Thursday, 7 April 2016

Allons-y (1) - The Pink Floyd

Photo - by Mark Gillett RIP, will be sadly missed at this year's race...
Song Choice:- Seemed a good fit for Marathon des Sables Eve and tomorrow morning I will flying out to Ouarzazate - So 'Let's Go'...

How well am I prepared this year you ask? Well, the answer will become evident over the next 11 days. I've certainly got the miles in the tank having already bashed out 21 marathons this year, a lot of them in sand too, so really I should be in good shape for what lies ahead.

You see, it doesn't matter how much you train for the MdS, it never feels enough - hopefully that's pre-race nerves talking as there isn't a  guaranteed finisher t-shirt no matter how many times you've  run  it.

You only get out, what you've put in.

Some have already decided not to go and there's a fair few drop-outs from the British Competitors with last minute illness/injuries, work place dramas and pure 'I'm just frightened shitless and can't see myself finishing the race realisations' taking their toll. It's probably a good job as some had done very little training and t's bloody dangerous when folks can get so ill. I worry each year that folk should be encouraged to train more and for longer, qualifying to take part with a list of races to be completed and points like they do with the UTMB would save the race logistics a lot of headaches. 

It's long overdue...and folk are crazy to blow nearly £4k by not going...or going and then getting completely destroyed for months.

Anyway, that's for the organisers to worry about and just my opinion. For the next 11 days, I'm actually on my running holiday, just like all the other people taking part. I'm going to enjoy the peacefulness of the desert, it's massive range of temperature, the fun of folk there and watch the world go past my tent in the million shapes, sizes and colours of the world's toughest footrace - The 31st Marathon des Sables.

My number is #892 and if you get a minute please drop a message out to me on - any form of encouragement, sarcasm and MTFU comments would be most welcome :-)

Rory Coleman
973 Marathons - 240 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8128 Days' Dry

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