Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Good Morning Beautiful - The The

Lyric:- Ask yourself, whose voice is it, that whispers unto you? - Marr & Matt

Song Choice:- It's a long while since I listened to the marvellous 1989 Album 'Mind Bomb' by The The and it's amazing hard hitting lyrics and distinctive Johnny Marr guitar sound.

'Who is it, that turns your blood into spirit, and your spirit into blood?
And set your souls ablaze, with love'.

My word, that's powerful stuff and just answer the question yourself...What is it that fires you up? I've been super-fired up this week, and I've already got 52.4 miles and 100,000 steps in the bank and it's only Tuesday! Easy for me you say as it's my job, but it's easy for you too, if you really want it enough. Or if you want YOURSELF enough. If you have that self-belief and fulfilment you are all looking for...

And after another MdS Training Day and meeting two more people looking for personal fulfilment, the above line asks, 'Whose voice is it, that whispers unto you?' And that's the line that first hit me about the song all those year's ago... As that voice in fact could be your conscience, or it could be your life partner, best friend or your best friend at work. But whom do you REALLY listen to? Do you actually listen to anyone, or even yourself?

Do you actually LISTEN?

It continues...

Try starting over tomorrow and when you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror say hello to the new you with a 'Good Morning Beautiful' - and listen to the above song as it's just brilliant...

When you do Listen to Yourself don't whisper about it - Shout it loud and proud!

More tomorrow...

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