Saturday, 11 June 2016

Never Enough - Jesus Jones

Mike Edwards - Centre
Song Choice: - Another great song from Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones which still feels simply years ahead of it's time 25 years on singing about the futility of life in the early 90's. 

Anyway here goes with how I see them...

Lyric: -
This is the real world, made wrong made right
Or maybe just made
You waste my time with explanations
So all the big colors fade

So you want to be happy
Don't you know happy is never enough.

It all sounds spot on, doesn't it as there's a such big world out there to explore, yet we mess it up on a daily basis. Hence, we are never 100% happy.
Looking for big answers, getting nowhere
But then you're swimming in the shallow end,

You take these broken bones
I'll tell would the you something, these things don't mend.

So we take the easy way out...and we even less happy.
So you want to be happy
Don't you know happy is never enough.

Yep, thanks for the reminder Mike!

I'm on the wrong train I can tell
'Cause I'm the only one who thinks so
Hard on the heels of getting somewhere
But there are things that we don't know.

Hmm - I've got on a lot of wrong trains, leapt of some whilst they were still going - have you, that’s leap of faith I can tell you.

So you want to be happy
Don't you know happy is never enough

OK I've got the message Mike! But I want to add that Enough is never happy, you always want more. Why have one, when you van have three. How much money is enough £1m, £5m, £50? Or do you have to look underneath for that person and say ok, they're enough for me and the money doesn't matter. 

If you can, you are a luckier person than Mike in Never Enough. Do you think there's an Enough and how much is it?

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