Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Changes - Kelly & Ozzy Osbourne

Lyric:- Now all my days I'm filled in fears - Wish I could go back and change the years -Iommi, Butler, Ward & Osbourne 

Song Choice:- Well I thought I'd write about 'Change' for a change tonight and what better choice than the Osbourne Father and Daughter classic 'Changes' to help me do so. And in their case a very sad song with some hard hitting lyrics about how things could have been so different etc.

Well, if you been following my progress on this 60 day journey of complete body and a mind scramble - I have come to terms that there are things that will never be the same again, there you are I've said it. And rather than be in the same shoes as Ozzy where he wants to change the past and steer a fresh life-course, I'm actually battling the sonic waves of GBS trying as hard as I can to get back to the life I used to lead, just as it was back in April when all my body parts would deliver a decent Saturday Night Fever Disco Dance and my fingers would type the right letters on this flicking mac rather than add in streams of ===== when I type incorrectly or plainly loose my thread or type complete gibberish.

That bit drive's me potty!

Anyway, after 60 days living life as this GBS Zombie, there are bound to be things that never return to how they once were. My hands feel quite weak for instance, but then again some of my lower muscle tightness has gone. 

It might be a good thing for me psychologically you never know, it reminds me of 1994 when I gave up the booze and look what happened following that decision made by me, wanting change. It all sounds far too easy...

But I'm interested to see where those changes will come from, I'm not frightened of them, I feel excited that perhaps this will lead me closer to the dream I've been running towards for the past 22 years. Who knows...

So sorry Ozzy, there's no real fear for my future, I just want it to happen. Erm, now please before the electrical muscle tests tomorrow would be lovely!!!

More tomorrow post electrocution...

Rory Coleman
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