Friday, 30 October 2015

The Living Daylights - Aha

Lyric:- 'Save the darkness, let it never fade away' - Barry, Waaktaar

Song Choice:- Well there's a lot of 007 going on right now with the new Spectre Movie and although The Living Daylights and Timothy Dalton were the probably the worst Bond combination, the film's theme song is one of the best, thanks to the brilliant Aha - It's also the first 'Daylight' titled tune that came to mind and it seemed to fit my mood for today's Rory-Blog perfectly. So here goes...

You see, I felling it today and you can 'Save the Darkness' as I'm actually looking for more daylight. I'm not sure but I believe I'm feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as SAD...

I'm not feeling all the effects associated with it and it's easy to blame things and invent feelings to fit those listed on certain websites about the condition. All I do know is that I need a bit more fresh air and need some nice warm sunlight on my skin as I've spent most of the last week inside in the gym and I'm missing my daily fix of Vitamin D.

No wonder I love the Marathon des Sables and the massive 'Solar Overdose' the race delivers...shame April's such a long time away right now.

The clocks going back doesn't help and the sun rarely appeared today in Cardiff and when it did, it was quite low in the sky. How I'd ever cope with a trip to the Arctic or Antarctic Winter and endless weeks of darkness, I can't imagine. It makes me wonder as a Welsh Gloomy Friday is enough to cope with.

Hopefully, 26.2 miles of Merthyr Mawr sand, wind and rain on Sunday will knock some 'Living Daylights' INTO me. Not many folk would say that Merthyr Mawr is '00Heaven' but the Sun will shine for me no matter what happens.

Hopefully the Sun will Shines on you too...

So have a great weekend and don't get SAD folks, get SAND, it will really cheer you up, if like me you need some Sunshine and Fresh Air.

More later...

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne

Lyric:- Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker, suicide is slow with liquor. Take a bottle and drown your sorrows, then it floods away tomorrows - Daisley, Osbourne & Rhodes

Song Choice:- Just how dark can this blog get you ask?... Well the subject of depression and alcohol in the guise of 'The Spirit of Suicide' surfaced with one of my clients this morning. It's something that affects a large proportion of people in the UK and running can become therapy and provide help and a solution for these folk and play a positive part of their recovery... I know from personal experience that it works - it did for me.

You see the brain is a very powerful thing. It's help us cure major diseases, been the mother of all invention, taken Man to the Moon and currently has 20% of the UK's Adult population suffering from depression or anxiety. Our levels of Serotonin have a lot to answer for...

If you do some internet cruising on the subject you'll be amazed and frightened at just how much our Serotonin affects a lot of our bodies functions as well as the old Grey Matter.

Now, I'm not a physician or a clinical-psychologist but I do know that a happier person is, the better they perform. Then magically, the better they perform the happier they become. It's a wonderful self-help philosophical circle of life. Add in a regular injection of 'Confidence' and you are on to a Winning Formula.

I found a real winner today and I believe she can go on and defeat 'The Spirit of Suicide' in the folk that she meets on her next life-chapter.

She'll need to be strong and rise above the demon's out there ready to attack her Seratonin and kill off her desire to change. I'm going to do everything I can to make this happen for her and hopefully we can draw strength from Ozzy's lyrics and rise above the 'White Noise of Life' that will stop us 'Shaping her Future'.

More tomorrow...and a bit less Dark!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kissing with Confidence - Will Powers

Lyric:- You maybe a great dresser, you might be a fantastic dancer...

The 1983 song goes on to talk about - yes you guessed it...Confidence and I've spent my day convincing folk to think big, break down their barriers to mountains and mole-hills and to 'Toughen up Buttercup', so they can get the job done.

Self-belief became a theme of the day - one client is clearly a potential World-Class Athlete and I knew that without her running a single step. Call it a sixth sense or put it down to experience, It was as clear as the nose on her face...I wonder why she couldn't see it herself. The X-Factor moment where the singer suddenly recognises just how amazing they are gets played out over and over again in my world...

It doesn't only happen with the awesomely gifted - it happens when people are pushed and with encouragement get the confidence to have a go rather than play it safe and regret it later on.

My first client of the day was sceptical two weeks ago when I spoke with him about being more confident but yesterday some 6.5kgs lighter, he totally gets it and is now planning a much brighter future for him and his family. It was a first meeting for my next client and lets see if she experiences the same revelation. She was certainly more confident after an hour of me knocking down some barriers and opening some doors for her.

