Thursday, 10 July 2014

One Day Like This - Elbow

'Blinking in the morning sun, and only now I see the light' - Potter, Garvey, Jupp, Potter & Turner

Are you loving the good weather as much as I am? Cardiff is at its Summer's Best right now and it's a beautiful part of the world to go and get a few miles under your belt and experience South Wales at it's finest.

If you follow me on you will be seeing lots of longer, slower runs around the 122-130bpm heart rate which I'm using as an endurance base builder for later on in the year and I must say these are getting easier and I'm loving the mental process of being out there for around 100 minutes a time.

I'll be back on Leckwith Hill very soon with my old pal Nathan Williams for a speed awareness kick up the proverbial that I'm also in need of.

In the meantime, long may the good weather and the long slow distance running go from strength to strength.

More tomorrow... 

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