Monday, 21 July 2014

Hey You - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- And the worms ate into his brain - Waters 

Track Choice:- It's a great lyric that speaks volumes to me and if you haven't heard this album recently enjoy the awesome playing by Nick Mason, one of my favourite percussionists.

The lyric is a clear warning to stop negativity attacking our mindsets and retreat inside ourselves and shun society. Dark old stuff as ever from the Floyd but I do get the worms eating into your brain bit as it's too easy to let the negativity that surrounds so much of our modern world corrode your thoughts and diminish your expectations. Don't let the Energy Vampires get you!

My world was getting corroded quite nicely last week with a very tired Gluteus Minimus (Upper Butt Muscle) last week and I sensibly yielded to a weekend of rest and recovery. 

Which is when, if you are not careful,  the 'Worms start eating into your brain'... Luckily I had my twelve Carphone Warehouse Average to Awesome runners taking part in 'The Race to the Stones' to concentrate my thoughts on and gain positivity from their achievements, plus all of the 000's of other runners taking part. They were awesome too and if you do get sidelined, go to an event as it might help you to get back doing what you like doing best.

I clocked in a lovely 10 miler today and loved every second of it pain in the butt and worm free.

Watch Out as it's easy to get eaten!

More tomorrow...

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