Monday, 19 May 2014

Incommunicado - Marillion

Sometimes it seems like I've been here before, when I hear opportunity kicking in my door. Call it synchronicity call it deja vu, I just put my faith in destiny - it's the way that I choose.' - Marillion

Oh dear it was a training session back on Leckwith Hill today and I say 'Oh dear' as I died after the fifth rep seeing my heart-rate hit a rather fruity 170 bpm. I thought it was going very nicely for the first couple of ascents but obviously I paid for last weeks exertions, today.

It was a good start though and I'm more than pleased with this 'line in the sand' as it can only get better from here in my 2014 Summer Hill Rep Campaign.

I now feel ready to ask my regular hill-repper Nathan Williams to come and play or anyone else out there who wants to feel the pain of 'Leckwith Hill'.

You know you want to...and more tomorrow.

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