Friday, 29 April 2016

Do it again - Steely Dan

Lyric:- 'And you'll be on your knees tomorrow' - Becker & Fagen

Song Choice:- I'm not much of a Steely Dan fan if I'm being honest but this track has always been their stand out anthem for me, especially when it was mixed in with Billie Jean by Clubhouse in 1983.

Seems just like yesterday but 33 years on, it does feel that sometimes whatever we do and whatever path we take in life, we repeat the same old mistakes time and time again and rarely learn not to repeat the same pattern behaviour.

I wonder why that is? 

What is it that makes us creatures of such bad habits. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as bad or even worse than most as I'm so bloody minded,which on one hand is a really desirable asset if you want to cross deserts or run a old few hundred marathons but it does however mean that you can flog yourself relentlessly  carrying the largest overflowing glass of hope and positivity that could drive more than a thousand people to their goal, when in fact the best thing for me would be to give in.

On realising this in myself and seeing it in other folk, writing about it really helps. It's not a 'Oh woah is me or you' type of entry it's a wake up call for maybe for me and you to wonder why we sometimes continue heading down certain one way streets, only to find out we are going in the wrong direction.

Why do we put ourselves through it, eh?

Maybe it's just down to 'Hope' or if you are of a religious belief, 'Faith' or a bloody big pair of blinkers blocking out the 'Biggest Elephant' in the largest room you've ever been in.

Without 'Hope' any situation must be 'Hopeless'. Without 'Faith' well it's surely 'Faithless' and possibly 'Hopeless' too as the drive and conviction needed to succeed only happens if we have 'Faith' in ourselves, abilities and aspirations.

That 'Drive' certainly can be the key to success as well as our Achilles Heel. Harnessing that quality and using it wisely evades us on a regular daily basis and how often do you hear folk say 'Whenever I do X, Y always happens, yet they still do it anyway.

What is it about a repetition of a situation that we find so attractive?

It's that going to the same holiday destination year in, year out or watching endless reruns of Top Gear or Qi on Dave TV that provide a welcome 'Time Out' from our busy achievement schedule before we go and 'Do it Again'.

What are you doing again today, that you know is a complete waste of your time yet will take so much of your energy to 'make it happen'.

Rory Coleman - 976 Marathons - 241 Ultras
13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8150 Days' Alcohol Free.

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