Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones

Lyric:- 'Ooh, a storm is threat'nin', my very life today' - Jagger & Richards

Song Choice:- Now I'm not the biggest stones fan BUT this one ticks all the boxes for me, especially with the awesome duet with Lisa Fisher and Jagger... but hey don't take my world just take a look yourself here and the brilliant Lady Gaga version here.

BTW, it's taking me ages to write this as I can't stop playing the darn IMO it's totally brilliant and what you are actually looking at is 50 years of experience being played out right in front of you.

It's the thing that's really striking me right now as I engage more and more with lots of folk trying to reinvent the wheel with their approach to marathon and ultra-marathon running. Now thinking of the Stones, if I wanted to succeed in the music industry and had access to the band, I would no doubt get all the inside knowledge on what and what not to do to get the best out of my music career.

Let's face it, I'd be a fool not to...I'd be mad to ask people on Facebook or read a book on how to be in a Band or go on Youtube and do my research there or by using Google.

So why do folk do that for their running?

I was extremely lucky when I started my running career as I had the wisdom of John Martin, a follower of the great coach Arthur Lydiard who gave me all the advice and encouragement I've ever needed to get the most out of my running. I offer the same no nonsense approach and hopefully help my clients get the most out of their running.

There's far too much #zero-heel-drop-compression-top-hoka-wearing-barefoot-running-facebook-posting-we've-invented-ultra-marathon-running-nonsense out there that just messes up the simple, get your shoes on and get out there awesome experience that I've come to love over the years...

What do you think? 

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