Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Inside Out - Phil Collins

Lyric:- 'All of my life I've been searching and hanging on' - Collins

Song Choice:- Well, I've never been a great Collins solo fan, if I'm being honest and he was and always will be that 72 degree part , one fifth of the 'Perfect Genesis Pentangle' for me. However, this song demonstrates all that is good about his songwriting abilities. The live version also has some outstanding drumming from Chester Thompson that you ought to see here well as an amazing Daryl Stuermer guitar solo.

Anyway, this song sums a lot of life's scenarios up for me. I love the hook...the big 'Inside Out' repeat and the massive drum sound that Collins developed over two decades of playing with Genesis; that's the bit bang, that initial hit that gets you hooked and made me want to hear the track over and over again - I do with a lot of tunes that I immediately love and just play them to death you see. 

That's good songwriting IMO and you know instantly when something is right...

The thing is though, you need to get right inside this tune and really listen to the heartbeat of the track to see the real Collins, the fuck off and leave me alone bit. The sad Sax in the middle eight, then euphoric lead guitar solo are so strong yet it's the protest deep within the track that's intriguing.

I like to think of the song as knowing something or someone in Collins case, 'Inside Out' only to find out you don't have a real understanding of it or them at all.

Or maybe, even yourself...

A trip to the desert will work wonders in working that one out no doubt...

More later...

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