Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Once upon a time - Simple Minds

'You raise me up when I know you're around' - Kerr, Mcneil & Burchill

It's all about my recovery this week and I'm really surprised at how the old 'Coleman Bones' are getting over the repeated stresses of marathon distances. After three 26 milers in the last eight days a steady 10.25kms today felt remarkably easy, which is very encouraging as later on in the year I'll be running lots of back- to-back Ultras again during Stoptober.

I'm not saying it's all plain sailing as it's very TIRING which is strange as the very early bright mornings in Cardiff wake me up well before 6am. It could be overtraining BUT it's just really light and as I'm a morning person, as soon as I'm awake, that's it...I have to get up and start the day!

Let's see if I still have all my get up and go for tomorrow's MdS Training Day with Craig Barnshaw who's in training for the 2015 race. Yep, with 327 days to go to the race next April, I've already started getting next year's hopefuls into shape...

I've booked a nice, warm sunny day so we should have a good run...

Well here's hoping anyway.

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