As for my #Smeg A2A Guys, well they've gone galactic since our Monday meet and I'm making sure I keep up with their 90,000 steps a week pledge so I can be Awesome with them

Amazing what a bit of Confidence can you need some?

Rory Coleman - 938 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.


Monday, 26 October 2015

Zero 7 - I have seen

Lyric:- I have seen - Philips

It always makes my ears prick up when write about a happening/experience or say they've 'read' something written by a so-called expert as I immediately wonder if the 'nugget' they are about to deliver is true. Especially when it's on my Mastermind subject the MdS 1999-2015.

The interesting part is that when I correct them or dismiss their misinformed conjecture, then my judgement and knowledge is then rather rudely questioned...My answer is always that they should respect that if I write about it, then I'm 100% right otherwise I wouldn't write it and to think of a similar scenario such as Kenton Cool giving free Everest advice having successfully climbed it 10 times including like me one expedition with Sir Ranulph. My time and advice will hopefully be taken on board by those who are willing to listen to experience and sound expert knowledge.

Luckily, I had the second day of #Smeg Average2Awesone to defuse my furrowed brow and a blow a Breath of Fresh Air into my Monday training schedule.

No arguments with these guys - 10 days in 1.1million steps bashed out, 21kgs lighter with only an appetite for information.

A trip to Fit2Run, Abingdon's leading running store meant we could work along side it's Manager Dave Parsons, a wise and seasoned marathon runner, who like me knows a good Brooks Adrenalin for an Over-Pronator in just seconds.

You see there's no replacement or fancy piece of kit that can replace good hard work, commitment and endurance.

Hopefully the Smeg folk will continue to strive for all three and bash best part of 100,000 steps a week. Their daily minimum 12,500 will nearly get them there and keep them in the A2A programme until the next session on 23/10.

If you ask them, they'll confirm that if I write's true.

More tomorrow me hearties :-)

Rory Coleman - 938 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Patience - Take That

Lyric:- 'I'm feeling your frustration' - Barlow, Donald, Orange & Owen

Song Choice:- I've always had a soft spot for the TT Boys and Gary Barlow has a simply amazing voice I believe and is possibly one of the greatest singer/songwriters we've ever produced in the UK. Amongst all the folk I could choose, he'd definitely be a member of my Fantasy Marathon des Sables Tent, so there's an accolade eh? 

Anyway, back on planet earth, and the subject of today's Blog...Patience and my second ballad in two days.

My role in life is very to take folk from A and take them to B trying to reduce the T (for Time) in the middle. Sometimes it's a really easy process and my clients are completely physically bomb-proof and do exactly what it says on the side of my 'Tin of Training'.

Sometimes, it isn't though and that's when 'Patience' plays it's vital role in anyone's training. I treat time off with injury or illness as a blessing and although I feel the same frustration as my clients - it's a time for planning and work on other parts of the training that might have been overlooked or neglected.

Everyone will go through this process many times myself included and there have been times each year where I have a complete rest and enjoy a couple of weeks off for recovery and let myself relax from the constant overloading I expect it to handle and take time out to reset my horizons and enjoy falling in love with running all over again.

Gary goes on to sing 'So while I'm still healing, Just try and have a little patience' and this is probably good advice for your nearest and dearest to allow you some space and time to come to grips with the frustration felt when the exercise carrot is snatched away.

If this is where YOU are right now - You'll get to B, you'll get there quicker of you are 'Patient'...

Enjoy your time off...I did today with a lovely walk in Bute Park, Cardiff in the Autumn Rain. I gave myself some well deserved healing...cheers Gary.

More tomorrow.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Hello - Adele

Lyric:- 'At least I can say that I've tried' - Adkins

Song Choice:- Now I'm not the biggest fan of Adele, as I've only heard her '007 Skyfall' and have never listened to her 16 times platinum in the UK and fourth best-selling album in the UK of all time - 21. How not down with the kids can one get?

Anyway, this morning I heard the pre-release of the above 'Hello' track on BBC Breakfast and instantly knew it would be amazing just from a few moments of a preview of the video.

Quality, and this song has it in spades, comes from working hard, realising your strengths and weaknesses and investing time, energy and in the case of the video, budget.

I'm going to go back to 2011 to revisit Adele's back catalogue and see what 50 million other folk have seen in the remarkable 27 year old singing sensation from Tottenham and buy the album. I'm not sure it will be my kind of album but 'At least I can say that I've tried'.

It will make a great relaxing end to a busy week in the world of Coleman Coaching. Hopefully those of you that have been busy with us will do so so and come out fighting on Monday, especially our #SmegA2A people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle.

