Thursday, 8 September 2016

Don't Look Back - Boston

Look in the Mirror...
Lyric:- Don't look back a new day is breakin', it's been too long since I felt this way. I don't mind where I get taken the road is callin' today is the day - Scholz

Song choice:- A monumental song from the 'King of Multracking Harmonies', Tom Scholz. How   singer Brad Delp ever hit those high notes, well we'll never know God rest his soul, but I expect a pair of pliers twisting his undercarriage might well have used! It's a bloody awesome song and have a listen if you've never heard it before or forgotten just how good it is.

Anyway, like Delp dings, who's looking back? I'm not as IT'S HISTORY...and today's the day, isn't it?

In fact, every day's the day from now on as far as I'm concerned and yes it's far too easy to say that life's too short - but it is and that's what's so darned scary. Is it time to give your life an overhaul? Have you taken a good hard look in the mirror recently?

Tell me, is Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie looking back at you? Or rather is it Victor Meldrew or his long suffering wife Margaret? With my red-framed rose tinted spectacles firmly on I see a young Mr Coleman looking back without a great hair or wrinkle in sight. In the cold light of day, I see a very lucky 54 year old man with his life-experiences etched deeply into his face and I'm cool with that. I get it completely and how I look is a direct reflection of what I've done with my life so far. Sure smoking, drinking and playing hard in the 80's didn't help but hey, it made me the man I am today and why beat myself up.

And that's what matters.

I'm amazed at how much people beat themselves up over what's been and passed them by - sometimes for most of their adult life, rather than drawing a line and moving on. Now, I know that isn't easy to do but it can be done and the peace that it delivers in return is just peachy - I know.

You can make a difference. What I say is take off the blinkers for once, and let the road take you somewhere new for once. Please give it a go otherwise you'll never know what could have been and don't listen to anyone else as it's none of their business, it's yours.

More tomorrow.

Rory Coleman
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  1. That's was on one of my first quiz playlists with you - Black **** hill was it ?? See you soon.