Saturday, 14 June 2014

In a Lifetime - Clannad

'So the light shines in you, without colour, faded and worn' - Brennan & Brennan

Maybe it's desire that one really needs when it comes to running, especially ULTRA-running, as the hunger and need to compete/complete are a total necessity into having a successful and enjoyable race experience.

When I've raced extremely long races or tried to beat a previous record or time, I've thought about the task in hand for a long time prior to race day and have always had a really clear objective and race plan to work to. Sometimes it's MONTHS...even YEARS.

I'm sure I've enjoyed the pre-race thought process as much as many races. It's a similar feeling to booking a holiday, buying a new car or choosing a Hi-Fi, the wanting is sometimes better than having. 

So in my experience, the desire can be a great adventure too...

For me it's been a life long experience and the desire is still there and I'm always planning for my long road ahead. I know the flames are still burning and the desire is still there...

Do you know where you are going? What fires your desire? Do you know what you really want?

More tomorrow...

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