Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Tempest - Pendulum

Lyric:- 'Too late, you dropped the drawbridge, You let the vampires in, You caused this shit to happen, and now you want out? - Swire Thompson

Song Choice:- Continuing the Shakespeare theme loosely, Pendulum's 'The Tempest' has some awesome lyrics that encompass my thoughts today. Negativity you see, surrounds us all and it's only too easy to get drawn into it's deep, dark and unforgiving waters. Staying Strong, Determined and Totally One-Goal-Focussed takes a huge amount of bloody-single-mindedness and vision and it's my own 'Myopic Outlook on Life', that I want to share with you in my Blog today.

You see, it's really easy to surround yourself with folk that can deliver perfect negativity without really having to think about it. In our modern day world where everyone has an opinion on just about everything, it's amazing just how much we have to reign ourselves in to fit in with the crowd, when in reality we should just fuck the lot of them and be ourselves.

Yet it's strange that it's those that stand out from the crowd in the public eye that get our real admiration. Recent celebrity deaths have only confirmed such adulation and it makes you wonder why so few folk desire the limelight and so many want desperately to avoid it.

I've enjoyed plenty of limelight during the past 22 years of my running marathons. Making TV Shows, being featured in countless magazines and books has been most flattering but there's always been somewhere to come back to where the invasion and negativity that surrounds such exploits can't get a foothold and corrode a path to my brain.

Professional Performers and Sports Stars must have an extremely tough time dodging the negativity that surrounds them - let's face it, whom would want to be a Premier League Manager right now or even at all with up to 60,000 people in the stands every game all reckoning they know far better, questioning your very existence, private-life and professional ability on a regular daily basis. No wonder they command such a high salary!

But back in the real world, how does this affect you or me in our own domains?

Well sometimes, we have to forget those that we surround ourselves with and just get on with being the people we believe we truly are or want to be. It's very much a Dog-Eat-Dog world out there with a huge amount of knockers, comment and negativity that could kill any thought of being dynamic or ground breaking idea or concept you might have burning your brain out right now.

Let's face it, The Wright Brothers would never have flown, Neil Armstrong would never have made the moon and the Internet wouldn't exist if public opinion and comment had been listened to at the time.

These all took determination, bloody-single-mindedness and vision shielded behind some very strong armour from 'The Tempest' of the surrounding world. Take it from me that if you want something doing, do it yourself and if you want to make your mark in the world, don't let your drawbridge down as you don't know just whom you might be letting in.

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