Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Avalon - Roxy Music

'When the samba takes you, out of nowhere and the background's fading, out of focus.' - Ferry

Can't go wrong with a bit of 'Roxy' and it's ages since I heard this 1982 offering from the old Bryan 'Swivel-Lips' Ferrymaster himself. It helped brighten up a three mile out-and-back to Fairwater and an hour on the treadmill later on this afternoon.

Following yesterday's eight ascents of Leckwith Hill, it felt very easy to trot along at an easy 9 minute mile pace. The run highlighted that I tend to speed up as the miles go by and I had intended it to be more of a steady recovery run rather than one where it had the attributes of a rising half's session.

With this in mind, my afternoon session gave me the opportunity of a more scientific run with the hours treadmill pace set at a constant but SLOW 8 kph. The effect on my Heart-Rate was most interesting and never rose above 120 bpm, in fact going down during the last 10 minutes which makes me wonder just how long I can keep it that way. Not the most exciting of sessions BUT a good start on the next few months of training.

More tomorrow...

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