Monday, 19 August 2019

If things were perfect - Moby

Who are you kidding?
Give me Summer…
I’d go for it being Summer everyday wouldn’t you? Nothing’s better than long hot Summer days with their light evenings and being out there footloose and fancy free running through cornfields and along dry mountain trails. Only life’s not really like that is it? Well it can be but not for long in my experience, yet it’s what I dream of on those dark Winter Days when the World’s hibernating and it feels like and there’s an eternity ahead until the clocks go forward once more.

Come clean, there's no sun yet…
If only things were perfect eh? But as we know they’re far from it aren’t they? We all know it yet Social Media projects a false and perfect world where everyone it would appear is achieving goal after goal and generally having a much better time of it than you are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty as the next person of projecting this perfect person/perfect world existence, as I never broadcast the inner negativity that exists in my world. Because it does exist and you’d be a fool not to realise that - only we’re fooled by the vast amount of propaganda that’s posted by one and all. After a while it just glosses over me if I’m being honest, is it like that for you too?

I can't speak, I can't hear, but I know I'm real…

So, maybe there’s a better way of living your life and becoming your own success story. One that’s SO good, you don’t want to share it with anyone. A true delight that only you can enjoy. One where you are your own superstar and that you don’t need ‘liking’ or any congratulatory ‘comments’ about. One so good you could delete your FB page forever and one where you could wallow in a sea of self-satisfaction without the need for anyone else to acknowledge. Is it really possible?

The darkest lights before the dawn…

I meet folk all the time that would benefit from a simple ‘time out’ from appearing to be ‘Perfect’. Life’s not Sunshine every day is it? But even in the middle of Winter, there are days when you can feel the warm rays of sun on your skin that give you hope and promise that the Summer will come again - and it always does. It always will if you let it in. Some of my best times have followed some pretty dark periods in my life, and there’s always hope and always light at the end of the tunnel if you are prepared to be patient and be honest with yourself. Why not surprise yourself and set a few very private challenges or goals that you and only you will ever know about - you know the ones that have been weighing on your mind for a long time now?

The ones that if life were perfect, wouldn’t exist…and the ones you certainly would broadcast on Social Media. I mean just how perfect are you? I’m certainly not.

If you want to feel better about yourself, I'm here to help you find the real you...not create you.

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