Sunday, 31 January 2016

Revolution - The Cult

Lyric:- 'What does revolution mean to you? To say today's like wishing in the wind' - Irvine & Simone

Song Choice:- I wanted a 'Song of Revolution' for today's blog and what could be better than the 1985 classic 'Revolution',from 'The Cult' - see what you think here.

Ok it's a bit dated but I still love it anyway and as #DryJanuary comes to an end, it's for you now decide to maintain or dissolve your 'Alcohol-Free Revolution'. My answer of course it to stay booze-free and fight!

* Fight any Negativity
* Fight Anyone that tries to undermine your Revolution
* Fight your Inner Demons
* Fight For Your Life...

If you do, I guarantee you'll only enjoy life more, I promise you that...and everyone I've coached to ‘Alcohol-Free Utopia' will know just where I'm coming from.

So why not join the Revolution and ‘Set your Rainbow's Free'...

You’d be daft not to and you know you want just give me a call.


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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sheep - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'Meek and obedient you follow the leader' - Waters

Song Choice:- Another brilliant offering from the ever vitriolic Roger Waters and a track that encompasses all the reasons why I'm never one to be called a 'Sheep' and follow the leader...

On day 30, yes 30 of #DryJanuary are you going to yield to all the idiots that have ribbed and chastised you over the past month for living alcohol-free, and go back to letting the booze organise your life?

I have yet to meet anyone who has said it was great to have an Alcohol Addiction but endless amounts of folk whom are addicts that are in total denial about being trapped in a lifestyle where they fail to function unless they've had a slug of something to get their day going, or in the mood...

Well what are you going to do your Sheep-i-nesses?

Rejoin the Flock and get your head down, harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away being only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air?

I say, that if you aren't sure have some more time-out. It won't hurt and it might save you in the long run. As waters says, 'Make sure you get out of the road if you want to grow old'.

More tomorrow...

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Rory Coleman - 961 Marathons - 239 Ultras

12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8060 Days' Alcohol Free.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Heaven and Hell - Sabbath

Lyric:- 'Throw me a penny and I'll make you a dream' - Butler, Dio, Iommi & Ward

Song Choice:- I love a bit of Black Sabbath when I'm running and this track from the 1980 album of the same name is still so fresh with some amazing singing from the legendary Ronnie James Dio. Take a look here.

Anyway, over my last two days of Marathon des Sables Marathon Training, I've been reminded just how difficult it can be for some folk to get through their time on Planet Earth and yet have retained a very calm and warm outlook on life. A real 'Heaven and Hell' of an existence. Then again, I think it might be for all of us and that's why we get this urge to run across deserts and give ourselves a proverbial kick up the arse to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

I'll find out if my theory has any weight to it today with another 26.2 miles around the block with yet another MdS Wannabe and I will report back on my findings...

All you need to do is to 'Throw me a Penny and I'll make you a dream'.

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Rory Coleman - 960 Marathons - 239 Ultras

12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8059 Days' Alcohol Free.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Reaching Out - Kate Bush

Lyric:- 'Reaching out for the Hand' - Bush

Song Choice:- Well, I'm coming up to the end of my month of #DryJanuary blogs and I'm feeling pretty emotional right now about how I feel after all these years of abstinence. Listening in the dark to Kate's amazing music and lyrics simply takes my breath away and makes my heart pound with its sheer brilliance.

The music is so clever and so alive. It makes me feel full of the joys of living and I'm a very lucky man to still be here enjoying everything life it has to throw my way.

Like I've said so many times before, I'm certainly not perfect and have many faults but I feel blessed I can hold my hand out and offer help to those whom are getting lost along life's way.

'Reaching Out' gets me thinking about so many different things and gives me an overwhelming feeling of 'Hope'...which sometimes is all you need.

Thanks Kate...

Rory Coleman - 960 Marathons - 239 Ultras

12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8058 Days' Alcohol Free.

