Thursday, 25 August 2016

Somewhere in Summertime - Simple Minds

The Bendricks
Lyric:- 'Memories, burning gold memories' - Burchill Forbes, Kerr & McNeil

Song Choice:- I could have chosen 'Summer Son' by Texas for today's blog but maybe I've used it too often in the past so I've plumped for this Simple Minds track instead. Have a listen here if you want to hear what you've been missing these past 34 Summers.

Anyway, as we get towards the end of August and the start of my two week parole from Rookwood Hospital in Llandaff, I've been thinking about what I've missed from my world these past few months. Sure, I've missed being at home, being with my family and enjoying the day-to-day life of a busy young family but if there's one thing I feel I've really missed out on, is the Summer.

For me it's a wonderful time of year and ok you can easily say that we get a very mixed bag of weather down here in Cardiff but we still get our share of long, hot and sunny summer days. April to August are simply the best of times for me. Five months of wearing shorts, short sleeved t-shirts enjoying lots of natural vitamin D from being out there on the Wales Coastal Path, running along beaches, through cornfields without a drop of mud in sight. 

Can you tell how much I've missed it.

It's daft isn't it? Missing something money just can't buy. Nature's so powerful doing what comes naturally and I love enjoying my simple Pagan rights. There's nothing better than the Summer Solstice in June.

To make up for my loss, maybe we'll get an Indian Summer after a rainy August Bank Holiday in the first week of September. I can get out there and make up for lost time before the colder days of Autumn kick in and get some rays on my pale skin.

Of course, cashing in my Summer to be better is an easy option and I've enjoyed Wimbledon, Euro 2016 and The Olympics but in my situation, what would you have missed about the last few months?

I'd be interested to know...

More tomorrow...

Rory Coleman
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Rory,
    So glad to hear that all your steps are in the right direction.
    Like you, I lost a summer of running but unlike you my future will involve steps in a different direction, slower ones - walking as my options are limited in the running department.
    My new challenge is to master and hopefully grow to enjoy Nordic Walking. It will never replace the freedom and exhilaration of running but I intend to play the hand I've been given to the best of my ability.
    Continue to improve young man.
    Take care mate.
    Best wishes