Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Duel - Propaganda

Lyric:-' The first cut won't hurt at all, The second only makes you wonder. The third will have you on your knees, you start bleeding I start screaming - Brücken, Dörper & Martens.

Song Choice:- This one cropped up during my 825 metre run this morning. Listen here and be reminded just how good the group was and just how weird the video was too. 

Recorded on the same record label as Frankie which shows in parts it's a great track. Ask my older kids, about this album as I played this to death in my car when the first came out in 1985 on all of our car journeys.

Anyway, back to my 825 meters that I clocked in 2:45, good enough for a 2:05 marathon pb  and a national record, move over Mo Farah - now that would be some sort of miracle happening from the Morello Clinic in Newport in just two sessions.

So coming clean, sadly my 2.45 was 2 hours 45 minutes for the 825 metres which would be a just a snitch under 6 days excluding sleep, feeding and natural breaks BUT it didn't matter as the session was more like a 'It's a Knockout' game of me being suspended like a baby that can't quite walk in a bouncer from the ceiling running, walking, swearing and spitting my way from a box of 55 tennis balls to a tube at the other end where I could post them. How cruel eh? Just 110 trips of the room...

Well, it was for or the first 20 or so trips as I wanted to make an impression on my trainer Jakko about how fast, tough and hard I am when it comes to my running. But after that it was to get a lot harder.

So I calmed down and just took some MTFU pills and steadily worked away at the last 35 balls. It worked too!

Don't get me wrong, it's the hardest 825 metres I've ever covered and the 'Karate Kid, Wax on, Wax off' came to mind many times during the crazy up and downs carrying a tennis ball from one end of a room to another. My legs did get better during the exercise as the muscles started to remember wtf it is they are meant to do and were nicely shredded at the end of the exercise for once

It felt amazing and I've got more to do today? Perhaps...

I have a feeling I'm putting all the tennis balls back in the first box, but who knows 'Wax-on, Wax-off' eh.

More tomorrow.

Rory Coleman 976 marathons - 241 Ultras - 1 passion to walk again.

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