Location: Cardiff

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

By this River - Brian Eno

Lyric:- 'Underneath a sky that's ever falling down' - Eno

Song Choice:- I bought Eno's 'Before and After Science' Album when it came out in 1978 and I'll admit that I wasn't probably old enough to appreciate it's depth and meaning if I'm being honest but I do remember listening to it when I was at my absolute rock bottom a few year's later on.

There comes a moment when the Sky really feels like it's falling down and if you've suffered depression you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. If you listen to the Eno album, you'll probably see how it didn't brighten my mood. But then again, nothing would have at the time.

It takes a huge amount of effort to drag yourself out of the depths and if you are 27 days into your #DryJanuary and if are already thinking about that first drink with dripping lips and know that even though you've been dry for a month, you'll soon be back to your old tricks, well I say 'What the fuck are you thinking about?

Now if that's you, it's time to break free and start the long climb out of booze-hell to happiness.

Best place is to get some fresh air and get rid of all your Brian Eno Albums, well for the time being anyway!

More Tomorrow...

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Location: Cardiff

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Parallels - Yes

Lyric:- 'When you've tried most everything and nothing's taking you higher.
When you come to realize, you've been playing with fire'. - Squire

Song Choice:- One of my favourites of the 'Yes' guys and take a listen for yourself here  and see just what you've been missing since 1977. Sadly no longer with us, Bass Player, Chris Squire's lyrics are just brilliantly AWESOME and really get me thinking about my own inspiration and direction and 'Parallels'.

I've interspersed some of the lyrics into today's blog and expanded on what they mean to me.

'Hear me when I say to you, it's really down to your heart'.
And how right he is...I'm sometimes employed by folk who's heart just isn't into the training. It's in your heart if you want to be better at what you do. I can't do that for you and I know I'm good, but I ain't that bloody good!

'It's the beginning of a new love in sight'.
It sure is Mr Squire, a whole new 'love affair' with life itself, I would say.

'You've got the way to make it all happen'.
Yep, everyone's got it, not many use it or ever to the full. 'Make it Happen' - it's a simple motto. My friend, C Scott Ragsdale swears by it!

'Create a new dimension'.
Find an area where you find you can shine - that's the real nuts and bolts of it for me as I'm not one to fit in with the crowd.

'When we are winning we can stop and shout'
That's the easy bit - everyone's your friend when it's good and no one listens when it's all going 'Tits-up', but that's the time to battle on in my experience.

'Making love towards perfection'.
Just a juicy line...When it's right - it's right. Not every time but enough to keep you trying. How's your Perfection, or Love Making for that matter?

'I've been all around the world and seen so many faces'.
And if you can do ALL the above you can go to some amazing places, meet incredible people and do marvellous things for those you meet and of course yourself.

There's a 'Parallel You' in there somewhere...Why don't you use it, go on 'STOP AND SHOUT!'

More tomorrow...

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Rory Coleman - 958 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8056 Days' Alcohol Free.

Location: Cardiff

Monday, 25 January 2016

Extreme Ways - Moby

Lyric:- 'There's always room in life for this' - Moby

Song Choice:- I watched a couple of Bourne's over the weekend, and they are the only movies where I sit through credits just to hear this Moby track. It finishes off the whole 'action-movie' escapism bit just perfectly for me, every time.

Like me and if you love this Matt Damon trilogy of films and the more recent Bond movies, you'll  enjoy the 'Extreme' feel to them and if you are a bloke, in your heart of hearts, I bet you'd like to be a bit like Bourne or in fact Bond...You know the kinda guy that gets the girl, fights off the villain and saves the world, all in a 90 minute film.

The thing is guys, we're all a bit you know...

Well 'Extreme' that is, in our own ways. OK we're not saving the world with a Bond Beauty in tow but we all push the boundaries of our lives in at least one area. It's where we choose to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. It's important.

OK, it's whatever floats your boat and whether you are into sports cars or post endlessly on FB about your dog (you know whom you are) it's your 'Extreme' and it's up to you on how you get through life.

