Thursday, 6 April 2017

Let in the Sun - Take That

13 becomes 14...
Song Choice:- I wasn't going to write another blog before the Marathon des Sables but I heard this 'Take That' song and got that lump in the throat, welling up eyes feeling you get when you realise something big is about to happen.

I've always thought Gary Barlow's voice is amazing and if you listen now before reading on, you might understand where I'm coming from. I won't wax for too long in this blog but it's just a short piece on how I feel about where I am today.

Lyrics:- 'You've found yourself alone in a room, total devastation. In the darkness you must enter the code and crack the combination all on your own'.

'Pick yourself up and search for the light, hungry for a new start. It's your chance now to stand up and fight take the next step now a day at a time'.

Good grief, these lyrics could have been written for me and they bookend a very challenging life passage that's taking me on a very personal journey of rediscovery. Hopefully, the race will provide some space to take it all in and 'Feel the air and breathe it in', and 'Feel the warmth of the Sun' on my skin. 

My feelings today are simply overwhelming as the pleasure of being able to run in the desert was so nearly taken away from me.

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