Sunday, 6 September 2015

Now I'm Here - Queen

Lyric:- Don't move, Don't speak, Don't feel no pain - May

Song Choice:- I watched a Queen documentary on catch up and thought it would be good to get a bit of Freddie in my blog and done 40 years ago, I remember watching this on TOTP and talking non-stop about it at school the next day. Freddie was SO cool back then - well still is if you ask me....

Anyway, less of the OMG it's 40 years since nostalgic stuff and more about the use of 'Don't' in the lyrics. Now, I know that May was recovering from an illness when he wrote the song but I think the Don't 'Something' affects us (mainly me it seems) over and over again, every day of our lives.

During a 42.2km at Merthyr Mawr yesterday, I was the one Don'ting like a good'un. 

Don't rush off, stop, walk, go home without completing were words I definitely said and tried to use positively rather than the usual negative, Don't speed, don't park here and don't bang around as Jack's just gone to sleep, I usually told that really gets my goat..

I'd rather we had a NEW word for don't as I'm tired with the old one. It's boring and negative.

You see we can spend all our days Don'ting and not Doing. It's the DOING that makes us whom we are and defines our very existence.

So Don't let it pass you by and don't come running to me when you've missed it DO Express :-)

What is it that you Don't that you want to DO?

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