Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hooks in You - Marillion

'But now your heartbeat's thumpin' - Hogarth, Helmer, Kelly, Mosley, Rothery & Trewavas. (Saw them in Birmingham in July 1990 and 'Hooks' was the best on the night - Great Gig)...

My Heartbeat was really thumpin' last night on a speedy 10km up to Llanishen, which is north of Cardiff from our home in Canton. The beauty, if you can call it that, is the constant and in places quite severe incline of the route.

The interesting part for me is as one's legs get more fatigued by time and distance, the gradient increases which gives the run an evil and bizarre twist and makes it difficult to maintain a sub 9 min pace (but I did!!!). Looking at my run here you can see that for the last 20 minutes my HR was 161bpm+...Yep, flat out. No wonder I was speechless at the end, I actually lost the ability to swallow?

All very good, but what's the point? Well I'm doing a couple of days a week now of double day running, easy am hard pm to see if a) my old body can cope with the workload and b) to see if I can dramatically improve my speed over 42.2kms, and if this doesn't all kill me then hopefully it will.

I've got the Flete Marathon on Sunday, which I really enjoyed last year and I'm now tapering for that and it will be interesting to see how much 'Gas is in left the Tank'...

I feel fine and not hurty today so maybe I'm getting used to the new stresses on my body...

Hmmm, we'll see! - more tomorrow.

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