Saturday, 5 July 2014

Temples - A Question isn't Answered

'Past life brings a future' - Bagshaw & Warmsley

If like me you are into your sport, it's total sport overload at the moment with the World Cup Football, Wimbledon, Tour de France and the British Grand Prix this weekend to name but a few BUT I'm heading to the Croydon ULTRA for my own sporting fix as no matter how good is it to witness the best sporting events in the world, in my opinion it's much better to take part!

OK, I know Croydon isn't the Comrades or MdS but it's still there to be conquered and unlike most sports, at 52, I'm not retired or too creaky to take part. Well not yet anyway...

That's the beauty of being an ULTRA-athlete and hopefully there's a lot more years and thousands of miles left in my old legs to enjoy. 

Unfortunately Croydon won't have the £1.7m prize money on offer of it's near neighbour Wimbledon tomorrow and I won't win the race anyway but I'd rather be running than watching and clocking up my marathon and ultra milestones is worth every penny and very enjoyable.

More tomorrow...and is the footie is getting a bit dull now? 

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