Tuesday, 7 June 2016

You can't hurry love - Phil Collins

Lyric:- 'But I keep on waiting, anticipating, for that soft voice to talk to me at night': - Holland–Dozier–Holland

Song Choice:- I could have chosen the original Supremes Version of '66, but being too young instead, I've chosen the '82 Collins version from 'Hello, I must going'.  A really good cover of the original song in my opinion and notably was the first track on the very first 'Now That's What I Call Music' compilation. Now how's that a factoid for the day...

But it's been a day of learning, by 10am today I was already feeling ready for the day as I had been thoroughly valeted by Ali and Claire, whom are two of the fantastic nurses that work out in the community keeping disabled people, like me, smelling nice and proper and really cheerful.

I say valeted as the main part of the programme is a huge yellow sponge that misses nowhere on your person, delivered with lashings of bubble bath and warm water. I'm sure some folk would pay a fortune for the treatment! I felt antiseptically clean...

The ladies were of course, like every other healthcare provider I've met so far during my GBS, kind, supportive and very professional.

It was a bright spot of the day, as not every moment is full of Ali and Claire's with soapy Sponges, laughing at me insisting on being washed down outside rather than in the warmth of my Mother-in-`laws dining room (that didn't seem quite right somehow) and the whole process made me think, why do we worry about such routine things as being washed by complete strangers. I have decided to try and stop hurrying myself through this time of recovery and enjoy the journey, no matter however strange or bonkers it may get.

And let’s face it, today will take some beating...and is there anything that is really that bad to worry about in life?

More tomorrow
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