Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fix You - Coldplay

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones - Berryman, Buckland, Martin & Chapman

It's been a week where I've been emailed by lots of folk looking for wonder-physios who are able to FIX a multitude of differing lower-leg complaints. Now over the years, I've come into contact with some genial Physios, Osteopaths and Doctors who I believe can help FIX most running complaints BUT why do folk get in that situation in the first place?
If you are constantly tearing calf muscles, have the dreaded Runner's Knee or you're a Barefoot Runner with Plantar Faciitis then why don't you work out WHY it's happening. I liken it to someone having a car with an engine that is constantly breaking down through lack of oil and just finding a mechanic that can rebuild the engine only for it to go wrong again through the same lack of oil. It makes for an expensive and frustrating time...some runners I meet just go on all the time about being injured and it's just such a negative position to be in.
Most of not all of Runners' problems are down to running style and footwear choice I found and if I'm describing your running history of run - injure - recover - run - injure etc. then maybe you should come and see me and go back to basics and start running injury free.
It's better and cheaper in the long run...
More tomorrow... 

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