Let's face it, life should be fun...It's when that 'Extreme' becomes a chore or when it's not good for you that it starts to become a very negative influence on your life and mindset. For instance, if running became a chore for me (like it has done for some folk I meet, clocking up their 100 marathons) then I'd stop, what would be the point? If drinking wine's been your thing and then you become addicted to it, then it's also time to think about stopping that too.

Maybe it's time to take stock of your 'Extremes' and see if they are a positive or negative influences on your day-to-day existence. Maybe you have to watch a bit of Bourne and listen to a bit of Moby to start your thinking process off as 'There's always room in life for this, Oh Baby'...

More tomorrow.

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Rory Coleman - 958 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8055 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

Sunday, 24 January 2016

In the Still of the Night - Whitesnake

Lyric:- 'In the Still of the Night, I feel my heart beating heavy, Telling me I gotta have more' - Marsden & Coverdale

Song Choice:- I just love the pomposity and pure 'Spinal Tap' appeal of this song. The video is priceless and I wouldn't be surprised if the guys had minor back and hip problems following all this hip thrusting. I do love the middle eight including the ridiculous violin bow work on the guitar - My the 80's were great! Even I had big hair at one stage...

Anyway, the video features Coverdale's ex-wife Tawny Kitten, whom at the time was considered by all the printers I worked with, to be a real babe and how right they were. 

From a very skinny model in Whitesnakes 'Is this Love' video, a lifestyle of drink, drugs and excess helped turn her into what you can see here. 

What a waste...Tawny's and other such stories always make me think long and hard about the things in life we are addicted to and how lucky I am to have given up drinking alcohol all those years ago. Hopefully this period of abstinence is doing the same.

Then again, if you've mastered #DryJanuary how about trying #NoOverdraftFebruary, #NoCreditCardSpending March and my favourite #NoSalt&VinegarCrispsApril - you might find these a lot tougher than booze and you might find out you can clean up more areas of your life than you thought you could, just by owning up to them being an issue.

You can do it even on the hardest of things you love...I can taste Salt & Vinegar Crisps if I think about them and it's six years since I had a bag...Oh my. I only gave them up to see if I could!
But have think eh? What is your Achilles Heel? Booze? Drugs? Shopping? or just saying 'No' when it's on offer? Maybe is just someone in your life, telling or allowing you to be an addict?

Maybe in the 'Still of the Night' you might consider the question as that's where I find I do my best thinking - Do you?

More tomorrow...

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Rory Coleman - 958 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8054 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Shaking the Tree (Live) - Sir Peter of Gabriel

Lyric:- 'Turning the tide, you are on the incoming wave' - Gabriel & N'Dour

Song Choice:- My favourite Gabriel Track EVER provides a briilaint lyric for today's blog.

The Live version is the best in my opinion as it has the amazing Paula Cole on lead vocals with Gabriel it gets me every time.

Now on a much brighter day here in Cardiff, with the sunshine warming up the Daffodil's almost long enough to flower, here's a question for you.

Do you feel like you are getting anywhere this year?

Four weeks post Christmas and three weeks post New Year, has January been at all kind to you yet? Have you made any improvements to your day to day living, that will make the rest of the year or from there to eternity a whole lot easier. Are you waiting for the never-ending 'Five Week Pay Day' that will enable you to live more like a King and less like a Monk or Nun? Are you waiting to get your teeth around a glass of your favourite tipple.

Yikes, January is a bugger of a time to go dry!

Now in my case, it took me three weeks and to decide I didn't need Alcohol in my life anymore. Well that AND a whole lot of other things...and that's what can do too. Being straight helps you see things in the 'Cold light of Day' and make more sensible and strategised decisions.

What are you thinking now about right now? Has the tide turned and are you starting to ride the incoming wave?

