Monday, 4 April 2016

Entangled - Genesis

Lyric:- 'Fields of incentive covered with green’ - Banks & Hackett.

Song Choice:- Always one of my favourite tracks from the 1976 ‘Trick of the Tail’ Album and I remember seeing this at the Stratford-upon-Avon Cinema along with 'White Rock’ - Yikes now that takes me back…

Anyway, a track about the horrors of being in a psychiatric hospital are probably most apt for a week that sees me head off the Marathon des Sables for an unprecedented thirteenth time by a GB runner. Yep, I must need my bloody head looking at!

I’m sure when I get back out in the desert, it will be business as usual and I’ll enjoy the wilderness and freedom of being deserted in the erm...desert. You see, life, work and running exploits get SO entangled it’s hard sometimes to see just where the boundaries really are – all I know is that this time next week, I’ll hopefully have some rather tired feet resting up on a tent pole, somewhere near Merzouga enjoying the sun, the sand and the crack with my tent mates.

There’s no 'Fields of Incentive' needed for my MdS this year as I’m really looking forward to getting out into some super-hot-sun and going 'Cold-Turkey-Computer-Email-Google-Free’. 

To amuse myself, I m going to play all my Genesis albums, in full, in order during my Prog-Rock version of the World’s Toughest Footrace’. Now how hard is that?

Can’t wait to get ‘Entangled’ :-)

Rory Coleman
International & Celebrity Performance Coach
973 Marathons, 240 ULTRA-marathons, 9 Guinness World Records, 12 Marathon des Sables & 22 Years' Alcohol Free
Counting down to my 1000th Marathon at the Robin Hood Marathon - 24th September 2016  Only 27 to go

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