Monday, 16 June 2014

Always in my head - Coldplay

'I haven't slept' - Martin, Berryman, Buckland, & Champion

Feels like I've been awake for days! It must be the light mornings and the early starts including a crack of dawn start to get to the Littledown Marathon yesterday down near Bournemouth.

Not one of the UK's biggest races but certainly one of the friendliest and if you think 26 laps of a grassed park including a cricket pitch is easy, then think again, it's a complete leg sappper. I beat my 4 hour target by a mere 50 seconds in the end and have some very sore adductor muscles today from pushing it hard up the long slopes on the last few laps.

I was chuffed though and I beat last year's time by 8 minutes! Yes, there's life in the old dog yet. Better be as Friday's the big day for Jenny and Me.

I'm going to have a couple of days off and then get back into a few miles a day to help conquer the pre-marriage nerves.

Until then it's more MdS Coaching for me and some last minute running around.

Happy Days...

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