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Rory Coleman - 958 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8053 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Caerdydd

Friday, 22 January 2016

F.E.A.R - ortoPilot

Lyric:- 'Finding Eternity Arouses Reaction' - Brown, Colquhoun & McCraken

Song Choice:- I prefer the ortoPilot version over the original rather depressing Brown version but you takes your choice. Personally I think it's such a clever song lyrically using the FEAR acronym all the way though for the lyrics. Ok you do get some rather dodgy lines, as above, but even still they do get me thinking out on my long runs about why some things in life can be SO SCARY.

Like I'm sure that if I found eternity, it would arouse reaction in me as in essence maybe that's where I'm mentally heading.

I'm not trying to move mountains anymore I'm now in the stage of my life where I know what I'm good at and I want to do it for as long as I possibly can before I'm rolled out every afternoon from the old peoples' home to have a kip in the fresh air before my nappy needs changing.

Boy I'm going to be a terrible older person...

Anyway, before then I've got to keep on loving what I'm loving, enjoying the breathing in every last drop of life I can get as you never know just what's around the corner.

FEAR stops us from doing so much and I have some new lyrics for Mr.Brown as I believe this world of ours is full of folk telling you what to do and when to do it.

How about 'Fuck Everyone And Relax'...try that in your cuppa and hopefully it help you out of the last few days of #DryJanuary into infinity and beyond:-)

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Rory Coleman - 958 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8052 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Caerdydd

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles

Lyric:- 'Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream' - Lennon & McCartney

Song Choice:- Off my favourite Beatles album 'Revolver' (mainly as my first Boss played it every day in my first job in back in 1983) I always liked the sound of the tape loops used to get the back masking of the sound effects that give it the 'LSD' tripping feel that Lennon so wanted to produce.

Back in 1966, he and lots of other young people were searching for what life was all about. They didn't want to be like their parents, they didn't want to be old before their time. The world was an exciting place and they wanted to explore a whole new world of experiences. I can understand how they felt and didn't feel the need for 'LSD' to help me get to the apocalyptic moment where the world became that psychedelic place where I could feel at one with myself.

I'm not sure if they ever reached that moment, it just opened up a whole world of addiction, psychological problems, paranoia and as an impressionable young man I decided early on the '27 Club' really wasn't for me.

There is a moment though when you realise that although you're not an A, B or C Class Drug user, you are intact using one of the most addictive chemicals to get you through each day of your life that 'Turns off your mind, relaxes and helps that float down stream'.

And it's so fucking easy to get caught up in the daily ritual of getting anaesthetised by booze as life ain't what we want it to be.

And as we get into the last 10 days of #DryJanuary you can now decide if you are going to go back to being a drug addict...OK it sounds harsh but if you've found just three weeks of abstinence hard - you've got a REAL Alcohol problem.

You can 'Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream', without booze you know.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Money - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'Four star daydream' - Waters

Song Choice:- A Floyd classic and it's another vitriolic slash at life in a band in the early 70's.

The funny thing is, it still rings true some forty years later with folk still living beyond their means and being tied firmly to the work treadmill trying to earn what they spend.

Now if you are still #DryJanuary then you'll already be £120 better off if you are a one bottler and in a year you could be up nearly £2k. From what I gather this is the average credit card debt and well over the bank overdraft limit for most folk. Eradicating this is so liberating and a lot easier when Dr. Booze isn't there to tempt you.

Apart from your mortgage, work out how much debt you've got and divide it by £6. That's how many bottles you DON'T need to drink to make it all go away.

A sobering thought!

Maybe one to consider and carry on doing until it's clear that drinking isn't good for your wallet?

Rory Coleman - 957 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8050 Days' Alcohol Free.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Feeling a Moment - Feeder

Lyric: 'Feeling the moment slip away, Losing direction, you're loosing faith' - Nicholas

Song Choice:- A great song from Feeder (whatever happened to them eh?)...Proper Welsh too - from Casnewydd (that's Newport to you). See if you remember them for yourself here. 2005 seems a long time ago somehow!

