Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Time Was - Wishbone Ash

Electric Moments
'It's when you have to pick your feet up from the ground' - Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

I was speaking to one of my client's this morning about remembering our major life moments. It got me thinking back to times from my youth especially when later on in the day I was listening to the above song which was then and still is, one of my lifetime favourites tunes.

Of course I remember the BIG life moments but this afternoon's Cardiff thunderstorm reminded me of another one way back when I was eighteen where I just laid down outside and wondered at the thunder and lightning above me and watched in awe as the wind blew the heavens around right before my eyes.

It's amazing how some things just stick in the mind. Maybe that's why we do this running lark? Luckily, I've made a million memories and hopefully I'll make a million more and I'll experience a lot more 'Thunderstorm' moments.

Will you?

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