Monday, 2 June 2014

Games without frontiers - Sir Peter of Gabriel

'It's a knockout' - Gabriel

Did you see the 'Big Fight' on Saturday night? I'm always blown away by the level of commitment that a Boxer has to have to step into the ring, especially in front of 80,000 people and a global TV audience. I wonder if a couple £million softened the blow for George Groves and whether the £8 million payday for Karl Froch satisfied his need for Pugilistic Dominance as his only way now (apart from a dream of fighting in Las Vegas) is sadly downhill as he's reached the high point of his life..

The big match for Froch lies ahead in a bout with 'Neil Armstrong Syndrome', where he will never match up to his current level of athletic prowess...ever again and once you've been to the moon, nothing else ever lives up to the experience. 

I'm sure Karl will dine out for year's on the night he knocked Groves out but unlike us ULTRA-marathoners, his career will be over at age where most people are coming into OUR sport! 

Wouldn't it be sad if we had to retire at 36? I'd only ran 75 marathons by then and I've achieved loads since then and still have some more peaks to climb!

Let's hope Karl puts his wealth to good use and uses his incredible fitness wisely eh? 

Have you reached your peak yet?

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