Saturday, 10 May 2014

It's oh so quiet - Bjork

It's nice and quiet - Lang & Reisfeld

A song that's worryingly nearly 20 years old now but a very apt title for today's blog as the world seems quite dead in Caerdydd today. Maybe it's just me but just trying to raise my pulse somewhere over the 50bpm seems to be quite an effort.

Yes, it's quite easy to say that it's last weekend catching up with me but I'm not quite sure it is. I reckon the weather and the phases of the moon have a lot to answer for you know. As a test in a couple of days when the moon is full, I'll be able to see if I'm more tired, less tied or completely barking mad! I've known a few folk that go a bit bonkers every few weeks both male and female so that's my highly scientific upcoming research sorted out.

Impressed? It took me a good sleep thru the F1 Qualifying session today to come up with that one and there could be another spell f philosophy arriving on the horizon with a Eurovision Song Contest to get the eyelids well and truly shut for a deep and informative sleep tonight.

Let's hope tomorrow's a more energetic day eh?...

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