Monday, 29 August 2016

The Karate Kid - Columbia Pictures

Dialogue:- 'Paint the fence. Up…down. Up! Down!' - Mr Miyagi
Film Choice:- This film's now 32 years old but still well worth a look, especially if you are struggling with some of the sessions that you might have planned or maybe that I've planned for you.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same boat as my training is very 'Wax on, wax off' right now. From not being able to move my legs, I've spent ages lifting 1kg ankle-weights a matter of millimetres, then inches, then fully only to up the weight and start the process all over again - Mr Miyagi would be proud as it's the way I've managed to get my hamstrings firing and get my legs moving freely again. I'm so glad I've done these sessions and worked so hard in them.
Miyagi would be proud as in the film he begins Daniel's training by having him perform laborious chores such as waxing cars, sanding a wooden floor, refinishing a fence, and painting Miyagi's house. Each chore is accompanied with a specific movement, such as clockwise/counter-clockwise hand motions. Daniel fails to see any connection to his training from these hard chores and eventually feels frustrated, believing he has learned nothing of karate. When he expresses his frustration, Miyagi reveals that Daniel has been learning defensive blocks through muscle memory learned by performing the chores.
His training methods are of course faultless!
So why do we find these simple exercises so darned boring and avoid them like the plague?
For instance, why is there a need to know why you are doing any session? Do them, do them properly and you'll FEEL the benefit. Back to the film and there are lots of great quotes you can take on board. The following was written with my present predicament in mind.
'First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule Daniel son, not mine' - Mr. Miyagi
Wise words indeed and I flew 11kms today. I also managed a few steps in the sand - OK is was on the beach in Barry but the who cares as it's -

'The quality of what you know, not quantity.'- Mr. Miyagi 
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