I'm running at the Bristol and Bath Marathon and if you are there and see me please say 'Hello'.

More tomorrow...

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wire - U2 (Kevorkian 12" Vocal Remix)

Lyric: - Is this the time, the time to win or lose. Is this the time, the time to choose? - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen.

Song Choice:- This is THE track that got me into the 'Oirish Fab Four' in the late 80's even though I'd seen them for 30p back in '81. If you've never heard this song from the 1983 'Unforgettable Fire' Album, have a listen for yourself here and see what you think. I think it's one of their best.

Apart from the amazing guitar work from the Edge and brilliant almost disco Clayton bass, the lyrics are very evocative. 'The line, The Time to Choose' is the one that resonates with me.

You see for me, Life is all about 'Choice'...We make a million of them every day of our lives. Some of them in an instant, lots of them sub-consciously...and some of them with a lot more consideration. Men are worse than women (I know) and a lot of the time we make cavalier-like decisions based on gut instinct about our careers, where to live, what to do with our lives  but take months choosing Hi-Fi, Cars and Golf Clubs. 

Women are far more choosy!

Maybe it's more about 'Options' than choice...I first went into a Starbucks back in 1999 in Chicago and asked for a Coffee. Big mistake as there were a million combinations even down to the colour of the cup! The 'Would you like a Cake with your Coffee?' question they ask only prolongs the whole darn process...

What we are more frightened of in my opinion is making the Wrong Choice. On a plane the in flight food is Chicken or Lamb. In a restaurant, well, it becomes a nightmare for the more indecisive of you, mainly because of being frightened of making the wrong choice. Funnily enough Chicken or Beef is the best option there too.

The thing is Life's more complicated than Chicken or can be though if you are a bit more 'Black and White' about things and then stick to the decisions you've made. If you are going to be more active, then get out there and get moving. If you want to clean up your life...for heavens sake stick to it. The action, I believe, is a lot easier than making the choice.

If you've always wanted to do something, loved someone or wanted to quit a lifestyle habit, then do it, tell 'em and stop it.

You'll be glad you made the right choice.

Bono sings 'Is this the time, the time to Win or Lose? And it's a simple choice, very Chicken or Lamb.

More tomorrow folks...

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Step On - The Happy Mondays

Lyric:- Gonna stamp out your fire - Kongos & Demetroiu

Song Choice:- Simple, the best song with 'Step' in but alarmingly written back in 1971 and not in 1990 by the 'Ryder-Crew'. First song ever to feature a sample according to Wiki, so these are the guys to blame for our more modern popular musical offerings.

Anyway, on to the theme of today's blog - Steps...

The first steps on any journey are always the easiest. Plucking up the courage to take them is another story but in those first few strides of any adventure, the feeling of liberation can sometimes feel completely overwhelming.

Getting going and making the tiniest of inroads on any challenge can make the hardest mother of a thing feel a lot less intimidating and proper planning always makes things a whole lot better, I've found.

I thought long and hard about my first run of just 100 steps back in January 1994. I did the same for my longest run of 145 miles from Birmingham to London in 1998 Grand Union Canal Race. Both runs were my Everest's at the time. Both felt more achievable after each step I took and both gave me immense satisfaction and hope for the future.

Hope that I could go on and achieve whatever I put my body and mind to and I would like to say that I've ticked a lot off my life-bucket list over the years. Taking off my life-blinkers was the best thing I ever did and what I'm constantly now trying to maintain. Stopping drinking and going for a jog was all it took to get things manageable again, when life felt so very much out of control.

It's not easy and I'm more than human and like anyone mess up on a daily basis, ask Lady C - However, I'm willing to have a go and I'm always open to opportunity and I don't like to fail in what I've started.

Now, if you've just plucked up the courage to get started on something, you'll know exactly what I mean and now you've got going you are already one day nearer your goal - My advice is not to let anyone especially yourself talk you out of it :-)

Rory Coleman - 936 Marathons - 235 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Revolution of the Heart - Howard Jones

Lyric:- 'Reaching out for something better' - Jones

Song Choice:- This track got me thinking about a Revolution and sparked for me athe sort you can get from ideal thought for today's blog.

Quote:- Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s going to happen to you? Do you want to live this way? All it takes is one person, one moment to change your life forever. It can change your perspective, the colour of your thinking.

Christina Yang (Grey's Anatomy Season10, Ep.17-Do You Know?)

I also love the quotes from the opening credits of Grey's and again it sets the mood for my following thoughts.

