Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Tempest - Pendulum

Lyric:- 'And the feeling gets stronger by the day' - Swire Thompson

Song Choice:- Another great song from the Aussie Drum and Bass Duo and a wonderful title to blog about. I always think of the Shakespearian play being brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon but the word 'Tempest'  is a Latin derivative of 'Tempos,' meaning 'period of time', which fits perfectly with my thoughts for today.

You see it feels tempestuous in Cardiff today. The air is heavy prior to a late summer downpour of  some kind or another and as I'm getting visibly stronger everyday I can feel high pressure returning to my muscles and the the 50 steps of yesterday quickly became 3500+ walking with crutches doing laps of the hospital ward today. 

There's certainly wind in my sails and I'm ready for whatever the next seven days have in store for me.

Bring it on - I have no fear...I only have motivation.

I've discovered that on moving up to the next level of rehab, no-one is going to do it for me. Don't get me wrong, the level of care is unbelievable. I need the fight though and it reminds me so much of my transformation from couch potato to runner in January 1994 when every day I found I could run a little bit further and a little bit easier. 

And that's what I'm enjoying. I'm celebrating each milestone as it comes and I won't be taking them for granted like I did back then perhaps.

If you know me, you will know I'm more determined than ever. I'm in the eye of the storm right now and I'm never dropping my drawbridge to let the vampires in.

It's just not my style...

Rory Coleman
976 Marathons - 241 Ultras - 13 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records

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