Sunday, 31 July 2016

New Life - Depeche Mode

This way...
Lyric: - 'Operating, generating, new life, new life' - Clarke

Song Choice - A brilliant song from the 'Boys from Essex' and Vince Clarke at his writing best, with this 1981 classic. If you've forgotten the track, take a look at a very old 'Top of the Pops' here which accompanies today's special blog - just perfectly.

The birth of a new child brings with it a spectrum of emotions and fresh hope. A whole new life ahead. A completely fresh start and a lifetime of learning and experiences lie ahead for Baby Charlie. It's really exciting. I wonder what he'll be like when he's 54. I'm not sure if I'll still be here to find out but I hope he makes the most of his new life that lies ahead of him.

Maybe it will get turned upside down as mine's been, during this past three month.

Maybe it will be rejuvenated by witnessing a 'New Life' entering one's world.

Or Maybe it will be refreshed by the realisation that sometimes it's ok for one's to be out of control and still be OK.

OK? Yes, it's OK really. In April when I was originally unwell with GBS my world felt like it was crumbling before my very eyes. The perfect 'Wall of Life' I'd built around me was falling faster than I could rebuild it and of course it came tumbling all round me. A real-life disaster movie with a headless chicken in the lead role, what a nightmare. The feeling of being out of control is something I'll never forget as well as the fight it created within me. 

And Boy did I fight...and got nowhere.

Then again, when one's world is going up in smoke in front of you, what are you expected to do?

Three months on, and the Wall is slowly being rebuilt to a fresh design with a firmer foundation and of course, hopefully twice as strong. The good news is that psychologically I've accepted that the old me is a thing of the past and I'm only looking forward to 'New Life' just like I will for Charlie. A further boost will happen later in the week when I'm moving to a smaller hospital in nearby Llandaff. There I'm going to get even more intense physiotherapy which will hopefully see me walk unaided yet. I've just got to the standing stage...
Finally Standing...
Don't ask me how long it's going to take, as nobody knows. It's going to take as long as it takes is the only answer I've got and on my part this is a good lesson learned.

If you feel your wall is falling down around you, you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. If it is don't stand in it's way. Let it fall, plan, rebuild and enjoy your 'New Life'. It might not be as bad as you fear. Take it from an expert.

More tomorrow.

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