Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rush - Marathon

Lyrics:- 'More than just a finish line' - Peart & Lee

Song Choice:- I've chosen a lot of Rush sings over my many blogs and this song more than most. The Canadian Trio are probably my desert island band of choice and the lyrics reflect what the 42.2k challenge is all about.

I wonder what they'd have sung about ULTRA-marathon running as I could write some good lyrics BUT mine would contain some words of warning. Yep, it's all about the experience and pushing your inner limits of endurance yet more and more I meet folk who want to run 100 milers BEFORE they've mastered breaking a four-hour marathon.

It's like trying to swim the channel or completing an Ironman with only a few lengths of the pool as experience.

I'm not saying that it's bad to have a burning ambition BUT it takes time to build the ENDURANCE needed to give you the confidence of finishing one of the above challenges yet alone completing it uninjured or at the back of the field.

In my own experience, I thought I was pretty much there after five years of hard endurance, mega-distance training. It made me pretty bomb-proof injury wise and hardened to the stresses that I regularly put on my body. 

I believe EXPERIENCE is the key to achieving mega-distance challenges and my twenty years of running can help YOU plan your journey to ANY finish line.

Believe me, it's more than just a finish line, go steady build slowly and enjoy the ride.

More tomorrow... 

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