Now I know I go on lots about 'Living the Moment' but what happens when the 'Moment' has gone? The lyrics of this song continue 'Feeling it all begin to slide', and that's the bit where the alarm bells start to ring for me. The thing is I've witnessed this 'slide' many times with my clients post major running events and have even felt the effects of this 'Post Traumatic Race Disorder' myself. After running London-Lisbon in 2004 it left me in quite a slump I can tell you...

The euphoria of being outside of one's comfort zone, living the dream, feeling the moment, tasting the success and celebrating the journey only has a certain shelf life..believe me. 

I've found out it's how you continue to live your life trying not to revert to type that takes the effort.

With this in mind and with less than two weeks 'til the end of #DryJanuary it will be too easy to just slip a few drinks in here and there every day and before you know it, you'll be back on the Booze Express and all the hard work of abstention will be forgotten.

What steps are you going to put in place to stop this happening?

Maybe it's time to think about this before it happens...

More tomorrow.

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Rory Coleman - 956 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8047 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

Monday, 18 January 2016

Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'I don't need no drugs to calm me, I have seen the writing on the wall, don't think I need anything at all' - Waters

Song Choice:- Well I bought this on release way back in 1979 and I've always loved Waters venomous singing and the brilliant Gilmour guitar chords. There's a real defiance in this 1 minute 14 second track and it sums up the whole #DryJanuary feel quite nicely ofr me.

You see the whole thing isn't about the 31 day #DryJanuary journey, it's about what happens in 13 days time when #GetPissedFebruary turns up and slaps you firmly in the liver. Valentine's Day is somehow another day that requires copious amounts of alcohol to give folk the Dutch Courage needed to open their hearts to the other sex and before you know it you are back in the groove, keeping your local Off-Licence in business.

The best bit is you can change that RIGHT NOW as you can alter the last day of your #DryJanuary and make it, well the 12th Never if you want to. Why, well you just don't need to put an end date on it do you? Just keep on going until maybe there's a real need ofr a drink, like a wedding or christening or special anniversary.

Then again, no anniversary will ever be as important! Believe me...

More tomorrow...

Rory Coleman - 956 Marathons - 239 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8048 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: Cardiff

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Rocket - Def Leppard

Lyric:- 'I can take you thru the centre of the dark' - Elliott, Collen, Clark, Savage & Lange

Song Choice:- Well here's an uplifting number for a Sunday from the Sheffield Rockers from 1989! They were always one of my favoured bands although I didn't ever bother to go and see them as Joe Elliot, I thought, was always a trifle flat live. Anyway some genial work from producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange pitched him a little higher and  produced the vinyl magic which sounds a little ACDC and Shania in places as he produced for them too, anyway that's my Qi done for the day...and on with the blog.

So what about the Rocket?

Well with 17/31 days of #DryJanuary complete and just 14 to go, I just wonder how much fuel is still left in your tank to keep you up in 'Sobriety Orbit'? You see it's far too easy to blow all your pent up enthusiasm on the launch pad, especially if those around you are grabbing at your heels holding you back. Most of your energy is spent clearing the launch pad and now you're in orbit, please look down at the world below you and consider where you're going and where you've come from.

My questions for you are:- Are you just going to escape your world for a low level orbit to return back to your old world of booze? or, are you going to keep on travelling out into space, into an ever expanding universe ready to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations and to boldly go where no alcohol is ever needed again?

I'm just passing by Pluto and out of our Galaxy into a whole new world, are you?

More tomorrow.

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Rory Coleman - 956 Marathons - 239 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8047 Days' Alcohol Free.

Location: Cardiff

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Fly - U2

Lyric:- It's no secret ambition bites the nails of success - Clayton, Evans, Houston & Mullen Jr

Song Choice:- I played this to death in 1991 and the above lyric has a twisty irony about it which I love and for the U2 statisticians out there, it entered the UK Charts at number one on 12th October, ending the 16 week dreadful Brian Adams 'Everything I do, I do it for you' toe-curler. How on earth did that ever stay up there that long eh?

