Monday, 5 May 2014

Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Miss Salter - UK 100 km Champion
'Simply the best, better than all the rest' - Chapman & Knight

Well, I thought I'd had a good run at the National 50km Ultra Championships on Saturday clocking a 4.42.00 at Gravesend's undulating Cyclopark Circuit but when you look at Jenny's 8.24.53 for 100km mine pales into insignificance as she ran the race of her life to blow away the Nation's Best ULTRA-distance athletes. I ran bang on 9 minuets miles yet her second 50km was 27 minutes faster than mine!

This now means she qualifies automatically for Team GB at the 100km Championships later on in the year... Jenny's the most modest of people ever but luckily I'm here to broadcast her successes and her 8.24 is the 7th fastest in the WORLD this year and she puts all of her success of course, down to her coach :-)

It's a real feat too as most athletes struggled with the 20 metre ascent/descent of the 1.3 mile loops BUT neither Jenny nor myself were phased and I'll own up that my previous criticism of the course not being flat making for fast times could well be flawed as a) the course is the same for everyone and there was a national record in the men's race, and b) the resting of different muscle groups going up and down the gradient might actually have helped, as did the heat on the day.

I'm so proud! And she's downright bloody awesome.

My second marathon of the weekend was a much more relaxed affair at the off-road Neolithic with some of my Carphone Warehouse #cpwa2a trainees. Their training is coming along brilliantly too as they just ate the miles up and will have no problems in completing the #racetothestones in just over two months time.

Today? - It's a well earned day off of course!

More tomorrow...

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