Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Time Was - Wishbone Ash

'Time Was - George Best'
Songwriters:- Powell, Turner, Turner, Martin & Upton

Song Choice:- Taken from the 1972 album ‘Argus’, this 9.42 minute track is simply awesome IMO. It’s a shining example of the twin-vocal, twin-guitar fashion of the day. ‘Time Was’, offers more than all of this though, with it’s amazing lyrics and if you are struggling atm with everyday living, it’s well worth a listen. Only bear in mind that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done so far in your life, it’s what you are going to do with it, that counts. I'm living testament to that one...

The song starts, ‘I've got to rearrange my life, I've got to rearrange my world.’ - Sound Familiar? It continues, ‘I've got to keep my memories aside, I've got to try to live again.’ - Hmm, this is getting spooky now…

It gets spookier still, ‘And there's a time for waking up, and feeling down. That’s when you have to pick your feet up from the ground. It's not so easy, to just change your way of living.’

And that’s my point, It’s not EASY! II believe it's more SIMPLE…

Two completely different things.

If it was EASY, well we’d all be living amazingly perfect lives because all of our problems would just be a simple fix. Thing is, you have to work away at life’s problems…you know, chip away at them. Slowly, carefully and in time if you are lucky, you might get there. However, if you treat them as being SIMPLE, well then things get fixed a whole lot quicker and in my experience, stay that way for a whole lot longer, if not forever.

I’ll explain. A SIMPLE way of changing the way you live is to try and fix just ONE thing that is currently making life unbearable. It doesn’t have to be the ‘Elephant in the Room’ sized one, it could be a minor bump on an otherwise smooth life journey that maybe only you know about. Try it. Pick one yourself and have a go at eradicating it from your life. Hopefully you’ll find out that the process is SIMPLE and then pick off other character traits that are also driving you potty or to depression.

The interesting thing is, you will fix something. And that something you’ll find, only matters to you. At the end of the day - it's your shit and you are the best person to get yourself out of it.

The Wishbone Ash track finishes off with…

‘The crime was, I couldn't start to change my history' and it would be a shame not to change your history in the future eh?

More tomorrow…

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  1. "It's your shit and you are the best person to get yourself out of it"...going to try to start today - just need to squeeze past the elephant. Thank you Rory.