iPod today during the first stage of the Druid Challenge. The 29.75 miles proved quite a killer if I'm being honest and although I ran hard all the way I couldn't match last year's 4.59 by a good 25 minutes.

Then again it was bloody hard work out in the cold rain and mud of the days race.

My spectacular fall just yards from the start nearly put pay to the day but a bit of claret never hurt did it.

Hats off to Neil and his team for another great race and let's hope tomorrow is sunnier.

More then after a well earned massage :-)

Now ain't that nothing...

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Vertigo - U2

U2 as I saw them in 1981
Lyric:- 'The jungle is your head can’t rule your heart'- Hewson, Evans, Mullen Jr, Solomon & Clayton

Song Choice:- I saw the Oirish Rockers back in 1981 and fell in love with Edge's brilliant guitar playing from the moment I heard the first few chords of 'Wire' off the Unforgettable Fire Album. Vertigo still ticks the boxes and I might have a U2 week of songs as I head towards the Druid Challenge at the weekend.

My word this week is blasting away and I feel in need of some time out from Coaching and more time actually Running for myself. Good job I've got 84 miles of the Druid to provide a three-day running pilgrimage eh? I'm sure it will do me a world of good and get my Serotonin agitated and pump me full of Blue Skies and White Fluffy Bunnies running over lovely Green Fields.

Can't beat those natural highs!

Now where do I start with my U2-athon, Rattle and Hum or Achtung Baby?'s Under a Blood Red Sky First and only £3.99 on iTunes!!!

More tomorrow...

Crazy - Seal

Lyric:- 'In a world full of people only some want to fly'.

Song Choice:- One of the 90's best singles in my opinion and the springboard to a patchy career for old Seal that's sadly seen too longer gaps between the hits.

Gaps are what interested me with one client this week and it's something I'll be speaking about at the Druid Challenge on Saturday night. In his case, there just wasn't any in his training plan...

Every week, at least a marathon if not two and an ultra every other! All the way to Christmas and he was planning the same after leading up to the race. Talk about CRAZY...

It gets better or worse...Just before MdS a quick jaunt in the Trans Gran Canaria as a tester.

I was exhausted just listening and stopped there and then with any thoughts of coaching.

Now I know only some people want to fly and I try not to pop people's balloons BUT how about a long term plan? Plot in the Big Challenges, Sub-Challenges and Mini-Ones. Run fast and long, train well and give yourself TIME to get it right and maybe you'll enjoy it a whole lot better...

Take it from me, you have to do your apprenticeship in this ULTRA-running lark to get the full benefit of going LONG.

Please go easy out there folks!

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