Anyway, back to the Fly and it has lots of bitter sweet lyrics and it's the 'Fly or Fall' thing I'd like to write about here today.

You see it's so easy to stay up there perched on high clinging to your funny old existence, doing the same old things day in, day out getting nowhere fast. The things that keeps us clinging there is the risk of failure, embarrassment or falling down into an unknown hell.

If  you ever been in a job you hate, find another and then discover you hate it even more than the first, you'll know what I mean,  I've heard this take many times over.

The thing is whether it's your decision or your HR Department's you have to embrace the opportunity and make the most of your fall. You might actually enjoy it AND have a mind expanding experience along the way. I had this a few times and always come out feeling like I'm better off. But then again, I enjoy a good know where you stand with a good one I've found.

More tomorrow...and btw I flew today at Country to Capital, 1 second quicker than my good friend Richard Davies, talk about out dipping for the tape after 8hrs 22mins!

Rory Coleman - 956 Marathons - 239 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 8046 Days' Alcohol Free.
Location: London

Friday, 15 January 2016

Heart and Soul - T'Pau

Lyric:- 'There's never any room to Breathe' - Decker & Rogers

Song Choice:- I always liked a bit of 'Heart and Soul' from the Shropshire Based band T'Pau and if I'm honest I was a bit taken with Carol Decker and all that red hair but this is a great song with some great lyrics in it's own right. Have a look for yourself here.

Anyway, forgetting the Top-Totty Singing for a moment, there's nothing like putting a lot of Heart and Soul into something in my book and if I'm battering your senses with my #DryJanuary Blogs (its a bit of tough 5hit 'til Feb) all I can say is that they are working in  helping folk stay DRY in 2016...

Here's just one person they've helped. One of my Friends messengered me to say that they were 13 days dry. We've known each other for some time and this person is a lovely, kind, fun person who has struggled at times with booze. We've done some work coaching work together and it's been a bit hit and miss as it's not an easy path to sobriety and I don't believe at the time he was ready.

But for them to contact me, and tell me so proudly that they've cracked it - Well I'd type these ramblings for a year just for that one message.

I'm so proud they've found some 'Room to Breathe'...

More tomorrow folks and keep up the good work :-)

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Rory Coleman - 955 Marathons - 238 Ultras
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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Stand Up and Shout - The Tubes (Live)

Lyrics:- When you get to thinking things you never thought before, then you'll know, without a doubt, Come on and stand up and shout! - Trainer & Condello

Song Choice:- Well it's the best 'Double Live' Album EVER and I was lucky enough to see them when I was 17 back in '79 supported by Squeeze on their 'Cool for Cats' tour at the Hammersmith Apollo. Take a look for yourself here and yes it was all a bit wierd - Wow I rocked back then!

Anyway, as you can see in today's clip, today is all about finding one's voice as so often we feel we want to 'Stand up and Shout', but because we're so darned British, erm..we don't. You see, it's never bothered me too much, especially in the more recent of my years as I don't really worry too much about standing out from the crowd and making myself heard.

It's amazing how folk get tied up in knots at the thought of public speaking, arguing their case when they've received poor service or put up with hardship and bullying both at work or at home rather than voice their opposition.

How many times have you said in a restaurant when asked 'Is everything ok with your meal?' have you said 'Well actually this Steak is tougher then one of my trainers!' or at the hairdressers had the from behind mirror treatment, saying 'That's great thanks', or had a super-expensive hair styling and blow drying (not me of course) only to go and whack a hat on or rough it up immediately afterwards because you think you look like Dame Edna.

Aren't we a bit all bonkers?

So that's why today you need to find your voice, Stand Up and Shout out to the World - especially if you are on Day 14 of #DryJanuary.

More tomorrow folks and keep up the good work :-)

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