Wednesday, 23 July 2014

99.9F - Suzanne Vega

Lyric:- You seem to me like a man on the verge of running 99.9 Fahrenheit degrees - Vega

Track Choice:- I've always enjoyed Suzanne Vegas delivery of her poetic lyrics and her songs have always painted some vivid pictures for me. Like the Talking Heads of yesterdays blog her effortless musicianship makes a great calm running partner especially when it's so bloody hot! And I know I've used this one before in my blog but I just love it...

Yep, I'm melting or that's what it feels like in this amazing Summer we are having in Cardiff. I am totally LOVING it and it's being reflected in my times and my attitude and approach to my future plans.

Never has so much squash and milkshake been consumed by one man! I have the thirst of a camel that's just crossed the Sahara...

But I'm going to enjoy it as all too soon we will be back in the dark treadmill hours of the autumn. I wonder if I'll be singing 99.9F then Suzanne?

More tomorrow...

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