Friday, 6 June 2014

Life in the Fast Lane - The Eagles

'Eager for action' - Henley

What a busy old week and with 'W' Day just 13 more sleeps away, the latest batch of MdS hopefuls are keeping me SUPER busy.

I has a simply marvellous time with Craig Barnshaw running up the Taff Trail to monstrously steep Garth and onto Llantrisant and back on a wonderfully warm day.

And today's mission has been working with two lovely ladies (Sharon Firmin and Nic McAlpine) both of whom lasted out the gym tests and exercises long enough to get a clear picture of what's needed to prepare for the race. 

Incidentally - they will both finish the race, quite nicely in my opinion.

I've now got a nice weekend off and a chance to catch up on some well earned rest.

How's your MdS/Summer training going?

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