Friday, 24 June 2016

Get the Message - Electronic

Lyric:- 'Built like an angel, six feet tall, six feet tall'.

Song Choice:- This song is pure genius from the dynamic duo of Marr & Sumner. It sums my mood for today and really the past week as I haven't been blogging that much and not working either so I've had lots of time for refection on where I am in the World right now and where on Earth the onward path is leading me on to. It sounds very poetic but reality it's been a tough but rewarding week and the message is only too loud and clear for me that I'm in this recovery phase now for the 'Long Haul'.

This isn't a six week wonder followed by a glorious marathon PB, I say the long haul and that means a good 12 months, if not more, in my medical opinion anyway; Opinion is so hard to get on anything associated with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Apparently, I have a rare version of the disease and for us the non medicinal type we'll call it GBS-X. Why not as no-one knows exactly what I've got as they are still working on discovering it...I'm going to be ok in the long run, I'm told, but certainly not today or even tomorrow, just some time in 2016/17/18, maybe, perhaps, possibly. 

It's a bummer...and I'd sob if it helped but it doesn't so I've stopped doing that.

Yep, that Jelly just got a whole lot harder to nail to the wall. I've just been thinking my situation with miraculously get better overnight with my lithographic black and white minded 'Rortism'. (It's like an Autism with a Rory Twist). And cynically the medical fraternity just send you from one hope to another, if you're not careful.

The Team at The Morrello Clinic haven't given me false hope. They'e told me the truth and I thank them for their help in making ME realise where I am with my recovery. It's one hell of an Everest I have to climb and whilst the country sorts out it's arse from it's elbow, I've been doing the same

I won't say that I'll ever been or ever will be built like an angel, but I will be six feet tall again.

More tomorrow.

Rory Coleman

976 Marathons, 241 Ultras, 9 Guinness World Records & 13 Marathon des Sables - TBC

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  1. Hi Rory - we read your blogs and marvel at your resilience and strength. Your battle is so hard and uphill yet you face it with realism and great determination.
    As you say it's a real bummer but you keep fighting amidst the hardship and tears.
    Out of is all little Jack engages you and makes you laugh, and soon a new baby ..... wow we do trust all will be well with Jen and that you will get the help you so need over those first few weeks.
    It would be wonderful if you were able to make it for the wedding.
    With blessings love and continued prayer, Ed and Gill xx