For my folk at Smeg UK starting their #Average2Awesome 8 week training plan tomorrow, you really are at the start of YOUR own Revolution - One where the NEW YOU overthrows the OLD YOU that's been in control  all of your life and start afresh, with some new laws to follow.

In the Grey's quote above I believe Christina has some very poignant and very provocative questions that you need to be honest with your self about and face up to the truth that you can see in the mirror looking back at you each morning from now on.

That's the time when you set your stall out for the day and when you put on the armour that stops the 'Energy Vampires' around you trying to corrode your resolve and a time you make a pledge to yourself to get the daily goal set completed as early as you can so you have the maximum time to gloat for the rest of the day about it.

Tomorrow's word is 'Revolution' - Take a deep breath, hold fast and make it happen folks.

There's a NEW YOU in town...with a NEW HEART!

Rory Coleman - 936 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Start! - The Jam

Lyric:- 'And what you give is what you get' - Weller

Song Choice:- What else could I choose at the Start of another #Average2Awesome Day, this time with Smeg UK, you know the company that supplies high quality domestic appliances?

Eleven of them have stepped up to the mark and are now boldly starting their eight week journey of fitness with us leading up to a unique challenge on 9th December.

To say I was excited was an understatement and I love the first day of an #A2A as I've a great idea of what's in store and hopefully what they'll achieve working together as a group.

It made me think back to my own journey to wellness and fitness all those years ago and I could relate to everyone there today. Knowing how much the process changed my life back then and how much it has influenced my life over the past 22 years, I can only hope it can happen for these guys over the weeks ahead.

Starting the process with us today, saying they want to change and achieve more and live a happier, healthy lifestyle is the hardest part. Doing this in front of your colleagues takes balls but sharing your journey with others you know helps no end and it's going to be amazing to see how this first Smeg UK group grow and work as a team.

They already showed great support for each other and there's definitely a friendly banter and respect for each other that will help to get them through.

Watch this space and we'll keep you posted on their progress.

Well done People - some Awesome achievements today.

Remember - 'What you give is what you get' :-) 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Track Choice:- 'The World is My Oyster' - O'Toole, Gill, Nash & Johnson

Why:- Well I've always loved FG2H and the Trevor Horn production is just simply magnificent. Sure the major Frankie hits all sound the same but 'The World is My Oyster' is my stand out favourite and one well worth listening to if you've forgotten it. See for yourself here . OK it looks a bit dated but it was cool at the time...

Anyway - the lyrics speak volumes to me and might do with you too. I love the 'World is My Oyster' and 'Shooting Stars Never Stop' lines and as Frankie says 'Life goes on day after day' does and you have to get through it and a lot of the time it isn't an easy journey I know BUT...


'The World is YOUR Oyster'. 

It's a phrase we all know but we all seem to ignore or forget in the white noise of our everyday lives. I've spoken to a couple of clients today who are outperforming their goals but are being distracted by things that simply don't matter and are counter-productive to what they are trying to achieve both in the short and long term. 

A lot of what I teach folk isn't about's more about self-sufficiency. Or more simply put, how to look after yourself, become more confident and let your self-esteem shine out.

Please let it SHINE guys!!!

The World we live in is a marvellous and juicy Oyster with the biggest brightest Pearl you could ever imagine. The thing is we lose sight of the big picture and get caught up in a world of corrosive thoughts (both ours and of those around us) which limit our horizons and imagination.

There's nothing better than being the person you've always wanted to be. That person is already in you so isn't it time to make your mark?

You tell me...

Friday, 9 October 2015

Definitive Gaze - Magazine

Lyric:- 'I've got this bird's eye view' - Devoto

Song Choice - From the brilliant 1978 album 'Real Life' released in June of that year smack bang in the middle of my 'O' levels (yep the exams just like GCSE's but 10x harder back then.

I chose the song as one of my old school mates had posted a photo of the school cricket team with me in it looking VERY young from a long weekend where I took a couple of exams, went to my first live gig at Knebworth, watched the World Cup Football Final and discovered beer.

Now I'm not sure if it was an introduction to 'Real Life' in 1978 and thinking about it, well of course it wasn't - It was however the start of a wide-eyed young man's transition from child to adulthood.

That process has taken what seems to be a lifetime since then with a lot of water flowing under that old bridge of mine. It hasn't necessarily made me a better person but it has given me a bucket load of experience, both good and bad across a wide range of life situations and subjects.

