Monday, 15 August 2016

Inform - Educate - Entertain - Public Service Broadcasting (PSB)

Lyric:- 'Who knows what miracles are yet to come' - Willgoose Esq. & Wrigglesworth

Song Choice:- If you have 4:15 mins free tonight please take a listen here and be prepared for the best musical experience you'll get for many a year. It was a real first time listening to Pink Floyd, Pendulum, Royal Blood moment for me. I'm disappointed that PSB haven’t been a part of my musical world already.

They are bloody brilliant! In fact, they are so good, I might even have a PSB themed week, so be prepared as I'm very driven right now.

Anyway, it's great to have new things pop into one's world when you are least expecting them as it keeps things nice and fresh. There's nothing worse than feeling stale or being in a state of endless procrastination, as nothing ever gets done. Why do we let the world we know exists out there corrode away before our very eyes. I'm guilty myself I'm sure but if you are in touching distance of your goal and changing your life, please KEEP GOING!

Is it just too darned hard to cut to the chase, grasp the nettle and simply get on with it? Or is it that other people get in the way of you and your dreams? How many times have you been talked out of a good idea or opportunity that you know you could maximise?

Well, maybe it's time to get the most out of whats on offer. That's where I am right now. I'm walking, but it's not GOOD walking. It's far from it but 'Who knows what miracles are yet to come' and I'm going to get as fixed and less duck-like as possible before I walk the 1.3 miles home to #48. I'm going to bloody well do it too. 

The lyrics continue, 'It’s tiring always stretching up for something that is just out of reach, but I’ll get it.' - How apt are they for me today? Are they apt for you too? I'd love to know.

More tomorrow...

Rory Coleman
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