Thursday, 12 June 2014

Glitterball - Simple Minds

'And I've been captured by imagination' - Kerr & Burchill

Following a good week of running rest and intense Wedding Day planning, I finally got my trainers on and racked up a fast 10km ahead of the Littledown Marathon on Sunday. My 846th and last as a single man!

It felt great as my 10km was just under 50 minutes and during Cardiff rush-hour on an extremely hot afternoon. And it felt really relevant as I've spent so much time this week encouraging all of my MdS Clients to get their bodies and feet in motion, as they've now got less than 300 days to got to race day.

Luckily ALL the folk I've seen so far, will get to the finishing line, IF they continue to follow my training ideals...

I'm going to bash in a few more miles tomorrow, so please watch this space.

Ain't the weather just perfect for running?

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