Now,  I'm not sure whether you'll get what I'm saying next or even if I can convey my thoughts to you or even if those thoughts have been correctly formulated but on the majority of things I feel I've achieved clarity...What I mean is that some things are REALLY clear when maybe they didn't used to be. A lot of life's BS seems to have disappeared recently and sometimes it feels like I'm alone in seeing things for what they really are. Some might say that I'm really direct or might come across as 'my way or the highway' but I'm not really - I just see things as they really are.

Does that sound bonkers? For instance, when I started running and making a complete life-change in 1994, everyone I knew thought I'd lost the plot - 20 years on it seems everyone wants to run an ultra-adventure, clean up their act and be the person they've always aspired to be.

It's Crystal Clear to me...It's the art of sticking out, the ability to change and not reinvent the wheel . It makes for a more simplistic life that I'm keen to develop and share with those I meet.

If you think I'm speaking a foreign language please let me know - if it all sounds familiar and like me you are nailing jelly to the wall sometimes trying to explain to folk just how easy it can be to turn your life around, please let me know. I

It would be great to meet a kindred spirit and to know I'm not alone in my funny old world where I live...

More tomorrow :-)

Rory Coleman - 933 Marathons - 235 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

No Way Out - The Tubes

Lyric:- 'Feels like I'm glued to my seat, I try to crawl through the door, Feels like I'm nailed to the floor - Spooner/Steen/Prince/Welnick/Cotten/Anderson/Waybill/Styles

Song Choice:- From the amazing Tubes who were THE band to go and see in 1978-9, which I did as a wide eyed 17 year old (very wide eyed indeed) as they were 'tied for the number live band in the world' if you have the album. Anyway, if you listen in for yourself here - you'll see hear what I mean and I'll know what you'll say about it sounding dated but try and remember the world back then. A transistorised simple pre-computer world - I mean it was all shoulder-pads and just look at the TV we sat for hours goggle-boxing - Blankety Blank, The Paul Daniels Magic Show & Terry and June no wonder The Tubes were such an eye-opener. 

Just shows you how times and things and opinions can change in just a generation.

Then again, it doesn't necessarily take a generation to change, we ARE the change and it can take just a moment to do so WE are the only ones who can alter OUR opinion and OUR outlook on the world we live in...and for GOOD if we want to.

As a facilitator of this change for many of my clients - it's amazing how many people I meet SAY they want to change their life, run faster, cross deserts, stop drinking, lose weight etc. but at the moment they need to jump lose their nerve and make conundrums of excuses about why they can't take the leap of faith that will take them to a better life and lifestyle.

Yep, it's scary but actually it's liberating - take it from someone who is liberated and can be your liberator.

It's the toughest part of my job and the hardest part to take sometimes as it's those folk that I enjoy coaching the most. Some might say that I'm intimidating, I'm not, I've just done a bit of running and thrown everything I've got into making the most of out of my time on this planet, well I hope so anyway and want to keep doing so for as long as I can.

I feel it's very positive thing in what can be a very negative and depressing world.

Look, if you think the same and are reading this and want to change your world and have been thinking about it but making excuses, then maybe it's time to 'Struggle out of your Trance' as The Tubes put it...

You never know, you might enjoy the ride...

Pick up the phone or drop me an email - what's there to lose...

More tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

99 Red Balloons - Nena

Lyric:- 'Everyone's a Superhero, Everyone's a Captain Kirk'

Song Choice:- It drove me mad back in 1999 but it's a song about 'balloons' which has been the subject of many a chat with clients and associates during the past couple of days.

Why the balloons? Well it's a good analogy for lots of folk as they train, achieve and then get downhearted as something unexpected comes along and bursts their training balloon.

It really has cropped up a lot over the last few days...It becomes prevalent in the days leading up to major races as folk question their training investment and against their predicted finishing time.

The magic word of course is 'Confidence' and we are told that 'Success' breeds it...only it seems a bit of a Chicken and Egg situation if you think about it and what really breeds 'Success' in my opinion is 'Self-Esteem'.

I spend a lot of my time doing just that for other people. It leads to some strange concepts and today I've even asked one of my clients to race clean shaven to sharpen up his Cardiff Half as HIS 'Self-Esteem' doesn't match MY thoughts about him.

He's far a far better runner than he thinks and a really lovely person too with some wonderful personal qualities. Having already moved mountains in 8 weeks, hopefully a successful race will only inflate his balloon more and inflate his self-esteem to the correct pressure and not pop his 'Confidence'.

How's your Balloon?

Still puffing away trying to inflate it, or does it burst as soon as something starts going right for once!

More tomorrow...