Monday, 21 September 2015

Faith - George Michael

Lyric:- 'Need some time off from that emotion' - Barnes, Olivier, Michael, Cortes & Aragon

Song Choice - It's a great song and it's sad that someone with such an amazing voice as George Michael has found life to be such a struggle over the past few years, especially as it's been lived out in the public eye. The news today only highlights just how impossible this must have been for the former Wham Popster.

I'd chose the song before I read the highlights so it's rather apt really as the subject of faith cropped up with one of my Coleman Commandos today. 

Running forms such a fundamental building block for folk to rebuild their lives and manage their thoughts, problems and addictions (in my case) and for some becomes a daily religion.

'OMG he's really lost it now', I hear you cry but don't worry this isn't Rory's First Letter to the Olympians, it's more of a love letter to life as life itself is such a precious and precarious thing where we spend most of it 'Hoping' rather than doing...

It's that 'Hope' that gives us the 'Faith' I'm writing about I believe.

Think back to your own childhood and remember just how much you 'hoped' that Santa would bring you Hornby, Scalextric or Subbuteo (World Cup '70 not the Club edition with the crappy cardboard players) and how funnily enough he always delivered as long as you were good and had faith in your parents getting all of your very unsubtle hints and Santa letters...

Anyway, it's the same hope that we still rely on so many years on.

For instance, every day we hope our loved ones are safe and feel the same about us as we do about them. We hope we don't lose our job, our health and that we win the Lottery at least twice so we can then do something really meaningful with the second win, (just once would be ace)...

The thing is that a lot of 'Hope' never happens and that's when 'Faith' gets hard to hold on to. Keeping your head up when life is kicking you in the nether regions isn't the easiest, and I'm sure we've all been there.

Faith's worth a try though isn't it? Making one simple life change, holding onto a dream or asking for help never hurt you or anyone. It didn't hurt me...and I wonder if George Michael has his time all over again if he'd take the same path.

I wonder if you would. I know with hindsight I would make some changes and I wish I knew at 33 what I do now at 53. But then again no doubt I'll be saying this in 20 years time. There's a big difference in Faith and Wishing though... 

I believe that I'll still be here in 20 years time, living the same dream, it's not a wish...It's FAITH. 

What do you do 'Hope' or do you have 'Faith'? 

I'd love to know...

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