Thursday, 6 December 2018

Design for Life - Manic Street Preachers

I have at three clients at the moment that I believe can represent their country at marathon and ultra-marathon distances, and together we are working hard on their levels of fitness and endurance to make 2019, their year. We are using technology to measure heart-rate, training efficiency and VO2 Max. We are also looking at marginal gains in making seconds saved into minutes off PBs primarily looking at their Power-to-Weight Ratio.

Part of that process is to look at how much they weigh and try and reduce the loading by using the right nutrition to strip excess body fat whilst maintaining muscle strength as every kilo of body-weight lost represents two minutes saved over 42.2km - totally FREE. As a marginal gain, it’s the most very effective way of cutting race times and a concept that any athlete can easily engage with, especially when they start to see their results improving.

I’ve been using this technique to get the most out of my athlete’s performances with great success for over 10 years’ now. Any shift towards a lower but healthy BMI above 18 is a good goal to have in place.

Over the past couple of years’, I’ve used the same weightloss technique (ULTRAdiet) to work with people that aren’t necessarily athletes but are wanting to improve their health and well-being - both physically and mentally. Stripping excess body weight, changing lifestyle habits and in some cases potentially extending lifespans and saving major heart and health related complications has been the aim. In an ever-expanding population, the upper limit is an initial client meeting has a whopping BMI of 65 but with weight losses of up to 47kgs (7.4 stones - 103.8lbs) the results speak for themselves. The average weightloss of any of my clients’, athlete or not is 10.6kgs - (1.6St - 23.5lbs). A significant amount that has a plainly visible effect.

In fact, the seven stone loss took just over 200 days - less than seven months to undergo the ultimate life-laundry, eradicate unwanted behavioural traits, set new targets and life-goals with a fresh self-image and confidence. Things that were previously thought impossible.

But then, the impossible is always possible. Well, that’s what I believe and it’s only the limit we impose on ourselves that confines and defines us.

I see potential in everyone - I see potential in people that can’t recognize their own potential. A gift of speed, endurance or strength of mind that’s been previously untapped. Having coached my wife Jenny to represent Team GB at 24hrs & 100km, to the Length of Ireland Guinness World Record and a sub three-hour marathon PB, I know what it will take for my international hopefuls to achieve greatness - and when they do, it will be super-rewarding.

The results that my dietary changes and thought processes make that drive people on to lose weight is super-rewarding for me too and being let into folks rivate worlds is a privilege and only drives me on personally develop my own ability to help more people become ‘Awesome’ rather than ‘Average’.

Our ULTRAdiet plays a major part in making those future plans happen. Developing strategies to avoid poor food choices, encourages folk on a daily, in some cases hourly basis to maintain a clear focus towards their goal - providing that support is my specialty.

So, ask yourself…

Looking ahead - How do you see yourself at the end of 2019? Exactly where are you in your life-plan? Do you even have a life-plan? - In December 2019, do you see a new, improved you? Happier, healthier and having matched up to your own inner abilities?

If you don’t know and you want to find thatperson, well you know where I am - And I’m here to help, just give me a call - it could be the most important call you’ll ever make.

It’s time to change the Inner You.

1,029 Lifetime Marathons, 250 ULTRA-marathons9 Guinness World Records & 15 Marathon des Sables

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