Sunday, 30 April 2017

Time - The Pink Floyd

Lyrics:- 'Waiting for someone or something to show you the way' - Gilmour, Mason, Waters & Wright

Song Choice:- Taken from their 1973 album 'Dark Side of the Moon', Time's lyrics deal with Bass Player, Roger Waters' realisation that life was not about preparing yourself for what happens next, but about grabbing control of one's own destiny - hmm sound familiar?

I've used this track many times to accompany my blog, and it's a track that encompasses everything 'Pink Floyd' in my opinion - from the heralding quadrophonic chimes, warmth of Wright's vocals, to an amazing Gilmour Solo - it's always spoken volumes to me about the passage of 'Time' and how we 'Fritter' our 'Time' away.

So for once, I'm not going to 'Witter on' about 'Frittering' - I'm going to write about how I see 'Time' and how I don't use mine worrying too much about what other folk are up to with theirs.
You see May Bank Holiday weekend gives everyone in the UK the opportunity for the first 'Time Out' of the year and with light evenings, green trees and a warming sun, lots of folk are out there looking for adventure rather than taking some deep breaths of oxygen before returning to work next Tuesday.
Forgetting our own personal exercise needs, there's the crescendo of Football's Premier League, World Championship Boxing and even another Grand Prix to fall asleep in front of if you need entertain and prefer being an armchair athlete.

I'm more into using the break as a building opportunity and thinking more about recharging my batteries rather than expending what mental 'Kinetic Energy' I might have built up so far in 2017.

It's especially relevant as it's a year tomorrow since I went into hospital and started circling the drain on my GBS Journey.

My next personal development over the next 12 months are now my main-focus...

The lyrics continue to say, 'The time is gone' and how right that is as we can't wind back the clock. However, I believe that the best times are still to come and if you only look up from the grindstone you too can see the bigger picture. What might appear to be an impossible journey of self-development is actually only one step away and any mountain can be climbed. Literally...

You just have to get up and run before that sun sets... and not just talk about it as that gets you nowhere fast but you know that anyway.

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